Lori Munn posted a link to this: a home made free energy generator.. 

Check it out and let's hear some feedback.. sounds like  abetter option to the "bloom box" which is free energy but costs hundreds of thousands.. 

Support these guys if you can - let them know you appreciate their research and contribute financially if possible because they have got this out there to liberate us all from dependency on the system... 


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If anyone gets keen on building one of these, then here is a good site to get the magnets in Australia: http://aussiemagnets.com.au
The admin@magniwork.com has not responded to us within their 2 day time frame promised; their 24 hour customer service support is non-existant as far as we know, but the INVENTORS are good and real. I think someone has taken their video and then attached their words for a "sell" and then attached documents, which are valid although very simple and could probably be found on the internet as "free E-docs" related to energy. Since this site is connected to CLICKBANK who offers money back guarantee and also has a fraud department and investigative department we let them know and I will be getting my money back. WE are keeping the documents and continuing to investigate building. NICK below had very good information - the inventor's site is here http://www.lutec.com.au. I would leave this information up so if others come across it they won't spend $50.00 but also can have the documents here free which I have posted.

I tried to purchase one of these kits online a few months back twice but my payment wa rejected & then I did a whole lot more research & found out they had changed their name from magniworks to something like eco free generator kit if I remember the name correctly, I re read the testimonials from each web site advertisment & they were practically the same only they'd changed the names which I thought was odd if they were genuine why slightly change the testimonials & the names of the authors too.

I spent a whole day going back & forth over all the info I could find & there was soooo much for & against it being legit & still the jury is out for me as to wether or not they are genuine. I really hope they are as it would be a wonderful device for everyone to build & use.

Did anyone here purchase build & use it..... if so does it work? 

Hi guys, I love the idea of free energy and have been looking into it for years, I looked into the magniwork idea sometime ago, but before I decided to buy it or not. I tried to find out if anybody had actually ever built one! Using Google I tried every combination of words I could think of to try and find a forum or anything else where someone may have succeeded using these plans. I was quite amazed somehow this company has been able to gobble up every possible word combination including the word scam after their name, I went through 40 Google pages trying to find any link that did not lead me directly back to magniwork's I couldn't find one. I concluded that only a dishonest company would do this, an honest company would never need to go to this length to make sure information about them and their product was so inaccessible.


This is a link to a site I have been visiting for years if a free energy device is ever developed, I'm fairly confident it will appear on this site faster than just about any other. It's also a very interesting read.


Is there any new advice that can be offered by you fine folks as it has become time for me to walk the free energy path...Any new developments or thoughts??






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