After 7 years we are ready in the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia in the Bellingen region for Ecovillages and Eco cottage facilities as well as an Eco Retreat & Learning centre.  

Launching interest at and a January 2016 SPACE OF LOVE GATHERING.

If this resonates with you, come along in January.  Join our BE e-NEWS and our growing activities at the above website.

Kirsten, the founder will be in Russia in August at the Art & Craft Festival ( for 1 week at one of the 210 ecovillages in Russia, inspired by the Ringing Cedar Books.  Then off to Findhorn, Scotland ( which has been running for 50 years as an Eco-learning and village inspiration co-creating with nature.  We wish to create a Balanced Earth vision inspired by these 2 visions.  

"I have explored the creation of this vision for over 7 years, and life has given me the tests to be ready.  Both dark and light and the full spectrum of learning - both inner (spiritual, emotional) and outer (practical, eco-skills) have been gifted to me and my colleagues to be strong and joyfully happy to hold the space of love for like-minded people.  It is time!".  Kirsten Daly.

Love to hear from you and feel free to register your interest at

January 2016 vent details being updated in the next coming months.


So links and contact details are here:

Book and find out more about the EVENT:   Event Jan 17 - for a week

Email us at:

Or follow us at:

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Fantastic Kirsten!  you can create your event on here so people can RSVP ..   blessings..

Well done Kirsten. Bellingen is the centre for modern spirituality in Australia, there couldn't be a better place for the community Space of Love. Count us in! Barb & Tony

Hello.  Back from Russia - wow!  It is so exciting and confirming to visit the ecovillage movement there.  IT WORKS!  Probably the best model I've seen - one that engenders the heart to connect with people and nature so beautifully (and practically).  We will still run a space of love gathering in Jan 2016 - email us if you are interested as we aren't on this site much:  or watch the page...  Lots of photos and videos of the trip are here.    Blessings!  Love Kirsten

We met up last Saturday and the January Space of Love gathering is coming together so nicely. Tony & I are getting out camping gear sorted and cleaned so that we can be there. We want to camp by the massive bamboo clump and play the harp (locally made) to the river sounds....Come on everyone, join us for a couple of days. Bellingen is beautiful and full of permaculture/eco people. It will be a total blast.

Blessings upon you Kirsten

So wonderful to see you again Barbara - great to hear you and Tony are coming.  We are gathering quite a few people of amazingness who will come along from around Australia.  And some international people - so WOW - its going to be amazing!






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