Volodya reads his kin's history in happy letters - 'the ones the creator writes with'.

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Poor old Vladimir - he sometimes thinks so slowly! Like an entrepreneur.
Whatever gave him a notion about big old wooden bound volumes. Next he'll want a library to put it in.
Even when Voldya reads to him from the happy letters he seems to think there's a hidden code in their arrangement.

We shouldn't be too literal - especially when Vladimir is off on one of his reveries.
Yes - the living intelligence is far superior to static words and letters.. I recently was thinking about how I could possibly share the vast array of wisdom I have amassed in my brain/body regarding healing with food and herbs and energy... in a an organised way in a "book" and I just couldn't comprehend it. And then the universe delivered to me a 14 year old daughter of my dear friend who I took to the desert with me for a month - and what do you know?? the living intelligence of another thinking feeling being easily takes in and stores logically anything I can share in any order and in any circumstance - the transfer of the feeling of anything is the most vital ingredient to understanding and not all of us can yet get the feeliing or share the feeling with ABC's! The creator gave us everything we need far superior to books and computers.. Hence the oral traditions of all the Indigenous ones of the world!!!

And here is a beautiful 12 year old teaching me how to find bush onions in the desert in case I get hungry one day..
I had an interesting morning last week visiting a large property owned by a collective for over 30 years. I walked around with Trish, the one remaining resident . She showed me what had changed in that time. There hasn't been a lot of activity there for some years now but each tree told a story and their collective song was an entire history of how the residents had lived while the trees were growing. And Trish knew these stories and could verbalise them. Who planted which tree, why, what happened nearby. Some stories she didn't know she knew. She just did.






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