Here is the message from Craig Cumming, the founder of the biggest Ringing Cedars group (numbered about 2000 people) on Facebook (December 20th):

"Facebook has without any warning, removed the very first Ringing Cedars International group from facebook without any warning to its creator or members, destroying such a wonderful group and a few years worth of wonderful information, shaing, ideas, networking etc!! I cannot believe these idiots!!!"

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I'm so sorry to hear about this.

Naviana, have you started a new FB group? If so, what's the name so that I can find it and join.


Yes indeed, here it is:

Our norwegian amazing discussion board and social network:

I'm recreating a Faceobook group for this right now.  They have no right to do such a thing.

I do fancy this website for communicating with like minds though.







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