12 acres available in Northern California for Ringing Cedars village

One of our beloved kin has purchased outright a 12 acre property in NorCal, one hour from Mt Shasta . 
We have visioned this land as a meeting place for RC kin and potentially home to 3-4 families with one hectare each. 

This opportunity is possible with a lease to purchase option of $250/month total. 
Between four families that is only $60 per month! 

Our BSP team is spearheading this project and looking for the right people now. If you are at all interested or know someone , please reply here. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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great, Billa; already put it up on my Facebook page; perhaps others will too....let's find our family! also putting some pictures here....blessings to all, nina

Please start a new discussion Shilo and try to define where you want to live! 
The two most important things in creating community: resonance with place and resonance with kin! 
Funny thing is , mother earth will pull like minded Kim together if you are listening deeply. 


I am interested in this land. I currently live in San Francisco and am looking for land. I am enrolled in a course and by the end of the summer, I will have a certification in Permaculture. Can I please have more information about the land. What kind of water is available on the land?

Much love and light,


I just bought land in Hawaii. I came here from Costa Rica because I was told I could buy 2.5 acres for 15k, which is all the money I had. The guy that suggested it to me had read all the books and i thought I was getting into a good thing. Once I get here I find That many of the people here are fake and not truly into building a community or even taking care of their own children. The kids run wild around the land carrying knives and machetes and sometimes even a bb gun. Raising my daughter non violently is really important to me. Also, the guy selling me a part of his 3 acre piece changed his mind once I got here and only sold me 1.5 acres, and he doesn't keep his agreements with others around here either. He sold me the part of the land that is magical and beautiful, filled with cracks, some 30 ft deep! It's been very hard to find a place to put up a camp, much less to build a house. Then I find out that there is a geothermal energy industry less than 3 miles away, putting chemicals out that are making people sick. Moving here has been really difficult.
I have work in Northern Cali in the fall and I would be interested in checking out the land then.
I would like to also get to know the other people involved before I commit. I really learned some lessons entering this Hui (Hawaiian for ? Family? Community?)

I would also like to know more about the land, how easy it is to access and build a home on?

Sounds like an exciting development!

If I want to share this on FB, who can ppl reply to?
I am Very sorry to hear about that Listen, disappointments happen so often . 
This land is going to have its challenges like any land but we are doing the background work to provide a clean slate and the best support tools to make it successful. 
Before even thinking about purchasing, people need to join this membership and second visit the land to see if it and the location resonates. It will take hardwork and commitment to repair this land and create small community but the opportunity exists and it's affordable. It's access is great and there should be no problem building, there is already a mill building that can be developed as communal space . A lot of soil building will be needed and overall regeneration, it's located upon the Scott river although there is a parcel between the land and the river, you can still access it. It has a well and a small dam that needs repair. There may be some issues with toxicity that mushrooms could alleviate , but that still needs to be confirmed, its really up to a small group of people to do what is needed to repair and create a beautiful space. 
Both listen and sherrylou I will send some further info soon and  do consider 20 -21 july is when I can be there to facilitate some group process and share with you what is needed from a regenerative perspective. If you link to Facebook, people still need to come through this channel because I don't have time to answer messages unless people are seriously interested. I will post an expression of interest form in the next few days.. Love billa






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