I recently lost my job due to the restructuring of the company I was working for. Along with most people on this forum, I dream of living a sustainable life on my future kins domain. As I am not quite at that point yet and still have to earn money to pay for the necessities of living, I am looking for a new career. I have worked as a boat builder for the past 12 years, and as well as the work being back breaking, I no longer wish to partake in any earth damaging practices in the name of building super yachts for the elite.

I have been racking my brain for a type of job that will bring happiness through either doing something good for other people or the earth, whilst at the same time earning a respectable wage so that I may afford to purchase a plot of land for my future kin. Jobs which fit into these categories are not easy to come by, so I was wondering whether anyone on here may have any ideas which fit this description, or other avenues I may not have thought of. I would be very greatful and welcoming of any suggestions or ideas.




I'd like to experiment here with four questions,  if everyone replying to this discussion could take the time to answer......along with their reply.... it will be an interesting harvest.... :)


What do I have to offer?

What do I need that others or nature could possibly provide support with?

What is my long term Vision in a sentence?

What is the next immediate step?

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I would also like to say that I want to be involved in the distribution of books.

I spent an hour last night posting what I have to offer/what I need/where I'm going etc., and then somehow hit a button that put me back on the home page, and I lost the whole post!  Being one of the ones who has consciously held and expanded light for the past 30 plus years to help us get to this point, it is very gratifying to see all of you younger lightworkers going faster than the speed of light, networking to move us all into sustainability.  In Perpetuity.  For me, that is the part of Anastasia's message that is so important.  We need to know we have our homes in perpetuity in order to have the freedom and stability to truly achieve sustainability.  Whether it is a hectare or more, or whether it is an apartment with a rooftop garden, it is about knowing our efforts will not be lost.  We can help to heal our small space of love on Mother Earth, and then that small space will help to heal us.........and we are giving that gift to our children, our children's children, in perpetuity.  That is such a message of hope!

Great Carol.. you are exactly right..  there is so much to do to get to the point of many many people understanding what you have just said here..    stay tuned and we'll be sure to let everyone know how we can get the message out!  xxx

This is awesome Carol.. could you also post it in the Ancient wisdoms and Traditions group..  that would be fantastic!!!    thank you for this! I am in full support of this as we bring forth our traditional wisdoms into our daily sacred lives..  xxxx

Thank you all for the inspiration and love! The apache tear story was epic! I keep getting the same answer everytime I sit out next to my tree. Take care of yourself Jaesi and focus on being that person you want to be. Be the light. And let me tell ya, you guys are all contagious with inspiration! Billa, your just super awesome! Your confidence makes my worrying sound so silly lol.

I also remember the goddess spouse story in the books as well as the sick rich man story. Our thoughts do affect others, so may they be bright and loving.

Transitional Occupation Creation  -   well, I realise I am in the same boat, but my transitional occupation involves supporting the creation of many many new occupations in harmony with Spirit occupying our daily lives..   bring it on !

I Love this site! Thank you everyone for all your input! :)

We are so grateful for everything you are doing Billa Xo

Brilliant Idea!!  Community Mortgages

Has anyone come across this idea before?  Beautiful creative win-win solutions for this transitional occupation


Here's a trailblazing Calgary, Alberta couple who were renting a home, had created a permaculture garden with urban chickens and host workshops teaching low impact sustainable living and much much more and then when the landlord wanted to sell the property they came up with the idea to cut out the bank - they now pay interest to friends, family and business associates who invested in their property instead.

I'm so inspired!!


Yes, the community mortgages are a wonderful thought to develop.

I don't know if this is the best place to share this link, but............


Radical Joy for Hard Times is about bringing beauty to wounded places, which is something that can be part of our transition, part starting where we are.






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