Hope for the hopeless... I'm swimming in a sea of unfinished projects

Is there anyone out there who is interested in coming to Cambridge Ontario for a few months or more? I have 3 properties and we need work done at all of them in various ways... unfinished projects.  I offer free room and board, (have 9 empty bedrooms 3 in a hundred year old stone home in the downtown core of Cambridge, 3 in another house in Cambridge and 3 on our 1 Hectare lot in the Kawartha's)  in return for some elbow grease ie: gardening, concrete work, putting up a solarium, and a steel garage, finishing a kitchen. Rebuilding a retaining wall etc. I have too much to do and not enough of me to do it. If you, or anyone you know, who is a trustworthy energetic worker and has a sense of humour, please contact me.  I'll even take you out on the town and all around to see the area and sites.


My kids have gone away to college and we have lots of space. Consider it a working holiday. I would do this to help another for a few months as we move into a semi-retirement phase of life... it's kind of like missionary work. We all help each other out, get to see other parts of the land in the process and take back our power. I know the Mennonites also have such a creed within their ranks here in Wellington County. There is lots to see in the area, and in the fall a wonderfully scenic place.



Above are some links to the area's we have property in.


Anyone have any ideas where I might find such wonderful people to contract with?



Many hands make light work...

I love to have people around and live in community, it's what we're missing in the world today.

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I am intrigued by your post ..  your property looks beautiful !

I am going to add you as a friend so we can chat , ok?

can I post this on facebook?  There is a group of friends who I think some may resonate with this offer.

sure that would be great thank you.


I've also put it out on Helpexchange and workaway .... we'll see what happens.


By the way... I also have a website, and business idea that my husband and I are hoping to get going someday soon, which involves medieval accoutrements for festival goers... crafts and pouches, Norse wooden chairs and herb mixtures for field cooking, carved wooden items. So if any of you have such talents, we may be able to find a market for you.

These are my ideas that I would love to get off the ground but we're bogged down with property responsibilities and mainstream work to pay the bills.

Hello Jane!

My name is Travis Stephen Childs from Michigan, USA.

I love this idea of crafting and community orientated work/living! I am very interested in your opportunity in Cambridge and would like to talk to you more about joining you there in Canada!

I have a blog you can check out: http://northtree.wordpress.com/

I also have a you tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ecologietechnique?feature=mhee

My email is trav.gardens@gmail.com and would love to hear from you! I can be contacted by phone at (616) 794-3332.

I can send you a resume and references upon request.
Jane this is a wonderful opportunity you are offering, my husband and I would love to find gems like this in the future, we have one more child to finish highschool then we would love to find wonderful opportunities like this all over the world, I would love to run a B&B, my husband is very handy, he is a maintenance manager at a resort in Banff at the present time, but we are looking for a lifestyle change in the future, less stuff more beautiful love and life encounters with this amazing earth we are so blessed to be a part of. Its exciting to see that these opportunities exist, help others is what I live for.....wishing you the very best, Nancy
I feel my heart fill with a longing as I read of your place there.... At the same time I feel my own self in the same situation with even less to be able to offer in return... A place to sleep and food to eat... And so much heart to share.... I join with you in spirit..... and send energy your way to accomplish and that your needs be met... With Love and open heart.... Patience






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