Build your Sacred Relations with dolmens through your photograph!

Dolmens are said to be Keepers of Feelings and Wisdom of what Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar book series calls "our pristine origins". Some people come to dolmens as sacred places for pilgrimage. Making a conscious pilgrimage can cause profound changes in oneself and fill one with energy to reach a new level of self growth.

For those wishing to visit the dolmens in person we organize several dolmen tours every year ( Provided for any reason you can't be there "in flesh and blood", now you have a chance to build a remote connection with a dolmen through your image/photo (or your friend and relative's).
Build your own Sacred Relations with dolmens remotely through a pho...
Please check for details here:

How it all works:

1. You send us your picture via email (to
2. You make a payment for printing and postage and provide us your postal address.
3. We print out your picture and take it to dolmens when we come for our next dolmen tour.
4. We place it on a dolmen and it will stay there for the time we visit it (from 10 to 60 minutes).
5. We make a proof photo of your picture on a dolmen and print it out as well.
6. We put both photos in an envelope and send them to your postall address.

If you decide to go for it, please type in your postal address and click on PayPal "Buy Now" button jn this page We suggest you  to pay 9.9 USD for printing and postage. If you can't effort to pay this much please let us know and we will try to help you anyway. And don't forget to send us a picture! :)

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Please check Dolmen pilgrimage video:

Yuri -  The idea of imparting knowledge into stones is so interesting. There are 4 healing stones on Waikiki Beach that Tahitian healers left behind.   The healers told the Hawaiian people that they would leave their knowledge in the stones so that people could still access the healers' wisdom after they left Hawaii and returned to Tahiti.  This really sounds similar to the dolmens.   These healing stones were also neglected (similar to the dolmens) but are now fenced in and tended to.  When you are at the dolmens can you access the spirit and if so how do you do so? 

This sounds very interesting, yes!

I told about the ways to access spirit in my article awhile ago.

Please read it here -






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