I contacted the The Ringing Cedars Press customer services to see whether they will be bringing The Ringing Cedars Series Workshop by Dr Leo Sharashkin to New Zealand. Dr Sharashkin is the publisher and editor of the English translations of the books. Details on the workshop is here and it just looks amazing! http://www.ringingcedars.com/workshops

I was told that there were no plans to come to New Zealand at this time as the number of guaranteed attendees is just not high enough. So, I asked them if I managed to get enough people interested, would they consider it and the answer was yes!

They will need 30-40 confirmed, so if you are in New Zealand and have any interest at all, please let me know!

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Hello Tira,

Yes, I have an interest! Count me as "confirmed", as long as the workshop is in the upper North Island, I will be there!

All the best with everything,
Hi Tira, this is Bella of Lower Hutt. You have 4 confirmed but could be 6. Cheers Bella
Hi Tira
I have only just joined this group. But I'll definitely be interested so you can count me in!
I am also looking for readers in Auckland who would like to get together for discussions, talks etc
Yes, I'm interested! Count me in!






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