Update from Billa - Northern California, Coming To Florida 6th December, Occupy Earth!!

hi Everyone,

Within Reach Bringing Hope From the Southwest - Music: All Coming D... from Ryan Mlynarczyk on Vimeo.


Well my time in California is coming to an end as I head off to Central America to immerse myself back into nature and eco-community (and warmth)...

My time here in Northern California has been the most socially rewarding time of my life..  to meet so many beautiful Ringing Cedars kin and join in their days and their ways as well as my new Gaia friends who are all doing wonderful work for the Earth in many different ways.. 


Where I come from in Australia, it is the place of Rainbows..  the Rainbow Region... Northern California is the place of Flowers..  Everyday the spirit of this place is seen in the beauty and vitality of so many flowers and the bright spirits of the people here..    I always loved the song "When you go to San Francisco, you're going to where some flowers in your hair, and meet some gentle people there.."

It has been exactly my experience, a dream fulfilled and overflowed with the love of brothers and sisters who will travel with me in my heart for all my days.. 


So many highlights!!    and for the whole time I didn't have a camera until two days ago and I am so sorry that I have not been able to share all the magic that has taken place.. 


The Shasta Gathering with beloved RC Kin, Big Bend hot springs, Ottitewa emerging kins domain, the Redwood Teahouse with our Brothers In Berkeley, Fairfax with Tess and Spencer, RDI/GAIA family at Bolinas, Bioneers Inspiration, Visiting Occupy, dancing, walking the streets picking flowers and foraging for figs, the Spiral Dance on Halloween and visiting our dear friends and publishers of the Ringing Cedars Series - Val and Bruce at Lake Tahoe....  and recently the Occupy Earth summit in SF and Berkeley..

Thank you Finnpo for making much of the connections happen, Roxy for your true sisterhood and for Enzo taking good care of me in the Big City..  Emily for taking care of practicalities with mastery and holding it all together while I traverse in mysterious ways..   I love you. Couldnt have done it without you.. 


There was a mighty big request to visit Florida while I was here and I couldnt see how it could happen, but Spirit has provided!  I have one full day in Florida next week on my way to San Jose and I know its short notice but spirit has a way of making things possible..  so if anyone is wanting to gather I am flying into Fort Lauderdale very very early and leaving very very late..   picnic in a park?

If it chimes in with any ones elses pathway for that day, I would love to see you !

let me know!


We are excited to launch OccupyEarth in its basic form..  and the intention is to help give the occupy movement better connections within itself and steer the momentum and attentions  towards a positive, regenerative vision for One Hectare for Every willing person..  We have seeded it and now we ask you to help us water and fertilize that seed with the same vibes and bright ideas that we have here, its our time to be wayshowers..   through our bright thoughts and imagery..

BioSpiritual Permaculture has now been given Eagle wings to fly since my time with the horses in New Mexico and seeding sacred intentions with my Friend and co-creator Spencer Nielsen... stay tuned for more on that...   away we go into 2012 with bright visions and clear goals for the next stage!


well, Love to everyone.. the next phase begins..   slowly we turn the Earth.. there is much to do as always and I wish there were 10 of me, and yet with deep faith in spirit and love in my heart, somehow it all works out just perfect..


Bright thoughts to all,

If you are in Florida let me know!


love Billa

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A beautiful heart-felt post - I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in our wonderful region. There are some really conscious people who are just under the radar of commerce and business here. I live here in SF, and definitely resonate with the idea of northern California being the place of Flowers - I see this every day. We live not far from the Bay(we can see it from our rooftop). Love your photos you took too. I used to live across town in the area of all the murals too. All the very best on your continuing journey!

Lots of Love and Blessings on your travels and your beautiful work!

Ann Settino


Oh Ann! you are an inspiration and Thank you so much for going for your dreams and bringing me along with you!


I love you!   xxx

I can feel the energy shifting too Billa. Very exciting times...

Hi Billa, 


Please let me know where you're staying and if we can connect and if you need me to pick you up from the airport!! 

I'm pretty close and not working at the moment!

Joanna S. 

Billa, you've touched many Kin's hearts on your journey with your light. From your emotional parting from Australia to the loving souls who greeted you with open hearts and gave everyone's life more meaning, I thank you all.

Now I hear how deeply you need rest and reconnection to Source. Jewel of the Sun here in Costa Rica is here to provide you with that rejuvenation, and am so honored you are coming. Other fellow kin who will be here, will understand and give comfort and help make your  tropical tranquility tingle with rays of light like the Jewel of the Sun that you are. Blessings on your journey and I'm so looking forward to see you soon and providing your needed nurture nest.... : ) Fellow Kin Eric 

Namaste...  that water is calling me , to be sure!   xxx

Hari OM!!


Namaste group Kin, bros and sistars, People of all flavours, beings from all places, Greetings to Creation, far and wide, near and inside! ....

Billa your American adventure sounds amazing!!  ...

Incredible to hear how the floodgates of happiness, hard work and light are swinging open, offering up all the opprtunities to travel, meet, learn and enjoy.   Your beautiful big smile is so,   ,,,, beautiful!   I feel it right now, right here in my heart ... and as we venture forth each new day, this cosmic giggle spreads and enlightens.

We have been  meeting many rainbow brothers and sisters too ,,,   the world is full of friends!

All the best for the rest of your travels, xxx     Occupy Earth ... wow these seeds are sprouting!!!!!   It feels PERFECT.

Really really looking forward to meeting up with you,   ....     lots and lots of Love everyone  :):):)  

Greetings and crystal prayers from Mama Ganga   ;)


x K



I always love your bright energy and words Katie....       you have joy running through your veins !   big kiss for you... bright blessings on your journey... xxx

Billa..thank you for this..


I have posted the Occupy earth link onto the occupy lsx live stream this morning..this is just what we need.

I dont know where you get the energy..but im liking it lol xx


Feeling bright shiny new thoughts..exciting xx

Oh Billa... my heart just bursts with joy!....I have many bright thoughts & feelings..especially to hear of such wonderfilled experiences for you &  with other such wonderful souls & such wonderful work being done..thankyou for sharing.. Such a wonderful time to be here..i have invisioned these days....& am so happy to be in the fast flowing river. One day soon we shall see many places/spaces dripping with flowers & leafy green trees & Happiness shall be Normality. Great Spirit/God shall after all this time have proven his word to be true..That no matter how cleverly  forces work to make us worship them, that it would never achieve turning our love away from our father The great Spirit & his thoughts..our great mother Earth & our great Family co-created together. Jah lives in us & we no it & have One love-One light, it's one life.. many blessings to you.

Namaste and bright blessings to you Dear ONES..  xxx






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