A small wobbly character now visible on the horizon

It's funny,


Today has been busy, domestic, singular .... Creative, emotional, careful, thoughtful, anticipatory, quiet ...


It has also been warm, guided, considerate and in my introspective dimension, completely ecstatic!


Today is the first day of the new Mayan year ... What does happen after December 21 in the calendar?  Why is the new year 6 moons before the end of the calendar?  What happens to the other half of this new year?  Will the signs of the days be obsolete and changed after December 21 2011?


That is a tangent ... What I really wanted to write down, is how today lurches forward into the new earthly paradigm.  Today feels like a vast plateau, with a small wobbly character now visible on the horizon.

This character wobbles from a distance, but is strong and sure in it's own space of time.

Each gentle thud of each footstep, brings the reunion closer and closer.

The warmth, the introspective ecstasy which is at my centre, ... What I feel as Intuition, Love, Inspiration, Joy, Oneness, Eternity, God, Goddess, Source, Nature, Great Spirit, I Am, the me-ness of me, Katie Jane Lucy Dold Alini!  ... what I have had so strong all my life, what it is that wells up to my eyelids and releases through me by gushes of tears ... What other's have called my gentle sensitivity ....   a big sop, a cry baby, .... what I have always been so proud of.   My ability to FEEL.

This energy that now has a name, a place and the highest honour ... By which, BIG THANK YOU'S to all you amazing Human Beings, who have absolutely inspired me all my life - who have shown my soul the beauty and love of being an alive one, being ALIVE ...    Who have kindled that pride and majesty of Humanity, of Existence.   All those who have felt the light, and who have chosen to chase after it - All My Thanks. ... 

Suddenly like a huge whoosh - all the Love, the pain, the ecstasy, the wonder - all humans have ever felt, ever, hits me.  I feel it.  I am overcome with the beauty of this feeling.  This feeling of being an Inspired Human.  And I LAUGH!!!!!!!! 

... It is true, we chose to be here now, which is why we are so excited, so pleased, so indefatigable.

It is all just so AWESOME.

So today, the first day of the new times.  The White Wizard days ...

Billa's email today beautifully termed as always, showed me you are all excited, pleased and indefatigable also.   

I am meditating with such energy now ... I am using Tracey's calendar as my guide ... It has just fallen in front of me with perfect timing.

3 months before the Gregorian new year, my husband and I will be travelling, seeing some of the most beautiful, ancient places of the western thread of consciousness evolution.  We arrive back home, in the great lands of the South, just as the new times, Earth, come into being.   We will step into these new times, like the Roman god Janus, with 2 faces sweeping up both arms of the bell curve.

Sedantary urban life will soon be behind us too, yipppeeeee!

When we step back into the southern hemisphere, history class is out ... forever .....    And the 2 faces of Janus may rest.  

The wobbly character, is not an allusion, is not lame or hobbled.   The wobbly character is United, is strong, and is so beautiful ...   What is more amazing than consciousness at this stage, at this moment in time and space?   Our dreams are perfect, are achievable.   All we need is ourselves, and eachother.



I love you all, and am so happy we are busy little bees in our gardens of co-creation.

Blessings to you all.



July 26, 2011


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I have been in ceremony the last 5 days celebrating the Mayan New year! What is your mayan birthday?

Hey Kristi!

Wow, really, I think your ceremony sparks are streaming off all over!   I haven't tried a ceremony yet, but am planning to on Saturday, for the new moon  .  My birthday is July 13, 1984 -----  White Overtone Worldbridger.

I have a Dreamspell coming up in August too , which I am really looking forward to ....  I have time off, and it is is fitting in well with how I am feeling ...  yay!!   xx    What's your sign?? Tell me more!! 






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