I hope you folks do not mind me posting a technical question but when I visit this site, the front page is unbearably slow in loading. It seems that the source of the bottleneck is " (advertising). Is it just me?


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Mark, I have the same problem... slow loading to the point of not wanting to visit at times when I am running other things. I thought it had something to do with the music. Can you tell I'm not a techie?

I do have a slow connection anyway so I thought it was just me.
mmm.. I'm not a techie either.. there's an awful lot of media to be loaded on the front page, and all over the site in general, its a big media site... on a fast internet its fine.. it will most likely always be slow on slow connections.. its been like this since the beginning..

as for the advertising, there isnt any.. so not sure what that is about..

will look into it..

thanks Billa
It's the music.
Or not! :~)
Something got fixed anyway - and the page, with music loads ok now. Well done ning.
agreed.....the music was saved!! front page loads fast!! Thanks Billa.
oh I didnt see this, but I had only taken one movie off before you posted this comment and now I have taken the other one, should be even faster.. let me know..
Seems faster to me too! Even the photos... love it... you are priceless Billa!
Yes very slow loading front page.
ok - soon I will do some editing and take some of the media off the front page and we'll see how that goes...
Thanks to all that have replied. I agree with David that it is the music player. If I may suggest placing another catergory for music at the top and locate the player in that page. Those that would like to listen could always "pop" the player out. Or configure it, if possible, to not load unless clicked on. I do from time to time enjoy the music. Sorry for bringing the party down :(
I'm with you guys.... Love music, but love a bit of speed... and choice.

Still.... so much good music has to go somewhere if not front page... I've really enjoyed it... when I have the time.
Btw mentioned the music as being the source in the first are a techie!!






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