I Love the innocence and wisdom of this young Man. He will truly help to shape a better world for us. The point in question for this post is in regards to the Living Book Co-Creation. About this book Volodya tells Vladimir

"Yes Co-Creation. And I love to read it every day. Only not with your letters, Papa. Mama taught me to read this book with different alphabetic letters. I love all sorts of happy letters. This is a book I can read my whole life. It tells about everything. And soon a new book will appear on Earth and you Papa will write about this book....It will be co-created by many people-- grown-ups and children. It will be a living book. It will consist of a whole lot of spendid chapters-- paradise domains. People will write this book on the Earth with their Father's happy letters. It will be eternal. Mama taught me to read these living and eternal letters, to make words from them."

Now I wonder what do you all think about this Living Book? Has anybody been able to see this for theirselves? How do we teach ourselves to read it? If they are happy letters, could there be more to the living language than just the trees and plants...what about the animals....what about the people? In what ways will we write this new book? I have a myriad of thoughts regarding this but will pause here to listen for the reflections of consciousness that come from all of you.....xo~tree

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Just doing my job Serena. I wish I could speak Norwegian.

The medium, however, IS the message.

(Marshall Macluhan)

"McLuhan describes the "content" of a medium as a juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind. This means that people tend to focus on the obvious, which is the content, to provide us valuable information, but in the process, we largely miss the structural changes in our affairs that are introduced subtly, or over long periods of time."

And that was before the internet even existed!

Tickatacking away at keyboards is not a way to free my spirit.

But it is a wonderful indulgence to have tthe freedom to pick nits with you guys at will. You know how I like to provoke. And I love the surprises and the feedback.

(Feed back.. hmm what can we make of that? See? As soon as you 'use' a word it starts to 'use' you right back!)

But I've already warned you not to let me steal the centre. Not good for you, or me.

Anyway, aren't you supposed to be on a journey somewhere?

Anyway, I am.
And now I'm feeling odd because we - well, I, have hijacked tis fine thread started by tree.

However, I think Marshall's massage will - does - apply to the happy letters too. In fact... boing boing... words fail me

Great trigger, tree. Blog food.
(why am I waking up before dawn so alert)
No worries mate. Sometimes it is good for things to sit and simmer a bit. I will come back with some more thoughts soon. Today is a big day for my kiddies- they love to dress up. And I love the idea of a veil between worlds lifting.

Perhaps you are hungry and are beginning to realize there is an abundance of food all around you....boing....boing...lol...boing
Thanks Tree. Great question and contributions to ponder. I think sometimes I'm good at reading this Living Book as in 'signs' and through 'serendipity'....and I pray that I can read this Book every day in more ways....so I may Know. I also believe this Book cannot be read by the 3D mind...but by the Spirit within....this Spirit alone knows this 'languge' within. Spirits of the trees for example commune with our spirits when we are walking in a forest. We suddenly know things we didn't before. And it is when I am seeing with my spiritual eyes, that I can read the Book of Life more often......again, if this Book is 'written' by 'sign's and 'serrendipity'. I just know that when I'm in the mind...I can only read letters on a page....as in the written language of the left brain.
But when I am seeing with the right brain, and the eyes of spirit,...then I can most certainly 'read' alot more. This is why at times I can interpret events in magical ways, whereas someone with only 3D eyes, can describe only the material things their physical eyes can see, and will call some things 'coincidence'.
Thanks for asking this question ! It has helped me to elucidate the process I've been engaging forever, but did not know how to describe ! That was fun!

My interactions with you tell me that you are becomming more able to "read" this language every day Serena. You know the feeling you get when you are reading with spirit eyes. The written signs abound and the serendipity, which is unique for each individul, is what contributes to the livingness (is that a word lol:) of it. For myself I feel that I have learned much from spirit, but it is through the reconnection of the "right and left brain" perceptions that I am able to better convey that. My spirit often misses the reality of physical perceptions as it tends to dwell more on the things I cannot "see" with my physical eyes, but as I become more integrated with the two, I can better live my book through my life. I have always believed it was my Life that was my true art. I guess I still have some ground work to do though, as many still see me with my head in the clouds...lol...thank you my Lady of the Wood.
"It will be a living book. It will consist of a whole lot of spendid chapters-- paradise domains."

This is an important part of Volodya's comments. A paradise domain will Be a chapter in this living book. What all does that entail? From looking at what we think our domains will encompass it includes not only what we plant, but also the animals living there, the children and dreams co-created there, the love that embodies everything so much that it calls us to return to our space throughout our reincarnations. Those are powerful ideas. Currently we already see some spark of this language with our animals, some cultures believe animals cross our paths with a meaning or message for us. We also see this in people with whom we come into contact. Many think that things do not just randomly occur. Is there a deeper reason a person comes into or out of your life? Also, we can get a "read" on someone based on their expressions or actions if we are looking through truthful eyes. This is just the tip of the iceberg considering so many are just becomming aware or perhaps not even aware that they are becomming. I get a thrill thinking about what we are.

And David, I have times of what I consider expanding awareness, where I need only a little sleep, and also find myself waking alert in the early morning during these times. Typically I have been someone who likes to sleep and sleep in, although bit of a night owl too. I usually cycle through a phase of sleep, then little sleep. Maybe it is when I am taking off those concrete ties that I awaken more alert and require less snooze time :-)
Yes, tree, yes. This is the MOST important of Volodya's comments. The book of kin is written in living letters in the paradise domains.

It already is! We look around and (sometimes can) see what is written large all around us. And it is not always a pretty story. We see the love that we have made.There are chapters which would be better never to have been written. Although even in the car park there will sometimes be a bird in a tree - a reminder.

I'm starting to learn to read what is close to me. A pair of blackbirds and some sparrows are teaching me.
So perhaps the " different alphabetic letters" are being written in us. As if we are having a babel fish put inside to help make the translation of the beauty and synchronicity that Is already around us. Volodya does point out that he doesn't use Megre's letters, but the happy ones that Anastasia has taught him. Thus it is We who are becomming the new living books and the authors thereof?

I think birds can teach us a lot. They definately are able to obtain a different perspective since they can fly way up high, and also see from the ground view.
the babel fish inside - you're so sweet

the authors thereof indeed we are

I feel a poem coming on. What letters can I use... I will hang out the washing... write a manuscript in shirts, shorts and unmentionables
watch it fly and dry
gather it in
sun on the skin







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