Dear Kin

I am just letting you know I am backing up all the site and have a database of your email addresses and content in case something should happen to this site.

It would be terrible to lose connection with you all and the kinship we have built up, if some outside source managed to shut down this site for any reason.

hopefully the financial commitment we have made to keeping the site on line with Ning is some protection..    I had a security breach over xmas which was very disconcerting and now someone is actively having all FB Ringing Cedars groups removed.. 

And if for any reason something happens to this network and we are not able to use the  name RINGING CEDARS -  there are back up options - I have other domains registered and been working on the evolution of the site since its inception, ALL things considered.. 

     I have found Ning very helpful..  

let me know your thoughts..  we may be fine, but I cannot be 100% sure. better to be safe than sorry.

love to all


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Thanks Billa, I have noted down your email address. All my love to you x

Wow - this is all very intense.  I get the feeling that it may not have anything to do with the Russians, and everything to do with the dark forces that are controlling -- or at least think they can control -- facebook.  What a bunch of lame buttheads!

I suspect that this ning site will not be at risk, but Billa you are so wise to have found other options if such an atrocity were to happen.  Good for you!!!

My email:

Looking forward to seeing what happens next!  Such intrigue!

we know who it is..  dark forces work in big and little ways, but its all self. all creation..  albeit unconscious or even malicious.    FB is lame anyway...     but at least it helped everyone understand that social networks are powerful.   Thanks Jeanice..     

When I first read that they took off the fb RC pages I felt shocked and angry.  Then I read Billa say that its likely that it is related to the launch of a russian fb rc page.  So I thought about it, and technically, the books are copyrighted, and therefore can establish rights to a trademark  on the phrase/title "Ringing Cedars" and maybe even some derivatives of it.  So if the page was contested by the RC company, FB does open theirselves up to a lawsuit if they leave it up.  

When Vladamir talked with Anastasia's grandpa (or maybe it was great grandpa?), about starting a party/organization grandpa practically laughed at all of the technicalities that Vladamir was considering.  Grandpa explained that it was the idea behind the party that was most important. If you were to start groups on FB and other places, that are based on the principles of the RCseries/Anastasia, the title could be anything, and never run into any legal technicalities (e.g. "Super Garden Bunnies", "Dolmen Dudes", "Circular Cedar Lovers", "The Squirlie Pinenut Shellers" LOL).  You can establish the idea in the website/groups "mission statement" or "About Us".  If it is directly about Ringing Cedars/Anastasia, say it's a Fan page.  There are tons of them out there for celebrities.  In our case, it would be very easy to just call the "RCR" something that respects the integrity of the RC business and the work they put into keeping the integrity of their message, while still honoring the spirit it expresses.  We could do this by starting a new discussion on picking a new title, taking suggestions, for 1 week, and asking Billa to pick her favorite.  At that point, simply register a new domain ($10-$30), and tell NING that you switched the domain name.  Done.  By being proactive about the situation we are witnessing with FB, and applying it to our RCR site, we would avoid any unnecessary conversations, downtime, and frustrations, thus keeping our minds clear and quick.

At this point, its up to Billa to take the next step aside from any other conversations this post might invoke.

Here are the steps in outline form:

1.Pick new name (e.g. start new discussion, and take name suggestions for 1 week.  Then Billa pick favorite.  Why Billa?  I propose her because technically its her site, and after all the leadership she has shown so far with this site, I have enough trust that any name she chooses I will be able to live with it)

2.Purchase new domain name

3.Back up RCR site

4.Go to RCR ning back end and switch domain name

5.Celebrate! <being proactive, using foresight, group collaboration, and becoming a more robust collective)

Thanks Julian!   I have domains already.  thanks yep , that's the plan if necessary..   

and you are right about the trademarks only the people that made the complaint to FB, do not own the Ringing Cedars trademark, so there is more to the story.. nevertheless its all meaningless, what we are really here to do is to find beloveds, connect with earth, create spaces of love and make our own personal power gardens and conceive and birth beautiful babies.    lets get on with it shall we? 

who is moving into a kins domain this year?

:) Thanks for replying. The complaint was from people who don't own it? Hmmm thx for sharing, good to know. 

Hey Billa - so you know who made the complaint?  Who?

I shan't be stirring the hornets nest at this stage...  I need this conversation to go quite now.. just needed all you guys to have a contact and some insight just in case.     thanks.. 

Oh, one more thing to mention.  Starting groups with slightly more discrete names, does provide a little more anonymity on the large scale, and provides a valuable mental exercise:  people searching the group, and learning about it must more seek to understand what the group is really about, instead of just via a generic title. e.g. "I love cookies" yet, not all cookies are created the same, some have msg, some have lots of white sugar/flour, all of which is not so healthy.  Best to read the lable, and when in doubt, make your own... mmmm, raw chocolate/cashew cookies...

Hi folks

You know, all other stuff aside i find this completely fascinating. I mean this is happening all over the internet..if you dont pay lip service to the corporate elite and seek other are physically stopped on your merry way.

But this is good news, as most of us (and hopefully the rest of mankind soon) are waking up at an incredible rate, almost unpresedented and i really do think this highlights the desparate measures "the controlling elite" will go to in an attempt to hide TRUTH from the masses.Or should i say the human race.

You know when i first read Anastasia i put everything into  the past context, when she spoke about the dark forces.... and i didnt really grasp that it exists in the modern day, here and now, but i felt we are still living in the shadows of a past era that were still somehow having an affect.

Wow..amazing things happen once you start to wake up and see things differently, this whole thing is about money and control by the few who feel they NEED to rule over the many.


I agree, lets all get on with this now and not forget to at least be a little fascinated as even the smallest things start to unfold. Bright bright thoughts everyone xx

Love and peace


I agree with anonymity on a large scale... it's been done before and who was the most obscure and anonymous person we read about in the books. She had conflict was within herself as well in regards to the coming out thing... who can be trusted?  There have been other groups who have operated throughout history in secret because of attack torture and annihilation.  All very interesting.

btw... Has anyone seen the movie My Idiot Brother... what an awesome ability he had to love and pull out peoples inherent goodness.

Is this the one you're referring to?






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