Awakening from the numbness: Have we lost the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses?

I am ready to have a rich discussion. Are you?

We all remember at one moment or another as a child or later in a rare moment as an adult, feeling the majesty that our senses can deliver when we touch that deep connection with nature, with life, with the pulsing living breathing world.   

"As we are schooled, as life has its way with us - and with our hearts, we learn... not to follow our hearts, not to grow outward into the world... but to grow up and away from the world. In so doing, we grow away from something essential to our humanness, to our habitation of this world. We can no longer see or feel  what is within the surface sensory imputs that we recieve; we can no longer experience the luminous with which we are surrounded. We have lost as James Hillman once put it, the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses."  

Stephen Harrod Buhner - from his book plant intelligence and the imaginal world. 

I have always maintained that the pathway back to spirit, to the divine, to God/Goddess is through the body.  What a simple thing it is to remember to be present to our senses and then let our hearts respond fully to the data our senses present to us.. 

But unfortunately when our senses are bombarded with obnoxious sensory overload from a dead and dying world around us , we feel alienated, lonely and a sense of dread and menace can arise. 

ITs so important we dont let this humaness to feel get away from us and so important to do everything we can in each single day to give our senses good, beautiful and living input from the natural realm and a moment to feel it with our hearts. 

I love to feel the wind on my skin, the earth beneath my feet and the warmth of the sun..  I love to consciously be present to all the elements at once and seek out that perfect moment when they feel balanced. Like when you are standing by the ocean or a rushing waterfall feeling the power and nourishment of moving water through the air, while the sun is on your skin and your feet are standing on rock and sand. That is a moment to feel alive and well, to feel infinitely held by all the relations of nature.. 

When do you have these moments? 

When we feel beyond the surfaces that we see and sense the rich metaphysical background of dynamics and relationships, of the living breathing intelligence of the living realm, we sense an aesthetic unity that our own bodies feel deep resonance and kinship with. The structure of the living universe is infinitely mystical and beautiful, its within us and outside of us in mother nature. we owe it to ourselves to seek it out and grow toward it. 

"One day humanity will think it insane to make dead things from living things." Anastasia 

What do you do to nourish your senses and make connection with the living realm? 

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YES!  :-)  And I can see that adding the tag "Barefooting" makes sense?  (says Peg, from Barefoot Creek)  <3

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