Something I have been working on over the summer. Its really important to have a space to retreat to,  to express yourself, whether in the living realm of the great outdoors or within a sheltered space.. 
I like to gather things from nature and thigns that have sacred memory or meaning to me and create a sanctuary or space of love bubble to sit in or move in or create in depending on my mood. Like animals, its really important that we have personal territory where we can be ourselves, whether we share it with others or its our private space.. 

something interesting about horses is the concept that they are being together doing nothing, or sharing space doing something..    I like that idea when it comes to sharing space with other people or my animals.. sometimes I just go and sit with the horses and share their grazing space, and most of the day my dogs are under my feet, or around me sharing the space with me. its so beautiful how dogs really reflect the light that we truly are that they just want to be around us and near us, like laying in the sun... 

This space is kind of like an old barn/garage, that basically for two years has been a storage space. 

When we arrived it was full of tools and building materials and has had at least 8 major clean ups..

Now it is becoming a workable creative space - this is one end of the building that will be studio space for arts and crafts as well as seed packaging for Space of Love seeds.. 

At the other end is a dance/yoga space and it is all coming along nicely. 

The building is made from stone , hardwood framing and timber flichings. the wall covering I used is 100% bamboo and the blue insulation paper was there before from the previous owners, otherwise I would have used a more eco insulation.. but not one to waste previous energy, it worked well to staple the 2mm bamboo sheeting straight onto the wall..

thank you to Gabbi and David for lending us a strong staple gun..  made it an easier job... I had fun hanging from the rafters and walls trying to get my skinny wrists to work that gun on strange angles.. 

This is one of the outside walls of the studio and it faces due west and totally heats up in the summer afternoons, so I have just planted some grapes to grow up the side of the wall. They will shade in summer and die back in winter to let the sun in..   our grapes are powering at the moment and I am looking forward to my favourite juice in a little while  - fresh grape juice... 

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