Sometimes I repost things on facebook which I feel I want to share. An example was this photo . Thinking about it in retrospect, it probably was like hanging a line with bait on it, and of course it was met with ridicule by some people, and one particular person even wrote whether I was 'open to being released from my limiting mindset'.

I often struggle to think of something to write or say back which doesn't make me sound like a crazy hippie. I feel that I see the picture clearly, but i find it hard to relate this picture of what seems commonsense to me, to someone who hasn't the read books, and the concept seems so foreign and absurb to.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experience, and can provide any advice on how they handle situations like this.

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Yeah, what Emily said! RCR is like my facebook, but I still get on facebook every once in awhile. Here, though, there is so much of a better feeling like we are a team and all in it to help each other. Facebook is, yeah, just entertainment and I always hesitate whether to post some things as well. Same words I think of too; I swear I am not a "crazy hippie" and this stuff is real and so important! What I tend to do is post in a secretive way lol or I guess in a way that I know won't shock them and yet still make them think. Like not too long ago, I wanted to share what I learned from Osho about sex.

I first posted "love is not a relationship, but rather a state of mind; love needs no reason nor motive; to be filled with love is not just to love only one or few people but to love all including plants, animals, even inanimate objects the point isn't just so those things or people are being loved, but really that you are filled with love and when you are, you will feel joy" And yes that does sound pretty hippie lol, but really who is going to go against that. 

The second post was "whatever you do, do it whole-heartedly and put all of your focus on the present. Not only does this save so much energy, but you start to find out who you really are" 

Osho says all these things when he is talking about sex, but a lot of his words can apply to many other things. I think Anastasia sometimes did that as well and said things that would seem to only help one thing but actually helped many other things (even though Vladimir wanted more specifics) because there are some things that people need to go through first before receiving certain truths. Also, disadvantage of trying to get a point through online is you have no control of the environment people are in when they are reading it. RC books helped that by saying at the beginning to go outside in nature and away from any noise when reading this. Oh goodness, this post was suppose to be short lol :) 

Thank you, Emily and Jaesi, for reflecting so beautifully EXACTLY the way I and probably most of the members of this site feel and think.  Your replies were so perfect, full of pure thoughts.  :-)
Thank you all for your wise words, and Emily I read your big download last night and your words ring even clearer this morning. I think I will follow both Emily and Jaesi's advice, and cut down my useage of Facebook. It's funny, I see groups of friends as the ones I met before and after I read the RC books. Most of my friends on facebook I grew up with, went to school, university, or worked with. I've changed so much since those days, and more and more I'm struggeling to connect with them, or be interested in the mundane materialistic things most people find interesting. I wish they could all read the RC books, but it's not where a lot of people are at in their lives right now. Thank you Billa from the bottom of my heart for creating this beautiful space where we can all be our true selves without fear or judgement X
I believe that as we feel convicted to share thoughts and images that touch our hearts, we should do so freely and confidently, in the knowledge that our spirit speaks our truth.  If we are moved to express from a space of love, then my belief is, that it can only be the right thing to do in this moment.  Only the Universe knows whom we touch with our thoughts and what seeds are sown to create a better world for all.  Always feel confident to follow your heart!
Thank you Mum, that is true that you never know what seeds could be planted in our other friends, or who may resonate with things we post.






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