Hello beautiful souls,

I am part of a group who is co-creating an intentional community in Northland. We have been journeying together for a year now, dreaming, visioning, connecting, building trust, learning, becoming bolder and more grounded.

Anastasia inspired some of our journeys but we are not likely to implement prescriptions from the books. Nevertheless lots of the ideas found in the books are permeating many aspects of what we are about. But have a look for yourself if you feel interested at



Any comments and feedback appreciated.

Love to you all out there and happy creating!


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Very cool Bastian !!  Thanks for letting us know you're doing this.  Where abouts in Northland are you and where approximately are you visioning for the community to be?

Namaste ~  Bron

Hi Bronwyn, I am still living my gypsy life, meaning I am all over the place. But this will change soon...as for community land, we are looking at Northland in general, although we have a few favourite areas, but the land will find us I have no doubt. Sorry, cant be precise or narrow down the area since we simply are not there yet.

Blessings, Bastian

I've had convos with 2 or 3 people in this group who are interested in land in either Coromandel or Northland.  I hope they see your discussion here Bastian and come chat with you soon  : )

Hello Bastian,

My medium to longer-term intention is to be a member of a community like this.

I have looked thru your website, and I like what you are saying.  :)

I would prefer Coromandel rather than Northland.

I will keep in touch and would love to come and meet you guys sometime.

Much love to you all,






Hi Peter, thx for your reply and interest. If you wanna be kept in touch of whats happening the easiest way is to sign up to our newsletter here: http://www.co-creation.org.nz/about-us/news-subscription.html.

Get back to us when you want to connect. We can always have a call or get together depending on where you are.



Hi Peter, I'd be interested in a 'road trip' to go see Bastian and share expenses...  let me know when you're planning to do it  :D
Oooh! Ooooh! Oooh! I have ALWAYS wanted to create a space of love in Northland! Do you reckon I could despite being a student with limited funds??? :-D
Hi Bastian, very exciting. When you are more sure of the details please pass them onto me and I will list them on my site: http://ringingcedarscommunities.blogspot.com/ Wishing you ALL THE BEST

Hello People,


My partner and I are interested to be part of a supportive Neighbour hood/ Kin Domain.

We would love to be in the Coromandel, especially Thames/ Kaueranga Valley - its secluded but has good infrastructure not to far away. Property prices are high though.

Northland is great and can be way cheaper.

Cheers & have a great day!


Adi & Rai



Hey Bastian!

hehehe, I have just looked at your site ,.... how is it going??

I studied at Taruna in 2009, and dear Joc was our NVC master!!!!!!!  

We will be settling in Oz .... but will always be coming back to Aotearoa for big long lovely family and friend visits ... we would love to come and meet you guys oneday!  

Big hugs and kisses , and if Jocy remembers me, Katie Dold, from the education course 2009 - say a big hello to her!!

Good luck! and happy times ................. xx 







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