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It is well known that the greatest harm to the environment is coming from cars. You certainly remember (if you read "The Ringing Cedars series") Anastasia's elegant solution to the problem - little air purifiers attached inside the bumper of each car. However for the last 15 years no one could bring this idea into reality...

Now, I am excited. What if all cars, by certain means, simply reduced harmful emissions in atmosphere by 75 % and more? Sounds fantastic? It appears that such miraclous means already exist! Have you ever heard about MPG biocatalyst?

Here is some info about it -

I would appreciate if you please tell us your opinion about this solution and may be even about your MPG application experience.

It seems that there is even more in it. With MPG Systems you can get sufficient income to support your family and your Kin's domain!

Yura Smirnov,
MPG Systems,
SOL magazine publisher,
Dolmen pilgrimage organizer,

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