We all know that the ultimate investment in the future of ourselves and our family is the 'space of love'. We have been putting away some savings for this but haven't found ( or cant yet afford ) our space of love. In this current economic climate, what do you believe is the best way to ensure that these savings will be there when we need them, and will still be worth something? I have heard that during a recession, precious metals could be the way to go, or are we best to keep our money in the bank? Both these ways our money is tied up in 'the system', as precious metals are only worth what the market determines they are worth. I have little experience and limited understanding of the whole crazy financial system, and would grealy appreciate anyones feedback.

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Hi Miranda,


my suggestion is to find a creative way through cooperation and cocreation with others way to make the money you already have work to get your own land ASAP. that's the safest investment.  Money converted into food, shelter and co-creation is the only real security that there is...  things could change a great deal in the next two years and how much more can you realistically save during that time anyway??


In the interim, silver is going up and up and up in value and my friends tell me thats what to buy if one has money sitting around..   but thats entirely up to you to investigate..   land and many many  fruit trees would be my suggestion!  lots of love, Billa

Thank you Billa, they are wonderful ideas!

I don't know the first thing about gardening, but I am very close to enrolling in a permaculture design certificate. That is going to be our first big step in the right direction and I am very excited :-)
Hi Miranda,  A big YES to what Billa said.  Investing in whatever you need to do to learn and whatever you need to actively LIVE a REAL, pure life of Friendliness and Love to the Earth and all of Life on it would be the highest priority.  The economic system in place is changing so rapidly and is so undependable that to try to play that game any longer is riskier than ever.  Learning how to truly Live is priceless, the most valuable investment you could ever make.  Connecting with your food, growing your own personally, however you do it, is a step in transition.  Wherever you are, is your current "space of love".  Remember "home is where the heart is"?  Yes, if you can get to a hectare, begin a Food Forest, learn how to Live outside all the complex systems set up to distract us from life (in the guise of "enhancing" or "improving" our lives), and all with excitement, no need to fear of losing anything we thought was valuable or meaningful (such as fear of losing the current system of money, technology).  This group is all about helping, supporting anyone who is into all this.  ((((Big Smile and Big Hug))))  Peg

Theres lots of little collectives emerging as people connect and look for ways to co-create..it's so good to see and the true purpose of this site.


How about I set up a platform/experiment  for people to pledge how much money they have and see what we come up with as a collective! and go from there!  - the power of co-creation is exponential! and its not just about the money - its about the pooling of wisdoms and resources- together we are all much stronger..


for a while on here, we tossed around the idea of buying an Island and creating a Vedruss Sanctuary, a sovereign place with its own ways and laws..    because otherwise immigration and other issues stop us all from co-creating together..


This site is the platform for creating and supporting co-creation all over the world -  and I am so happy people are so on-board with the co-creative principles.. (after a lifetime in community development- its immense) Anastasia really knew what she was doing when she imbued the books with the essence of co-creation!)

Thank you for your beautiful feedback Peg and Angel. You are both very correct.

My parents have some bushland out the back of their place, we can't get government approvals to build anything on it yet, but I found these cool eco tents yesterday which might be a good interim measure: http://www.ecostructures.net.au/home.html

I don't know how much they are yet, I'm waiting for them to get back to me on prices. I've decided that we will just start setting up a permaculture system on their property, and hopefully when the time is right, and we have the money to build a dwelling, things will align and come into place, and we will be able to get the green light from the council to build as well.

Very excited things are going to start happening!

Wow that's amazing! What a fantastic idea - growing instead of cutting to make a dwelling. Thanks for sharing that Angel :-)

Hi Miranda    I myself am thinking silver is still the safest bet. It is being suppressed right now by some very influential individuals. Silver should be well over $100. Silver could triple even quadruple when the dollar finally fails. Then the game is up.

   There is something else going on though.. smaller nations are making big investments in gold... they could be being set up for the collapse of gold.. They would all be bankrupt which is where all financial institutes are ending up.

   The best you can invest in is maybe a GIC. Everything is risky.... investing in yourself comes to mind.




Thanks Shawn, that information about silver is what I've heard as well. I like your comment about investing in yourself - if financial systems happen to collapse, at the end of the day, our own knowledge and skills are what we've got to fall back on. I'm investigating doing at PDC ( Permaculture Design Certificate ) very shortly, I see that as my first investment towards a grand future.
Thats an excellent plan. I'd do the same if I could find a program near me. Still looking..

I just discovered that the founding permaculutre institution ( originally set up by Bill Mollison in Tasmania  and now moved to The Channon in northern NSW ) offers the course as a box set. You will get exactly the same information as if you sat the course: http://www.tagari.com/store/18

Yes, if like me you learn well from books, then this is a great option.. I taught myself permaculture from the books about 10 years ago, last year I did a PDC to reconnect and althought my Teacher is an absolute legend, I got more of "Permaculture" from the design manual...


We are developing a bio-spiritual permaculture course over the next two years that integrateds permaculture and vedruss wisdom - so exciting!   love love

The box set is actually DVD's which are also good for people who struggle with reading ( like my partner ). I wish the Ringing Cedars came as a DVD box set lol, because my partner is really keen on them, he just struggles to read. It's taken him a year to get through 1/3 of the first book Anastasia, and when I read to him he falls asleep! It's frustrating because I am so passionate about the books and I really want to share this with him.


The bio-spiritual permaculture course sounds amazing Billa. Maybe once I've done my course, and had some time to put into practice, it might be something I could help you with :-)






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