Are you having trouble with moving over to a vegetarian or raw food diet?

If you are like me and the thought of a vegetarian and raw food lifestyle is so appealing but you are not too sure where to start?

Sure, you know how to make a salad or a green smoothie and there are so many raw food recipes out there, but where do you actual start, or stop eating things like cheese's, meats, coffee and things like that.

I have a few books on raw food recipes but the people who wrote them have been raw for a while and it is second nature for them to have everything they need for preparing their food.

when it comes to starting a new eating regime I need help and lots of it. A step by step guide on how to transition over to a healthier life style.

This is where 'Raw Mom' and 'The Raw Food Diva's' come in. They have a free, YES FREE!! (yea, we love free stuff) 7 day 'challenge'.

Now they have aimed it at men.

'Are you man enough to eat veg and fruit for 7 days?' But it really appealed to me.

They will send you:-

  • Daily support emails to help prepare you for a week on rabbit food.
  • Receive guidance as you transition off meat, cheese, bread and other processed foods.
  • Inspirational videos to help answer your burning questions about how much protein you really need.
  • Articles and resources to covertly convert you to our veggie-laden ways.
  • Recipe suggestions and meal ideas to keep you satisfied!

This is great!! But like me I needed that little bit extra so I paid for the upgraded version which will also include

  • *A complete, step-by-step menu planner for your entire journey.
  • *Detailed shopping lists for the entire 7-days.
  • *Additional email support - whenever you have questions, we'll answer you!

I'm sure this will be a great help for a great start.

I hope this will help others as well

Joyful eating everyone ;-)


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I had bought some cilantro to eat. I liked it in salsa. That was one of the onlly leafy things i could find . First 2 days I was tingly and felt very good inside. I had eaten other things so I was not sure what it was that gave me this feeling . Or if it was a combo of everything. Then i just picked out cilantro to eat. I thought maybe i was imagining this clarifying feeling. Did some research on cilantro and amazingly it has a chelating effect on metals in the body. Especially mercury from amalgamat teeth filliings. WHICH I HAVE!! Wow , just from listening to my body , I have found this cilantro effect. another reason to go raw. I wonder what else awaits in the raw food world.  This could be enough to get someone to go raw.

I am hoping to get there again, to be able to listen to my body, but at the moment it is so full of toxins it seems impossible.

That is why I think this eating regime will get me back on track again.

Yes, I have come across cilantro before and how wonderful it is when i was researching candida albicans.

Cilantro and parsley are definitely two fresh herbs to keep in your diet.

Thanks for the link. :-)

Hi Sarah,


Have you done any colon cleansing yet.. thats the first place to start, from the bottom up, this is where much of the toxins are stored.. if you start eating well it triggers a natural detox reaction and releases toxins to the bloodstream, but without a clean colon it can make things worse. also the good food isnt absorbed well when the colon is full of residues.. so perhaps so some colon cleansing research and look for a good oral powder to take for about three months or a herbal cleanse and you will get relief from the toxicity and it will be easier to get over that hump and break the toxicity cycle. just one initial colonic flush at a clinic could be helpful too to get the party started.. , but just the one.. 


stay in touch...

it gets better and better each day.. !  there is no limit to how good we can feel , and then we realise and experience that we really are unlimited beings!  

"the downside of eating fruit, especially when healing cancer, candida and diabetes."

Have a read of Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. I quote from their website.  "In 1994, we experienced an intense decline in health. Faced with our numerous health problems, (juvenile diabetes, obesity, hyper thyroid, chronic fatigue, arrhythmia, arthritis, asthma, and allergies) we began researching nutrition."

They began a raw food journey which lead to discovering the healing power of greens….. the most nutritionally dense food available on the planet…. loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and phytonutrients.

Years ago when my health was somewhat challenged I intuitively was drawn to make green drinks from various "weeds" growing in the garden. (namely chickweed, plantain, cleavers, speedwell, dandelion,) I wizzed them up with a little water. Victoria takes it to a whole new level.

Oh thank you for this Yogamaya, i hadn't heard that about fruit and candida before,

and yes you are right, there is so much info out there sometimes it can make it worse.

Thank you again



I personally rely on fruits for the bulk of my calories, as they are much more calorie-dense than vegetables (I eat 2-4 heads of lettuce daily, along with my 30+ bananas and/or other sweet fruits - I'm 6'4" 210). I've found it to be the best way to maintain steady energy, happiness, no cravings, increased athletic performance, weight maintenance... I've been toying with different raw food diets for 6 years.


Here are some sites I find useful for nutrition info:


To Your Health,

Dave B

Both myself and a friend of mine both found out last year that we had to change the way we were eating, she had an underactive thyroid and I had an over growth of candida albicans, we had similar symptoms as well. We both did so well over the summer and I lost a lot of weight, but slowly I went back to my old eating habits, emotional eating and the symptoms and weight is creeping it's way back in.

With the diet I was on it also had only vegetables to start off with, raw veg where the best because when cooked some veg turned starches into sugars, or something like that, carrots for example, so it was tough. No fruit and a few types of nuts.


I would love to be like Anastasia, how amazing it would be. Where on earth did emotions get mixed up with eating, hey?

Hopefully together we'll get there, what a wonderful place this is :-)

Beetroot reset as outlined here and in the books is perfect for unravelling the emotional/food connection..  We'll do one the next new moon coming, in about two weeks, if anyone wants to join in..    its much easier to press reset on all that then wade through layers and layers of habits and subconscious associations between emotions and food. Join in with the new moon and we can all go through the process together...   its very possible to be like Anastasia but it takes comittment to the journey and strength to let go of old ways...  support is here...


love billa

I subscribe to the website which sells really good pine nuts and oil from pine cones that have fallen naturally from the trees.






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