While I was reading the first Anastasia book I came to the section where Anastasia is discussing sex with Vladimir and I was a little confused on what she was saying about it. Does she believe that sex should only be for having children? Or does she believe that two people can still have sex but only if they love each other not just to have children?

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thanks for bringing this up. i have had the feeling for a few years that anastasia practices and recommends something along the lines of the following (something a friend just posted on FB) for women and men. When I read the following passage, I got a lot of clarity about my own pathway with sex, etc and what i have wanted for years :) :

Celibacy and transformation:

A year of unbroken Brahmacharya ensures that purification starts at the physical and mental levels giving the person greater energy, indefatigableness, perennial freshness, a glowing face, excellent health, power and freedom from most chronic health problems at the physical level. At the mental level, one develops better memory, keen understanding, ability to grasp concepts quickly, a calmer and peaceful mental state and most importantly a general sense of happiness and savor at life. The aspirant becomes less prone to irritation, agitation and weakness due to the abundance of 'Prana' or vital energy within his system that is being conserved. This provides him with a foundation to excel in whatever form of activity he wishes to endeavor upon.

There is one very important thing that anyone who is interested in celibacy should know - Mere abstinence from sex/masturbation/contact with the opposite sex does not amount to Brahmacharya and will not give concrete results. What is more important is to channelize the conserved fluid into the brain and create 'Ojas'. This is possible through a life of pure thought, word and deed at the mental plane, regular physical exercise at the physical plane and constant God meditation at the causal plane. All these three are important. Lack of any one of the three makes the fluid flow out. Brahmacharya bears fruit only when carried out with entirety at the mental level. This mental Brahmacharya which means non-entertainment of any form of sexually related thoughts including anger, attachment, greed, arrogance and jealousy is the key for success. Due to constant indulgence in sexual thought/activity it becomes second nature for semen to flow downward. In reality the natural course of semen is to flow upward. This is how it functions in an Urdhvaretha yogi. He makes it flow downward and outward only when he wants offspring. All other times, by default, the fluid flows up to the body/brain and provides him with superb abilities in all domains. All of us can become Urdhvaretha Yogis. What is required is an iron will, determination and desire to conserve the most important part of ourselves. To retain, conserve, transmute and derive benefit from the nectar of nectars, the essences of essences - The vital fluid called semen.

'Praanayaama' or the control of 'Prana' through special breathing techniques is a very important tool in achieving unbroken Brahmacharya. This concept is well recognized even among the Japanese and the Chinese martial artists who indulge in special forms of breathing and meditation before a fight to clear the mind of undulations, focus energies for the fight and bring themselves into a calm and serene yet highly alert state of focus before the fight begins. Being a martial artist, you might well know that the logical, clever, calm, composed, confident and cool fighter wins the bout and not one who is angry, irritated, anxious and hasty. All the above mentioned qualities that make a winner can be accrued only from abundance of 'Prana' or 'Chi'- the vital power and this vital power stems from none other than the vital life giving seed present in semen. The true Brahmachari can thus excel in any form of activity further to efficient practice and can have an edge which the non-Brahmachari heavily lacks. From scriptural references and from the lives of people who have followed such unbroken Brahmacharya beyond 12 years, we get to see that they developed powers and abilities that would be classified 'superhuman' in the eyes of the common man.

At the personal level and to start with, you can carry out a simple experiment:- " Be celibate for a period of 15 days abhorring from all forms of sex/masturbation/sexual stimulation/arousal keeping the mind pure and relaxed, yet focussed on martial arts with a 15 minute prayer/meditation to God every day to help you achieve spectacular success". When you meditate, ensure that it is either very early in the morning or at 6.00 P.M in the evening in a dark or dimly lit room free from sounds, sights and distractions.

What I understood was:  two bodies coming together in a state of love, with the intention of creating new life is the purpose of sexual relations.

Otherwise, two people can come together, joining minds in a state of love and experience the same bliss without intercourse and the satisfaction of either of these experiences is unsurpassed by any connecting of two bodies purely for pleasure. If someone experiences this, their satisfaction runs so deep  and lasts so long that nothing else is then appealing.

This is not common yet and is something that I am very much interested in understanding more.  Anastasia laid it on to the females in general to be sure and get this as we have the power to lead the way.

True experience of this has been called Tantra although there are many descriptions of Tantra that seem to be only shadows of this or someone who is somewhat but not quite explaining something like this.

well said!

two bodies coming together in a state of love, with the intention of creating new life is the purpose of sexual relations.

Otherwise, two people can come together, joining minds in a state of love and experience the same bliss without intercourse and the satisfaction of either of these experiences is unsurpassed by any connecting of two bodies purely for pleasure. If someone experiences this, their satisfaction runs so deep  and lasts so long that nothing else is then appealing.

Personally for me I believe that sex nowadays is being misused and not respected. People just have it whenever and with whoever they want. I believe it should be shared between two people who truly love each other not just to make children. But that is just my own personal belief.

you have to trust yourself. we can choose our paths empowered and gain experience :)

Speaking from lots of personal experience here, and observation of many others experiences:  sex for pleasure only, either with just myself or another body, in love or not, and now, at this point in my journey, Anastasia's words ring true, meaningful.  Vladamir (and I'm sure MANY others) was not comfortable at all with her words and got very agitated by them.  He thought what she was saying was offering less than what he had been experiencing sexually in life at that point.  But she was actually offering more and he eventually saw it that way and understood.  In a later book, maybe 8-1 or 8-2?, there is a story of a couple who at first have a "fun" relationship, including sex and then he decides after reading Anastasia that he wants another woman, one who would have his child the way Anastasia describes, etc.  At first, his current lover isn't that woman, but then she reads the books, too and wants the same thing and they then conceive a child in love and are in such a state of love that additional physical sexual activity is not desired or needed. Fascinating story!

i love that story, the mama is so strong and sticks to her decision of no sexuality until after the land and house are ready - then conception! woo hooo!

no sexuality but LOTS of love and care and intention and connection :)

Hello Peg, glad to hear someone supporting this point of view.   I have been experiencing this reality with my partner for the past year, it has been a spiritual journey and is constantly getting more intimate.  My partner was just going along with it at first and then started getting the meaning behind the concept, which got him to explore it and find limitless joy from it.  Now we are both fully engaged  and commited to living our lives in  a way that supports only the purest of each other's aspirations.

Hi Gigi, So lovely to hear, music to my ears!  Thanks so much for sharing!  I am so looking forward to this being the typical experience--what a profound effect that will have!  :-)  & ♥

Great post, Roxy!  Very helpful...especially the part about how the energy goes towards creating when we don't waste it  Beautiful!

i almost posted last week about women masturbation! i was wondering, how is this effecting us. but this brahmachari info is spot on for me. for almost a decade i have heard about how similar practices mixed with fasting, living foods eating and sacred lifestyle practices were used to conceive leaders and messiahs. what anastasia is talking about, and what they talk about re brahmacharia's (normal in india!) is very similar to what i came to on my own when i had a healing crisis after going raw at age 18. so simple, so straight forwards.... so different that what i was taught, but so intuitive, empowering and spot on for me!

oh, and re: messiah's - have you read "Anasta" - the 10th book? the last few chapters i was just bawling crying and crying. her son and daughter are ....incredible. my heart blossoms!

Ha!  Our posts keep crossing.  I post and then yours comes in after even though it was already there....

Yes, the Sexual energy is for creating, not just children but other creations also! 

I cried when I read about their son in the other books, it was so touching, he was so sweet, innocent, pure, lovely, honest and haven't read 10 yet....you read in English?  You have a link?  I downloaded one awhile back but it was kind of choppy and I thought not complete...think it was from a link you posted last year or so?






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