I am a 30 year old female and I am finding it challenging to find a partner who is align with the vision I hold. More than anything I want to co create a space of LOVE. I live in update NY and would consider relocating on the East coast. I want to connect with more people on the East coast who have read The Ringing Cedars of Russia and who are living on their kins domain. Anyone from the East coast? 

I find the importance of living on the land and growing our own food super crucial at this time. 

Have you found your life partner? 

Are you living TRC and how?

Do you have your space of love?

I want to connect~Plant Seeds and Sing Songs~



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Hi Rainbow,

I am currently in the Catskills of New York. I am also a woman, 49, seeking her soul mate / Kin's Domain Community co-creation partner. Perhaps, we should meet and help each other.



Hey Susan,

Its been a while since in connected on here! Yes I would love to meet up! I am currently living in Lansing NY at a place called Yoga Farm! 


Such a lovely vision. The person you seek is also seeking you. Hope you two meet soon. ♡

Hello Luna Love,

Seems we share the same creative ideas and natural lifestyle. I would be glad to share my purpose for raising the quality

of life through, the woman, as only woman can create life. I would be pleased to correspond with you the details of my life plans and to build the natural creative lifestyle building and designing the Garden of Eden mainly inside the geodesic dome home as well as various other endeavores for the creation of the coming Golden Age as it is sometimes called or Space of Love.

Presently located in northeastern Ohio but have plans to relocate.


Hey Teddy, 

I am just seeing this now! I would love to connect :) 






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