Dear Kin

I am just letting you know I am backing up all the site and have a database of your email addresses and content in case something should happen to this site.

It would be terrible to lose connection with you all and the kinship we have built up, if some outside source managed to shut down this site for any reason.

hopefully the financial commitment we have made to keeping the site on line with Ning is some protection..    I had a security breach over xmas which was very disconcerting and now someone is actively having all FB Ringing Cedars groups removed.. 

And if for any reason something happens to this network and we are not able to use the  name RINGING CEDARS -  there are back up options - I have other domains registered and been working on the evolution of the site since its inception, ALL things considered.. 

     I have found Ning very helpful..  

let me know your thoughts..  we may be fine, but I cannot be 100% sure. better to be safe than sorry.

love to all


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I notice that the registrant of the domain name has it pointed to this ning.

It may be prudent to register a less contentious and have it pointed here instead.

Perhaps have some other content at with pointerd to here renamed as

And keep that list of life members' addresses maintained - virtual life's virtual blood.

The impact of Vladimir's image of the cedar crying out to deliver it's gift is compelling but not unique.

yes- I have some good options in the wings  if we need to change the name..     :)

old paradigm runs on money agendas and made-up legalities.. they are not reasonable or considerate of universal law . it is expected for this to happen based on the "nature" of things needing to fulfill their own intentions. .. 

this is Why I went with Ning. it was intended to support community groups from its inception. FB was not.

Everything in the universe is created after its own kind.  all things are parented. all things are conceived in harmony or disharmony with natural law. it is the natural law of creation. Freewill of MAN's thought creates everything.

this year many things will be revealed..    

separate yourself from things that are in disharmony at the same time acknowledging it ALL as aspects of SELF.

Self-fulfilling prophecy of major change is at hand..

'Separate yourself from things that are in disharmony at the same time acknowledging it ALL as aspects of SELF.'  VERY wise words, my friend!  And YES, major fundamental change is at hand.  This month shall not end without some seriously awesome news from several fronts.  All those who choose to move forward/upward shall have the way cleared for them now.  It's been quite an uphill 'battle' for many tedious years, but it's pretty much all 'downhill' from here on out for those among us who have been at this for a while, and fully embrace/absorb/ride the massive waves of cosmic energies washing over our solar system as you read this.  Remember that old water toy called 'Slip 'n' Slide' . . . . ?  YEEEEHAAAAAWWW!!!

Wow!  That sounds awesome.  Count me in!

Maybe we could look at it this way.  Since they are trying too shut down the cite it means we have made the right choices.  Through history they have tried too lure us away from the natural world because there with mother earth and all here lovely species we find ourselves and become strong too strong for them. Why are they not shutting down some of the ET cites. Maybe because they want us too be lured of the earth.   So we should really use this opportunity too overcome our differences and really create som kin comunities together.  After all the problems comming together is based on our selves that are somehow based on the old energy and ilusions. And yes I think they are desperate now they are going down lets strenghten our resolute too build the future.


hmmm, as much as i have seen some people express their frusturations with FB, in seeing this post, i still want a "Like" button :)

Thank you Billa, a good move !!


Bernard walton

Thanks for the heads up Billa <3

Keep the faith the dark forces are putting up a huge fight at the moment because they know they have been defeated and dont like anyone spreading the news of a better world to come.

Peace Derek


Precisely, Derek.  Excellent point!  There is no creature more desperate, or dangerous, than an injured, cornered, vicious animal . . . .  Thank the Multiverse we have some seriously powerful Allies on our side to deal with the worst of them!  However, as Billa pointed out, they are all part of our Grander Self after all, and need healing/love just as much, if not more, than other Aspects of Self.  In La 'Kesh.


Thank you for  your work and devotion...

All blessings and love to you,







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