Eve here, from Facebook's Tribe of Universal Earthlings I just came across this totally amazing Docu. Anyone knows if it is available with English subs? It is moving me to the depths of my soul, http://youtu.be/2AHembqT558

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Lovely! Are those the Dolmens of Pshada? I was there only ten days ago, and they made a profound impression on me. Pity that there is no caption in English to the video; I have only just begun to learn Russian and I could decipher no more than a very few words.

Well, I am writing a book a bout the Dolmens, the second half will be done now that I am back. Work to do! And there is a Power Point Presentation about our excursion coming up.

Nice to be here, hope to make friends

Kind regards from

Leonardo "Faith"

from the island of Bonaire






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