I recently lost my job due to the restructuring of the company I was working for. Along with most people on this forum, I dream of living a sustainable life on my future kins domain. As I am not quite at that point yet and still have to earn money to pay for the necessities of living, I am looking for a new career. I have worked as a boat builder for the past 12 years, and as well as the work being back breaking, I no longer wish to partake in any earth damaging practices in the name of building super yachts for the elite.

I have been racking my brain for a type of job that will bring happiness through either doing something good for other people or the earth, whilst at the same time earning a respectable wage so that I may afford to purchase a plot of land for my future kin. Jobs which fit into these categories are not easy to come by, so I was wondering whether anyone on here may have any ideas which fit this description, or other avenues I may not have thought of. I would be very greatful and welcoming of any suggestions or ideas.




I'd like to experiment here with four questions,  if everyone replying to this discussion could take the time to answer......along with their reply.... it will be an interesting harvest.... :)


What do I have to offer?

What do I need that others or nature could possibly provide support with?

What is my long term Vision in a sentence?

What is the next immediate step?

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ha ha!!!! didn't even think of that!!! !!!    LOL!!! 

finally I said something that raised a response from you Mama!!


So this is what has  been birthing all this time!!   LOL! xx

wahooooo!!  I love it when this moment comes... this is the energy that seeded this site 3 years ago... what a journey to get to this next point!! thank you everyone.. yep! let's get gardening..  a major social engineering project is about to roll out!

Billa, I'm in! Please let me know if you would like any help designing any posters, marketing material etc. I would love to put some creativity into this wonderful cause. X

That's a great idea Marleny! I'll think on it too.

Sending out an sos lol...

Wow, I'm surprised of all that came out of this thread. I just had another idea that I had to throw out here. I was thinking for us young couples who are ready to go find their space of love. We could go out to the land or go join a community OR we could get a space in town like an empty parking lot that is just sitting there wasting away and tear up the cement to use for the foundation of our home and whatever other uses and build our little piece of paradise that the town can see and be inspired by. I kind of imagine it being a tactic of starting domains and gardens outside of the cities and pushing them further into the cities. Just an idea.

This is something I want to do and the major thing that is slowing me is my husband. He won't read the books either, but I do like the idea of making them available for listening. I always talk about it and tell him what I'm learning, but he converts it all into crazy hippy stuff. He has agreed to live on land with me, but he wants that to be far in the future and he wants a modern home with all the conveniences. This is what i'm always asking when I'm out in nature, how do I satisfy my eagerness to live like anastasia as I wait for him to be inspired? Will he ever be inspired?

Jaesi!!   That's a great idea and its not that far-fetched now that people are protesting foreclosures and having them reversed..  its 'paving' the way for a whole bunch of sovereignty concepts of taking back motherland.

its actually entirely manufactured the notion of "State owned land"  - the state only exists to serve the people, administrate society on behalf of the people. so the legal system can fully support the will of the people, when enough people stand together and also know their rights.  I am really excited about what Occupy has catalysed..


"To “Occupy” = to dwell or reside within, take possession of,
to be fully ‘present’ in, and responsible for, a physical space."

There is plenty of people that understand sovereign rights,the notion of freedom and the birth right to have/dwell upon the land.. to be in right relationship with nature, without a middle man)   but there hasnt been enough people standing for that.  now there is.. all things are possible in this now..

Basically everything that could be done probably already has been done, but in secret, in private, on the fringe. like I mean , someone has probably already successfully claimed some unused land and created a home, but its not going to be advertised now is it..  so as we bring all these ideas into the public arena now that demonstrate, prove and act on our birth right to live in harmony with nature, we will find the examples and models.. 


so thanks for planting that seed into the garden of possibility and I suggest to make a new conversation in the kins domains group to create the image and help the idea come alive and connect to resources out there.. we'll gestate a bunch of stuff here on RCR and then sprout it out into the wider world through seedsofsolutions..

see how magnificent we are!!


We are in a time of new dreaming for the Earth, cosmically everything is possible and its only a matter of time and process that society will go through a major change now.. its inevitable.

A couple of things from Einstein:


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle... 

So what I am emphasising here is the science of imagery that Anastasia talks about is exactly what the Ancient Aborginal people of Australia talk about as the dreamtime... we will look back at this time as the dreamtime. When we dreamed a new dream.. 


Einstein: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used ...


so Dream the highest dream,

believe in all sorts of miracles ( I am living proof)

know that all of the universe is ready to cooperate

know that you will be backed up by sovereign law which will defeat the illusory structures that have dominated

trust that everything needed to make it happen will come forth from many different and unexpected angles.

know that we will be doing our best to support everyones gifts to come forward and dreams to come true.


Share your seeds, shine your light.. lets go!


if you get an idea, have a look in the group list and start a discussion in the relevant area - we are looking to you guys for the source of pure, bright thoughted inspirations because that's the seed Anastasia has sparked off in all of us and its these pure thoughts that will light wildfires out there because peoples hearts and spirits will FEEL them..  these are the seeds we want to plant into the occupy momentum...      this transmutes and defeats the forces that have controlled things with peace and magic!  so we can do this transition with grace and joy !


go for it Jaesi - and the light within you will light your man's fire.. be the example..  be passionate, inspired, and active - it will become contagious!



Great appreciation to all you Beautiful Sisters and Brothers here on RCR and for all of your Bright Thoughts indeed!!  And most especially unending appreciation to Billa for your stunningly beautiful dedication, courage and the ever-shining, warm and enveloping unconditional Love that is felt so deep within my Being that I am more often than not moved to tears of joy each time I read your messages.   

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!   I fully, whole-heartedly support this movement and am excited to continue to ride this wave of Love to return to wholeness, peace and harmony with each other and our Beloved Mother Earth.  I'd be honoured to help in any way I can in my corner of the world in Canada.  It is already a cherished gift to feel like I am a part of co-creating our New Earth and I would also be interested to receive some ethical income right now sharing what I love and value with others.  

I am so relieved to hear from others who are sharing similar stories to me of their current transitional state. Even though I have been dreaming, planning, researching to co-create our family's paradise on earth overseas in France since reading the series almost 2 years ago (and really what my Beloved husband and I have dreamt and planned for over 20 years).. now it really feels so strong to me that the time right now is for me and our family (we have four children) to blaze the way of how to transition with ease and grace (and JOY!) by creating a shining space of love where we are now as our transitional step.  We currently rent a home in the city (Calgary, AB) - embedded deep in the oil and gas capital of Canada, in the midst of the apathy, surrounded by consumerism galore and a population that is mostly in an illusory protected bubble from the consequences of their actions (that was me too before!) and yet, even though I yearn to establish our kin's domain in perpetuity in France (or even in B.C.), I feel soooo much Love and Compassion and Deep Respect for all the precious land here locally that aches to be touched and cherished and cared for and also for all the people here in the city that perhaps unknowingly would love to be recognized for the glorious Divine Beings they are and feel real true connection with the Great Creator within and within all of creation.  

So, I keep being reminded of Anastasia sharing of our responsibility to help clean-up and restore balance within the cities as well and for me this dream is also to somehow magically weave fun and joy and play into this glorious celebration of life that is unfolding!!!

Since 11:11, I've now been dreaming more and more of how to start here exactly where I am and co-create more connection and celebration between neighbours on my street (who don't usually speak much with each other) by perhaps coordinating decorating the public green space in the middle of the street together over the holidays, community potlucks, childminding for each other, freecycling, sharing resources, etc.and expand outwards from there to inspire gardening together, sharing surplus with each other and more and more gifting, bartering and exchanges.  Such small ideas yet foundational nonetheless and perhaps key to really reach the mainstream society.

I haven't implemented any of these ideas yet and in the past I have very much been more like another sister who commented about not normally being involved in politics or in the public eye, and keeping more to myself so I am ever grateful for the inspiration and courage here on this site to take action.  I've been taking action everyday though, but I've been focusing more on walking the talk for myself and within our family and implementing more sustainable, ethical ways of being for ourselves first.  Now's the time to share it though!

Also in sharing with others, I agree with Billa that we need to be full of care with our wording and share in more clear easily understandable terms to make this movement real and concrete, practical and simple, using terminology to be easily understood by the general public.  Using the term I've heard here of "family food gardens" feels more attainable, happy and joyful and also using "sustainable living", "ethical living" I feel are less likely to be dismissed than unfamiliar references for the majority of the population about "permaculture" or "kin's domains" or "eco-villages" even and I believe also appeals to a more metropolitan crowd and avoids any connotation of struggle (like with "homesteading"), scarcity, being isolated from society, or any hippie or cult-like connection.

What are others thoughts and feelings here on wording and simple transitional steps?

Profound Love and Appreciation to All!



Hi Wendy,


I love your ideas based around the community, and they have inspired me to consider them for the little mountain village that I live in too. All the common terms you used are great too, and I think will be easily understood by most people. Cleaning up our cities reminded me of an image I saw recently of a green highrise building. I couldn't find the exact image again, but I found one of similar concept.

Hi Miranda, so great to connect with you!  Love the image - so strong and full of vibrant life. Thank-you for sharing it!  It reminds me of other images I have seen too.. I'm going to look them up again for inspiration.

I also wanted to thank-you for your suggestion to Jaesi and Gabbi of watching the videos - it is so helpful for me as well to share with my husband.  I 'm going to look them up again.

It has been quite a journey together shifting over the past 2 years and in excitement, i would share too much information with him from the books which he resisted...  it wasn't until I actually implemented the ideas slowly and gently within our current environment, stopped talking so much about it and actually doing some of it (ie: planting seeds, worm composting, reducing/eliminating waste, refusing to buy so many products and making our own (personal care and cleaning products), eating more raw, and even implementing a simple makeshift greywater system (with a collecting bucket/bowl in the sink)... that he and I moved more into peace about the changes and watching inspiring videos together has been way more helpful in opening communication too..

Love & Blessings!

Wendy, I agree that I think the way to connect Anastasias ideas with most people is through doing rather than talking. I have a dream of my future Kins domain, and that one summer afternoon, I hold a garden party with all my friends and family. I imagine them finding tranquility, peace and happiness in our space, they feel nourished from the food they eat from our garden, and they go away with a new perspective and reassess the values in their life. I gently tell them that the inspiration for all this came from a wonderful series of books called 'The Ringing Cedars'.

the joy in my heart is rising with each word I read from all your precious, inspired hearts..  THANK YOU! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jaesi,


I just shared this with Gabbi, but thought it might be relevant to you too, because I was struggling with the same thing. My partner is not a big reader, but we do enjoy watching inspiring videos together, so I bought the set of DVD Talks by Leonid Sharashkin. You will see them at the bottom of the page at the link below.




We are really enjoying watching them, and Leonid also comes from a scientific background which makes his talks sound less airy fairy and more practical which may resonate with your husband a little better. They don't have the same energy that comes from reading the books, but its a good way to get some of the key messages across :-)






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