Dear Kin

I am just letting you know I am backing up all the site and have a database of your email addresses and content in case something should happen to this site.

It would be terrible to lose connection with you all and the kinship we have built up, if some outside source managed to shut down this site for any reason.

hopefully the financial commitment we have made to keeping the site on line with Ning is some protection..    I had a security breach over xmas which was very disconcerting and now someone is actively having all FB Ringing Cedars groups removed.. 

And if for any reason something happens to this network and we are not able to use the  name RINGING CEDARS -  there are back up options - I have other domains registered and been working on the evolution of the site since its inception, ALL things considered.. 

     I have found Ning very helpful..  

let me know your thoughts..  we may be fine, but I cannot be 100% sure. better to be safe than sorry.

love to all


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Thanks.. I changed the post. I am backing up the site all day today and yes I have an email address attached to a paid domain..  I'll sort that out too.   Thanks everyone!

so many rules and regulations out there strangling any little green shoot of growth... so sad isn't it.

and they get stronger with challenges.  Ginseng, for example, with a greater degree of temperature fluxuation, starts developing more "adaptogens" which is the key benefit of consuming ginseng, namely that it is ataptogenic.  When you take adaptogens, they make you better able to 'adapt'.  The plant, ginseng develops the adaptogens, in face of challenges and needing the ability to adapt.  You can develop more of this quality yourself in the face of challenges, and further develop it by taking adaptogenic herbs, e.g.g ginseng, gynostemma/juglan, ashwaghanda, rhodiola.  Generally, staying alkaline, with lots of green veggie juice also supports staying calm and able in the face of challenges.

thx for the tips, I'll be using those

I am another yourself, and you are another myself.  Each is One. All are One....... In Mayan tradition, there is a greeting that many people working with Mayan wisdom know of. ....... It is the law of In Lak'ech Ala K'in, which means I am another yourself ......(A modern day interpretation).....It also means "I am you, and you are me "……….

I believe the changes coming are entirely positive, but fear will cause disruptions. The idea is that those who have stayed awake and know what is going on will have a joyful experience, whereas those asleep or dead will have a fearsome, stressful purification by (symbolic) fire." ...............

 The following is quoted from "The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys Of Enoch," pages V and VI:

"Beyond the circuitries of our body and mind, we enter the higher dimensions of thought- form creativity and operate as One with the Eternal Mind of the I AM. For this reason, the Keys are to be experienced simultaneously on all seven levels of form and Divine Form - from the subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, paraphysical and the superluminal aspects of the revealing nature of the Shekinah. The Shekinah (Divine) Presence, the Feminine aspects of the Godhead, exists in all creative orderings of all dimensions, and is the Power through which we are respatialized to partake of the 'virgin birth' of our embyro godself. .......This is the 'Age of the Holy Spirit' - where the Bride and Creator become one, creating a new peoplehood of trinitized powers who are the 'bearers' of the higher Christed seed unfolding life anew by virtue of this greater union that is without dualistic separation."


 Praying all humankind will find in this time a simple positive message.



@Shany:  While the movement is tainted with old paradigm thinking, remember Vladimir represented the Attitude of 80% of people on the planet, we have to seek to evolve and build upon the gifts we have received from the pristine messages of Anastasia People DO need to be paid for their time and efforts for work done in life and there is nothing wrong with abundance when its win win win for all involved. but when it begins to pool energy into one place without being part of a whole flow of abundance, then things stagnate and that is what is happening here. it also happens when people do not feel abundant enough to support the flow of this site.  

We here at La Joya Del Sol , as custodians of pristine springs and many  sacred watefalls have adopted the term for our growing tribe as "keepers of the sacred flow" - or "guardianes del flujo sagrado"

I think that is a good intention for us ALL to have when thinking upon anything to do with money. see it as flow, be discerning of its use and keep the flow sacred and the sacred flow flowing.   Life must flow , life must expand, life must create in harmony with all itself!   Lets be responsible for OUR OWN lifestyles and check where all OUR flows are going and BE the change, be the sacred flow!

oh and BTW, in the background (I am guessing the same) people are trying to register my domain of ringingcedarsrevolution in Asia to flog products there and capitalize on the hard work and co-creation of this space of integrity that was created to further Anastasia vision for our Earth.

At the present time, some people choose to exercise a copyright, for maintaining the integrity of a work.  e.g. if you published a book, called "ringing cedars" and so did I and several other people, it would be difficult for a 3rd person to know which one really is the one from Anastasia.   As a result, five different people might find theirselves disagreeing about what the book is about, when they actually did read different versions.  They would only know this when they compared versions and saw they were in fact different.  The internet now changes lots of these dynamics, like on this RCR post.  Everyone can see the threads, and who wrote what.

In the future, as people write their own personal journeys, keeping a book of kin, you will be able to share your own experience, and coupled with Anastasias style of raising children (letting them do their thing, and not interrupting their thought), they will be able to verify on their own the truth of anything they are told by testing/experimenting.  We can do this now, but many people with jobs, and 'sad' diets, makes it difficult to muster enough energy to follow through with the thoughts and process to do so.  At least, this is all how I see it.

It sounds like corporate greed at work again. Stay in the light everyone. Don't get drawn into anger but find alternative solutions. I am quite upset that the FB page has gone.

   A slightly different topic- but Take a deep breath-----

 Must Watch-----  on you tube- ---     

"She's Alive...Beautiful...Finite...Hurting...Worth Dying For"


(Sorry i couldn't get the link to paste in}

I've passed it along.Thanks Bernard. :)

Very powerful, thanks for sharing Bernard.






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