I Love the innocence and wisdom of this young Man. He will truly help to shape a better world for us. The point in question for this post is in regards to the Living Book Co-Creation. About this book Volodya tells Vladimir

"Yes Co-Creation. And I love to read it every day. Only not with your letters, Papa. Mama taught me to read this book with different alphabetic letters. I love all sorts of happy letters. This is a book I can read my whole life. It tells about everything. And soon a new book will appear on Earth and you Papa will write about this book....It will be co-created by many people-- grown-ups and children. It will be a living book. It will consist of a whole lot of spendid chapters-- paradise domains. People will write this book on the Earth with their Father's happy letters. It will be eternal. Mama taught me to read these living and eternal letters, to make words from them."

Now I wonder what do you all think about this Living Book? Has anybody been able to see this for theirselves? How do we teach ourselves to read it? If they are happy letters, could there be more to the living language than just the trees and plants...what about the animals....what about the people? In what ways will we write this new book? I have a myriad of thoughts regarding this but will pause here to listen for the reflections of consciousness that come from all of you.....xo~tree

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Thank you, Tree, for sharing this conscious stream. Living book, like living foods, has a nice ring to it. It's all about energy, or harmonics tuned in to the vibration of creation which manifested in our true selves, in those who wish for and co-create a new operating manual for life on Earth. Does living language mean that our feelings, not the written word, are to contain the impeccable divine integrity that supercedes the shortcomings of words - which are only approximations of feelings? Can living language be defined in terms of our feelings, integrated with utter purity with the natural universe?
Eric....sounds like you knew the answer to your questions already.....and I would say a resounding YES.....
you have articulated that perfectly I think.

Great thoughts Eric. Thanks for sharing. I think this is so true. Anastasia was able to do something the priest could never figure out because she was "feeling" her dream. Those emotions move so much faster. And we can also look at the word Volodya uses- happy -a wonderful Feeling. The living book seems to start in the foundation of the physical world around us, moves into and through our senses of the body, like Jeanice is now experiencing through her heightened sense of smell, and will come up and be expressed through our feelings and ultimately through our interactions with others and our creator. I think this is why the great Master Yeshua taught so much about Love. Perhaps it is our becomming of love which will be the core of the new book. Many people focus on the planting of their gardens, which become an extension of us and is something I believe to be totally necessary for healing and growth, but the true garden starts within us, it Is us. We are the flowers and sensory receptors of the earth- the eyes of the world so to speak. We must view one another as part of the same garden. Yes their are weeds choking us out, but our feelings can overcome them and will help to create this new operating manual for the world.

So in regards to my question "In what ways will we write this new book" perhaps we are to start with maintaining a state of love and then move forward to determining how to best convey this love to the world around us. For myself I am working on using my ray to send my love to others. I am actually getting some positive feedback on this and am starting to note the times when I personally "feel" this love coming back to me so that I can better determine the source from which it came. Anybody else working on their "book" in similar manners?
Something I am noticing since moving to a pristine part of Maui is that I am suddenly SMELLING the trees. I have never really experienced this before. Eucalyptus and pine are the big ones, but there are other trees (unidentified) with flowers on them that smell exquisite.

So I think the scents are important and are communicating information. I currently cannot get enough of the smell of eucalyptus.
Jeanice.....your heart and/or spirit is reading the information...there is no language for this....only knowing. How lovely. The scents are the foods of the Spirit ! Fairy Food !

I love that you are having this experience Jeanice. Smells have very powerful ways of touching us and un-locking portions of our awareness. They can also affect the way we feel, which ties into a similar line of thinking that Eric mentioned. Since you are aware that they are communicating information to you I ask, have you tapped into what that is on any level yet? Is there a newness in your life that could be connected? Do you get a certain feeling when you receive these scents? Much work does go on in our subconscious level, but it can all come up to the consciousness if we keep focusing on it. Thankyou so much for sharing. As I said in an earlier posted poem "I'm looking everywhere I go for the seeds starting to grow and the love that soon will flow". Seems your experience is alive in those words:)
Get with the program tree

The book of kin group and it's happy letters discussion....

Happy letters change in the light and the wind.

I don't think we have to teach ourselves to read. We do it all the time. Our senses receive stimuli - that's reading. How we choose to process those stimuli.... well, that's another story.

"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree." (Wordsworth? words worth... oops distraction...)

Indeed unless the billboards fall I'll never see a treee at all! (Ogden Nash?)
Ah words worth. A poet that I love. Thankyou for the compliment btw "a poem lovely as a tree"
How appropriate:)
Perhaps you are familiar with The Solitary Reaper?- one of my favourites
Here is the first stanza if you are not:

Behold her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!
Alone she cuts and binds the grain,
And sings a melancholy strain;
O listen! for the Vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.

This is how I have often felt throughout my life as many do not understand me. However, with an open heart and connection to source there is much to see in me and what I reflect of spirit. I hope you can see this too David as I am totally with the program. I did read the book of kin dialogue before I posted but it seemed to be a bit connected to the planting and naming of trees. Plus I just really wanted to start a section that gave Volodya his own due- it's possible he could be my son-in-law some day:) ...lol... The language I speak of is much greater than what I gathered from your earlier dialogue. Perhaps it is just my interpretation but this language, it is so imprinted on my own life by spirit I can not help but see it. It is what I believe we will one day be able to imprint to ward our own children to purity through telegony. And isn't "How we choose to process those stimuli" a part of the learning to read? We must be conscious of this, not just taking in stimuli unconsciously and letting whatever happens happen. There is beauty in our different ways of viewing the world, we are all from the same source.
Not very articulate of me but WoW. You've given me a nudge along here.

Very much learning to read is processing of the stimuli. Learning to read.
Yes. I think I just look at the letters.
Fusion of the internal state with the stimuli from nature...

I have habitually held my 'internals' - my responses to inner experiences - separate from my responses to sensory experience. Fear I suppose. Mistrust. Apart from in natural settings, the senses are subject to such abuse.

But I think I get what you are suggesting - the language is what is connecting them? I like this. I will listen and learn.

That helps me. I feel better now. Thank you.
Yea David! I feel so happy that you are feeling better about this. Perhaps we have just written a page in The Living Book about understanding and working through the concrete ties. We can learn much from each other if we keep our perspectives open to the brighter side of life. Thank You:)
I'm trying to picture myself wearing a concrete tie!

"In what ways will we write this new book"

Well I make notes every day. I note this and note that. I note ice - hehe

Lately I've found it to be all too easy to slip into reverie. It's nice to be there. (I wonder what I should really be doing?)

I see Serena says the spirit knows the language - like, already knows. What a nymph she is.
The book, then. Is it already written? Well, not entirely so. The letters change. All the time. Even reading the book changes the letters. Sweet mystery.

I confess I get more from this ninging than I thought I would. I came here with a narrow focus - I seek a home on earth (with all sorts of qualities) with others. And now I'm engaging in all manner of mental indulgence.

Someone here was astounded to discover that we already are all the technlogy we need to live. The book is the thing that gets written by us. In whatever way we choose.

I feel happy that you feel happy.
David....lol.....as I keep seeing your name in my inbox responding to posts on this ning....I laugh because you had 'dismissed' the whole online thing....for whatever reasons....and now you seem to have the 'hang of it'..... to our great delight ! lol then I see this post saying just that. You are master of The Humble Genius of Merlin!
starting off not knowing, poo poo-ing...bah humbug-ing....then presto! you're the center of it all !! and you even surprise yourself ! lol

these are truly great musing here....I'm lovin it.






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