Intimate small-group livestreams teaching in-depth techniques for identifying the naturally-encoded optimal career and expression. This will happen using the participants' Natal Charts as examples to be analyzed. The course will be interactive and fun as we holistically deep-dive your optimal work in the world and for Earth.

(3) 2-hour Zoom Gatherings, starting Sunday 8/11 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK, with a 5-minute “tea & wee” break half way through!

Dates: August 11, August 18, August 25

Space Limit: 10 attendees (7 spaces remaining)

Cost: $195


  • You will need to submit your Full Birth Name and Full Birth Data to Erin for chart processing prior to the course start date (*Note: If exact birth time is unknown, a “Sunrise Chart” will be created and used for interpretation. This is an excellent tool for people who do not know their birth time.) You will then be emailed your Natal Chart for review and use during the course gatherings.
  • For this course, please be willing to share your Natal Chart and its detailed interpretations with the group as an example.
  • Of course, make sure you have a reliable internet connection to join the Zoom livestreams! (*Note: If you are unable to join the live gatherings courses, it is no problem. You are welcome to email Erin in advance with your key questions each week and watch the recorded course at a later date.)

"The class yesterday was great! Good pace and explanations!"

"You are a dynamite Teacher, Erin!"

"The class is really interesting!"

"Erin, I so appreciate the approach you take in that you view it and encourage others to use it as an evolutionary resource. I’ve not encountered anyone else that uses it this way…"

The Work:

This is an astrological course but imbued with much more, and uniquely so. Psychology and the organizing principles of living systems both lie at the foundation of this knowledge. The deep holistic understanding of one’s blueprint is the key to whole freedom.

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