I recently lost my job due to the restructuring of the company I was working for. Along with most people on this forum, I dream of living a sustainable life on my future kins domain. As I am not quite at that point yet and still have to earn money to pay for the necessities of living, I am looking for a new career. I have worked as a boat builder for the past 12 years, and as well as the work being back breaking, I no longer wish to partake in any earth damaging practices in the name of building super yachts for the elite.

I have been racking my brain for a type of job that will bring happiness through either doing something good for other people or the earth, whilst at the same time earning a respectable wage so that I may afford to purchase a plot of land for my future kin. Jobs which fit into these categories are not easy to come by, so I was wondering whether anyone on here may have any ideas which fit this description, or other avenues I may not have thought of. I would be very greatful and welcoming of any suggestions or ideas.




I'd like to experiment here with four questions,  if everyone replying to this discussion could take the time to answer......along with their reply.... it will be an interesting harvest.... :)


What do I have to offer?

What do I need that others or nature could possibly provide support with?

What is my long term Vision in a sentence?

What is the next immediate step?

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I would like to envision for this entire kinship to be able to make at least a part-time income by promoting the Ringing Cedars Books and igniting the hope and inspiration that we have all experienced and repeating that formula the world over.. (well at least the English speaking world..) 


  we have some ideas on how to do that...we wonder who is behind the bright thoughts and connections that manifest in such magical ways... but clearly it is the Creator working in mysteriously magical ways... if we but listen....


I wonder how many people would like to make some ethical income right now sharing what they love and value with others ??  it will help transform the market economy to a gift economy which is far more emulating of our ancestors and nature .... this beautiful global kinship we can be the ones to pioneer it, for we all have a  shared vision that is clear and bright enough to anchor such a transitional strategy on behalf of all the planet.


anyone interested to know more and have any bubbling ideas on the same lines??


love love love!  only bright thoughts here thanks... no time for negativity, only bright thoughts are fast enough to work faster than the speed of light and align with creations dream at this crucial time on the planet..  ready set go!!

I'm IN, Billa!  I have the time, the desire, the motivation, AND the knowledge (both Old Earth and New Earth).  I also have over 15 years' experience 'making ends meet' in a foreign country with zero income from outside sources.  I am totally open to helping others find their way to true sovereignty -- in ALL aspects of life.

thank you! stay in touch of course!

I am also in transition, with so many ideas on how I can change how I am occupying my time.  I envision my time as precious, wanting to use it in the most positive, uplifting manner I can.  Nothing makes me feel better than to share the love I feel coming to me from so many sources.  The Ringing Cedars Series seems to have triggered me into a state of action, acting on what I know, instead of stuck in a helpless state of dreaming.  But, I am understanding also how important it is to BE and to THINK as we are Thinking Beings and how important it is to have the thoughts that can lead myself and ALL to BE in the dream that we would delight in.

If there is any way I can share this, even as I simplify to a state of knowing all I need and could ever want is here, now, I couldn't be happier. 

I currently bring up some of what Anastasia says in her books in our Gardening classes, but that is just a drop in the bucket.  Soon, I will have a Center here that will encompass ALL that one could hope for in guiding and supporting ALL who long for a thriving life...

:-) and ♥ to you Billa, thanks for holding up the light for us to see!


I want to know more and will think much more and share my ideas....


I'm in too...... To get the RC books into as many peoples hands as possible is important.

I have a bubbling thought too ;) 

My beloved husband is not a fan of reading and i am sure there are Many others like him. He has issues with dyslexia and firmly believes that he has never learnt anything from a book..... I have had a very difficult time trying to pass the information from the books on to him.

It has often come into my thoughts that it could be very helpful for many people if the books could be Listened to.

I would love to know if any Kin has any experience with this. I guess there would be some small hurdles to jump right over, but with such great minds, together I have no doubt we could make this happen.

Waiting with joy and excitement to hear any ideas!!

Gabbi x


Hi Gabbi, I was struggling with the same thing. My partner is not a big reader, but we do enjoy watching inspiring videos together, so I bought the set of DVD Talks by Leonid Sharashkin. You will see them at the bottom of the page at the link below.




We are really enjoying watching them, and Leonid also comes from a scientific background which makes his talks sound less airy fairy and more practical which may resonate with your husband a little better. They don't have the same energy that comes from reading the books, but its a good way to get some of the key messages across :-)

Have you thought of a home based business?


Someone I know is doing this one: http://www.joyissuccess.com



Please buy all these valuable booklets for the answers

Thank you


I am also in transition of changing careers.  I have had a home based business serving others.  I found that this income is not dependable for 12 months of the year.  It takes at least 3 years to get off the ground before you can consider profit.  To survive from lean existance during the 3 years is a struggle.  You are very much labor based and creative with your hands.  Don't rack your brains (the brain seems to be there to record and observe; and remind us to breath), I think it is the heart we are to listen to.  Interesting, I understand it is our faith in trusting the Universe that is the greatest stretch.  Here is a tool I wish to share with you.   Meditate. Later;  Pen and paper, ask yourself this question:  What does my new job look like?   Use your weak hand to write the question:   Then allow your strong hand to answer and don't worry about spelling or grammer.  Write until there is nothing more to write.  Being in a 'nature' setting is beneficial.  Be in nature every day.  May this help you.  Then only apply or look for jobs with those qualities.  This new ideal job is something you may not have 'thought' of.  :)    I am doing this process as we speak.  Keep in touch.

awesome Ainslie... thank you.. 

Wow, beautiful response Ainslie, and absolutely fabulous ideas.  I myself have relocated to precisely such a place that you mention towards the last part of your post -- a wonderful, tiny rural town that is just ripe for developing into a truly sustainable holistic community.  It is mostly populated by no more than 4 or 5 extended families and in-laws, almost everybody grows at least some of their own food, and if they accept you into their midst (which they have with us), you will never need to worry about going hungry again. 

  I agree that Spirit is guiding us in this manner -- that instead of pushing so hard to establish somewhat restrictive and challenging 'intentional' communities, that those of us who can (and that's really most of us in reality) simply work at helping to inform and convert our existing local communities into self-assisting, self-supporting, joyfully sharing 'islands of the future' (as one old 'new age' book put it over 20 years ago).  I hope that more of us Co-Creators/Lightworkers out there jump into this rapidly growing movement towards local sustainability/sovereignty, and help guide those less informed towards a much grander and abundant future.

Working with full gratitude for what we already have, and exploring, learning, forging the ways behind the  ways of collaborating, sharing wisdom and resources, watering the goodness and composting the less natural/harmonious false elements, gardening the reality we see all around us.... we can create anything we dream of, it is universal law..  as we sow, so shall we reap.. full creative potential is with us all right this moment, like never before.. 


Community is a natural state of being, love and cooperation is a natural state of being. we witness it everywhere in nature.. Nature is pure divine cooperation and symbiosis..  everything complementing everything else in perfect order.. can we create such a thing..  let us define our gifts and seek to share them to enhance each others gifts.. none of us can exist in abundance and joy without being in harmony with the whole.

If we were to use this discussion to catalyse a mass co-creative, collaborative design and effort to create transitional incomes for as many as possible, what gifts do we each have to share??

start with what we have already got, dream the highest dream and then map out the pathway between the two...  ready set go!






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