The Spirit Walk


A Spirit Walk is when you heed the calling of your spirit, journeying where your spirit leads you, so that you may experience that which you to need experience in order to fully realize your reason for being here at this time and at this place. 

A Spirit Walk is living not from ego, but from complete being.  It requires that you be totally present and totally accepting, so that old habits and ideas do not continue to foster the illusions that have lead you away from your true path. 

A Spirit Walk is as much a literal as well as a figurative right of passage. It is a pilgrimage from one state of being to another. While it may involve a journey from what you have come to know as home, it is also a journey to return home, to the spiritual home that you wandered from in the course of living.  

A Spirit Walk is not a linear journey.  You will encounter many detours and travel down many roads, often taking new paths and sometimes returning to old ones.  In the end, you will find that you have come full circle, returning to where you began.

If you can turn away from the illusions of the world and reawaken to the awareness of the truth that has always been within you, then your Spirit Walk will have returned you to the harmony of body, mind and spirit that the course of living has enticed you from and returned you home to your true Way.

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This is an absolutely epic guide of true wisdom to humanity in walking a spirit path and reconnecting to nature and life. I cant recommend it enough.. click on the image..

Non-linear for sure!  In fact it seems like just a series of starts and starts for the past decade plus!!  Part of me knows I am exactly at the right place in exactly the right time.  However, my human self would definitely like to see something that appears to be an advancement or progress in the directions that I seem to be guided.  Sending love to all on whatever stage they may be on their journey.






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