Lori Munn posted a link to this: a home made free energy generator.. 

Check it out and let's hear some feedback.. sounds like  abetter option to the "bloom box" which is free energy but costs hundreds of thousands.. 

Support these guys if you can - let them know you appreciate their research and contribute financially if possible because they have got this out there to liberate us all from dependency on the system... 


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Thanks Billa - I will keep you posted on it. People were concerned it was fraud, but they promise 60 day money back guarantee; 24 x 7 customer support and also 2 day response from the owner plus testimonials on the site. Like I said my boss who is a Master Electrician reviewed the document which cost me $50 to order and he said it is "sound and undoubtedly will work". He said he understands it and it totally makes sense. Now keep in mind what we might build is a smaller version, but the invention is the size of a car engine to power a home. The smaller version is around $100 to build they say so I imagine the big one is $2K or so from raw materials. I will definitely keep you posted :) and if folks listen to the video on his site - pretty convincing.
The quickest way to discredit someone is run the fraud campaign - any technology that promises to liberate humanity from dependency on a greedy consumption based paradigm is a massive threat to the entire structure..

These look and feel like two genuine guys who might be assuming everyone would be excited about their invention and trying to promote it mainstream, but have quickly found out that the mainstream has no such interest in liberating humanity.. this could be a great transitional technology..

I heard somewhere along the lemurian/atlantian trail about a self-propelling, technology that just keeps going and going infinitely.

this one does seem like it would make constant noise.. the ultimate energy source, will make no noise, something like Judy Beebe is proposing... ?? Doea anyone know more about these things?
Oh - here is the discussion Chris posted about Judy Beebe's technology...

LOVE IT...and much like the famous books of Viktor Schauberger "Nature as Teacher" and "Living Energies" and "The Water Wizard " and "The Energy Evolution" written so long ago. Brilliant man....
I agree and at first thought the magnets would not create any noise, but it sounds not really like an engine but more like an industrial sewing machine to me. It is a circular whirling sound and it does create more energy on its own...the more it runs the more energy it creates. I like that-self sustaining concept. They said they are working another year on it so in my thinking...perhaps it would get quiet, but I like the whole hydrogen/water/air thing much more :). The good part of this would be it doesn't have to be said that is is free energy and draw out all the crazies to stop it. It can be a "make it yourself generator" which is how they are going to market it. They really don't even seem concerned about marketing it but more about making it what it should be so it is completely self sustaining. I will go look at your other links. Also got a note tonight from one of our Netherland members - they went to an Anastasia fair today and for the very purpose of seeing the "magnet engine" is how he put it. I will read the links you just posted :)
The inventors direct website is here: http://www.lutec.com.au... but there is no information on there as to availability et al. Lori, have you actually made one of these? I am tempted to get the document...
Really? That looks entirely different than the one that they are in the picture with on the www.magniwork.com site. Did you watch that video? I have the document and don't mind sharing it.
Here it is and let me know what you think.
Hi Lori. Having an electronic engineering background (my "formal" qualification that I never used), I can see that it should work. The guide is very amaturish though... a lack of technical drawings and it looks like those "gallery" photos are just off the net doing a Google Images search, perhaps this site http://www.fuellesspower.com has better plans... and certainly some other interesting devices. I would request your money back against their 60-day no-questions asked refund policy (good luck... site seems a bit dodgy as what they had on their videos and what they actually supplied do not correspond)... and try the plans from the site I mentioned... they seem a little more legitimate. No guarantees though :).

Regardless, the idea with this device (which they do not mention) is that it is suplimental to another power system.... either solar or wind. You would build the device and then attach it to the battery array being charged by your solar power system and feeding an inverter that feeds the power to your home. It basically adds to the the charging rate of the battery array. They are very sketchy about how much power it actually generates... but still worth building one just to find out!
They provided this too and also the "air car or water car info". I am going to share your opinion not only with my boss but another person who is an Engineer like you. You buy this through Clickbank which has a 60 day money back guarantee and what I want to be able to tell Clickbank is that I wrote the owner and he did not write back in 2 days like promised and that I asked for their 24 x 7 support and never received the information and also that what they supplied "gives power to a light bulb" and not a home. I want to be specific with them so perhaps the site will come down. I have no doubt I can get my money back, but I want to make really really really sure that they are taking people. We agree there is truth in the document but yes it is elementary. They also provide links which were very good for getting the magnets and other hardware. Thank you Nick :)
and they also provided these two free e-books.
Yes my boss knows how to split the Main electrical box over to the new device. He also is aware that you jumpstart it with a battery but then it starts creating energy on its own. He already has his main electrical box split out for a generator during hurricane times down here. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR knowledge and sharing and again today I will share with my team :) and get back to you :)






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