I have read the first 6 RC books. I enjoyed reading them, and - having an interest in education - especially enjoyed the part about the alternative school.

I then read somewhere that RC was mostly a work of fiction and Anastasia a figment of the author's imagination. I must admit that the thought had struck me as well, while reading the book. I consider it possible that the RC series is of a genre which became popular with the 'Carlos Castaneda' series and later Marlon Margo's book 'Mutant Message Down Under,' both of which were hugely popular even though they were (probably) both works of fiction.

I don't think that the issue of whether the RC series is based on fact or fiction detracts in any way from the books' inspirational value. I just thought I would post this comment to see if this issue has already been discussed and to see what responses I would get.

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Thanks for your replies Glen and Sue-Ellen. I guess Anastasia could be summed up as an idea whose time has come. :-)

I guess I'm a naturally cautious person who has become aware of the many rip-offs perpetrated on us, including (IMO) organised religions, vaccination and fluoridation, "democracy", and - yes - much of what is referred to as the "New Age" movement.

What really made my alarm bells go off when reading the RC books was a passage in one of them where
GW Bush's actions were virtually hailed as having been beneficial for humankind (!).

Realising that the RC books may be fiction does detract from their credibility to some degree, as they are portayed as non-fiction, instead of making it clear that at least the central figure is a mythical figure playing her part in what basically amounts to a fairy story embedded in real 20th century life.

If Anastasia is not real, I wonder if the ringing cedars are for real? If they are a myth as well, the bits of wood from RC being sold would just be a sales gimmick to trick gullible people, as is the case with organised criminal enterprises engaged in selling fluoride to prevent tooth decay and vaccines to prevent diseases.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good fantasy as longe as we are clear that it is a fantasy, as otherwise we're just living in delusion, which is exactly what the psychopaths who presently run this planet want.
Hi Erwin, do not let Vladimir's sometimes limited perspective deter you from Anastasia's clear intent for the knowledge of our pristine origins to be re-awakened. Vladimir has served humanity well in fulfilling his role as channel and conduit for these very profound teachings.. but there are many moments amongst the books when many would question Vladimir's opinions and limited view upon things.. but I honour the man for owning his opinions and for the gift of writing these books for the world.. each paragraph has a resonance that you can feel, Vladimir's paragraphs FEEL different to Anastasia's pure words..

In the English translation, LEo Sharashkin is responsible for conveying the feeling of each sentence. Anastasia's monologues are an entirely different energy to the writers opinions, and carry profound truth through the power of pure imagery contained in the words and intention.. This is the experiential truth of these books.. by your feelings you shall know... Our bodies (feelings) do not lie to us for they are divine creations.. although, we have to get our of our FEAR, our intellect, and our numbness, and our toxicity before we can truly feel the exhultation that these books offer as an active calibration to a higher consciousness. (an idea whose time has come in practical reality is a calibration to higher consciousness - an ACTUAL quickening of the spirit in the body or changing of our DNA structure as our perception and thoughts evolve to a higher vibration - see the Biology of Belief: http://www.brucelipton.com/)

and the truth shall set us all free.

Conscious Discernment is the key here..
Thank you for your comment, Billa. I hear what you are saying. What I'm saying is that just because something may "feel right" or "sound true" doesn't mean that it is coming from a source that is right and true.

One of the psychopaths' favourite way of misleading people is to hijack everything, no matter how good or true, and then to convert and pervert it to suit their own purposes. The hippy era of the 1960's is a good example, when the exuberance and the aspirations of young people were diverted into drugs, free sex and rock music.

More recently we have the global warming swindle which is channelling people's justified concerns about pollution and the environment into moving humanity towards its ultimate enslavement. It appears that by signing the Kopenhagen Climate Change Treaty in December, the world's heads of state will cede their respective countries' sovereignty to a world government. May God help us.

I'm totally for natural childbirth and natural ways of living, but have become very wary about trusting or following any leader or movement. We must trust in our own ability to know what's true and right and of being able to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way. Anastasia, or the phantasy called Anastasia, may help us reconnect to the truth within ourselves, but I strongly feel that we should not turn the idea she represents into a symbol or a cult figure to be followed. Surely, following others instead of trusting our own connection to nature and the universe has been our downfall all along. Don't let us make the same mistake again, to perceive a false need for a mediator between us and the source that nourishes and sustains us and we are an expression of.
Thanks to everyone for their input. I do respect everyone's viewpoint. I just added mine to see what others' views are on the matter I brought up. I guess if one is excited and inspired by something, it is because it heals or nourishes something within us that needs healing and nourishing, and we probably all need healing and nourishing because of the kind of society we live in. I am certainly at one with everyone's aspiration to live a life in harmony with nature and the cosmos.
In my opinion i believe Anastasia is real as real as any thought conciousness. If Vladimir Megre needed to create this figure known as Anastasia then indeed she is real. She is in the universe and everyone can feel her. When oneness connects we all feel her inspirations, purity, thoughts and deeds.
I did not have to read the book to understand that Anastasia's thoughts are real. I felt it in my conciousness all my life. I felt her words before i even read the books. It was already out in conciousness, already through oneness. Her words travelled this far to reach many souls.
Personally i believe she is real, because she is me and she is you and most of the conciousness.
I already started to feel this way as a child and eating from nature help me open my eyes to heaven on earth. Like being stuck between 2 dimensions where one is full of light and love and the other full of darkness, jealousy, greed and evil.
I feel more that our paths are to rise up out of the comfort of darkness and ascend to Peace, Love, unity and above all to see each human as they trully are. The creation of God in his likenss.
Am i dillusional for believing in her. No i do not think i'am simply because i value and respect the connectedness we all have and the many opportunities we have to create a better world.
We see the evil more and more because we know we need to do sometthing about it.

As for George Bush being able to get out into nature away form the evil deeds of those who use him as a puppet. I think Vladimir was trying to convey that evil thoughts can reach all of us and that his time away he was able to break away from that, the brainwashing the listening to evil thoughts etc. It is actually what is happening to most people around the world. He mentions the psycopath the one with evil thoughts disturbing mankind. Darkness destroying people's minds. He explains that. This is where the conciousness is now and it helps to awaken from that to love conciousness which is so needed in the world right now. We all have a little GW inside of us that we try to fight in order to become pure.

In another way Vladimir is not perfect he is like you and me. Anastasia on the other hand he shows her purity and what we all can be. It is only when the world is cleansed of the pure evil to pure thought can we be more like Anastasia. So he making money of his books etc may simply mean hes not perfect because we at the moment are all not perfect and pure in thought no matter how loving we come across we still have that negative inner being we have to quash. Paradise will be that time because its only when all beings can change can purity show its beauty in the face of all human beings.
Thank you for your response Marija. I agree with what you say. Society is in many ways a reflection of our consciousness, and for transformation to occur, we need to understand that part of our character structure which is the result of the conditioning we've been subjected to.
One of the very earliest and most devout Christian sects did not believe Christ was embodied. They were called 'Docetae' and became the first in a long line of gnostic heretics. Here is a link

Seems this "fictional or actual" question is a re-enactment of the past.

Hail! Hail! to the spiritual imagination that is at home in the universe.
I do not just believe Anastasia is real. I know it with all of my being. Her body resides in the Taiga. When you can consciously travel in the spirit world then you will know she is there as well. She is waiting for you to communicate with her. She loves us all. You must use your imagination to connect with her. Or just ask before falling asleep to recieve a message from her. The stronger your intention the higher your success rate will be

Thanks for your response, Donanne. It's however also possible that Anastasia is an illusion which has become powerful because it is one that is shared by many people, a bit.like the concept of God. God is said to have created us in his image, while cynics say that it is the other way round: that man has created God in his own image. Our imaginations are very powerful and can create anything, including "reality". I suspect that "reality includes what our imaginatons create, so I guess you may well be right. .
Fiction (Larin: fictum, "created")

The world we find our selves apart of and participating in is fiction. It has been created.
Co Creation or Conjoint creation has been missing. For this we acknowledge God and all the unseen energies. We acknowledge ourselves as Man but for now the abilities within Anastasia are still dormant in us by degrees.

It is not possible for an unconscious Man to get the signs and symbols from the depths of infinity and eternity and translate them into combinations of letters in books to act as a score for our souls orchestra and choir's to reproduce the required symphony within for our deep healing and awakening.

We know this by the impact and the tears.

We may determine we are unconscious still as we do not communicate by telepathy easily and freely yet. Our minds are still cluttered with lies and fiction. Which are acting as resistance and restriction in our capacity for transmission and reception.

But we are working on it, this is what I feel we are all doing, or at least the ones who choose to move on and out of the old world. To gradually cease our participation in fiction and to gradually participate as Man.

But it is hard to let go of this created reality. This is our identity.
But what is the alternative? To realize on ones death bed that one participated in nothing of real value but only played a part of fiction. It may have been a great part, but it was still fiction and will decay and die along with the person.

I choose to step out with abandonment as Don Juan would say and sprint into the dark of night. Because I know that this is where there is true light.

I choose to burn my old clothes and go barefoot across the desert and the thorns. To sleep under the stars at night and prepare to awake to a new dawn.

I choose to take back my motherland and plant my family tree, because I am Man I am infinite, I am eternal! Yes free!
Thanks for your inspirational response Chris. It reminds me of J Krisnamurti's ideas. I too realise that our conditioning tends to make us cling to the known for (an illusory) security, and that we need to let go in order to venture into the unknown. I also realise the deep appeal that the figure of Anastasia has, in that it reawakens our longing for freedom and a more natural way of life, but fear that it may be or become yet another security blanket.
I am not at all wanting to influence others with my feelings on the matter. I' am just relating my feelings and my experience of RC, and unlike my friend who highly recommended the books to me, I admit to not feeling the same attraction that she obviously felt for this story. Personally, I liked the part about the school built by the school's students best. This part felt truly real and truly inspiring to me, while much of the rest was just a bit too much of a fairy story to me, stretchng credibility just a bit too far for my liking. The feeling was that I really don't need this. I guess I like to do my own thing and to work things out for myself, and consequently dislike being a follower of ANYTHING. Maybe it has something to do with being a Capricorn.






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