My family and I are starting with one day a week for completly transforming how we are in regards to transistioning into a domain eventually.
We are taking one day a week and turning off all the electricity and going completly by the means of fire pit to cook, bathe by the river, gather our water from the river for gardens, catch the rain and use it, only travel by bike or foot, eat completly out of what we have and do not spend unless it is local produce or goods from the farmer's market, use candles and pee all outside. No phone, no computer, no radio or tv.
We will eventually work towards two days a week. I am considering starting a group in Salida who will also make a day a week for themselves that is eco day. !!!!

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AWESOME!!! this is brilliant! who else can see themselves doing this one day a week??? - this is powerful stuff...

RINGING CEDARS KIN - ECO DAY! not once a year, or even once a month but once each week! and then eventually EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

beautiful awesome brilliant. WELL DONE!!!

I'll make a list of all the things that constitute an eco beings day, and that everyone can contribute to ... and we can all work towards living like this everyday.. REVOLUTION!
Hi - YES YES YES!!! We lived this way for two six month periods. I was a "city girl" with three children the youngest six months old the first time. BIG shock to the system - I felt very in "isolation" by this I mean I was 5 km from a phone, and an hours walk to the road. I was phobic about the dark and MUD etc.(All in the past now) We were by a stream in the heart of bush, surrounded by Nature and peace. Something magical happened in that my heart started to sing. It is the only way I can descibe it. I could physically hear and feel a "song" / music in my heart. There are so many stories....but what the children gained is something that is with them always. We cooked over a fire- it intrigues me how quickly you learn to know how much wood to use so that you can cook a meal make a loaf of bread and bake all with the one fire.. had a fire bath, I guess it laid the foundation for me to hold a vision to create "Our New Eden"
We now live on our land and are now making the transition.

It reminds me of how Ghandi when he was swamped with paper work decided to not speak one day a week to catch up. The inner benefit he gained amazed him so he continued with it.

Love to you
awesome story Mary.
mmm. I have been thinking of Ghandi a lot lately.. and how he used silence and fasting to move a whole nation!
There is lots of energy moving around in my life at the moment, and it feels hard to process it all if you just keep talking and carrying on as if not much is happening on deeper levels.. so I am fasting in silence for a few days to catch up on the paperwork as you say Mary! the feeling of being silent is that the outward flows of energy through speech turns within and brings awareness to deeper levels and the inner world that is going on and gives it the respect and attention that it is due when big changes or transitions are happening..

I first did this at a Vippassana Meditation centre.... There is Vippassana centres all around the world where you can go and SIT for 10 days in silence - its usually by donation and well worth the experience at least once...
That is wonderful. My husband and I lived that way for over 5 years in the very high country of Colorado. Sadly we fell into our story that it was too hard and uncomfortable with a child, and perhap sit may have been. I see now the work of demonstration at hand upon taking on an Ecoday and integrating fully back to our way of being with a daughter now that we have lost the way and are seeing once more. It is a concious effort and you begin to seek out the communities that support this. Italy and the smaller coastlines, and farming villages have it on right! It is very appealing to use to connect and possibly create our domain overseas where it is very calm and concious of daily living.
Great idea.
Very heartening and great ways to ease into a simpler way of living. I became a minimalist in the mid nineties and find it quite natural to swag down under the stars, tent it, cabin it or five star luxury it. I think flexibility is the key. A day off the grid is wonderful idea that most life-changers would find liberating.


Great stories and initiatives ! Thank You All .. for sharing ! :-)

In La´Kesh
Sufi *
At the moment, I live in suburbia by the beach, (not for much longer) but I sleep in the back yard in my swag most nights unless its raining.. I just cant stand the roof between my head and the stars at night anymore! it actually hurts!! I wake up so much more refreshed! last night a gentle rain moved me inside again, and I was wondering what it would take to just be OK to BE in the rain... sleep through the rain.. I used to wonder what it would be like to sleep outside every night and now it's natural.. so who knows what's next..???

My littlest boy says can I sleep outside with you mum? or if he falls asleep inside, wonders out in the night and jumps in the swag with me.. precious... waking up IN nature is the BEST...
Wow what a good idea! The wonderful thing is, with our system it's not like you give up anything or have to live a hard life, you will actually feel better! The only hardship is getting used to the transition - no small thing, but it's almost like working through an addiction.

I know I couldn't BELIEVE what I was addicted to when I started paying attention. I still want caffeine all the time, and I can't sleep without a source of white noise! I get sick of garden vegetables and all I want is a bag of potato chips or a big huge meal from a restaurant! When my job gets really stressful, I feel I don't have the energy to prepare food so I feed my cats Meow Mix and start living off of boxes of macaroni and cheese. Other things I didn't care about at all - I found alternatives for every kind of paper or disposable products and I haven't missed them at all, I buy everything second hand or local and I never shop at those big mega cheap stores, and I've lived without television for 10 years.

I think the key is balance, and being strict with yourself but not letting yourself ever feel a sense of failure. Everything you can do is still a positive change, even if starting with one day a week or something really small! One thing at a time compounds to many things over time! We can do it!
I am just loving what everyone is saying here. These are great ideas and real tangible ways people can "ease" into change. I spent a few months in the 90's living outside at night while working in some greenhouses during the day. It was great in every way. The initial intent was to save money because we wanted to travel the countryside. The end result was WAY much more than that (another story). Now, 4 kids later, I often wonder what kind of challenges we will encounter as we endeavour to do this again. This is a good bridge- Eco Day:)-one day a week without unnatural "conveniences", sleeping outside at night, They will help us to re-cognize our unhealthy habits and shift to something more natural. Be Here Now- let's keep those idea's and actions flowing!
xo, tree
Society is specific in its agenda for us to be dependent on it.

So it IS one big addiction with lots of little addictions within in it.

Eco Being or Eco day is about remembering who we truly are as empowered co-creative beings, living at one with nature.

We are all at various points of dependency and addiction until we live completely off the grid and can exist in NATURE without any dependence but as Co-creators.. Anastasia's lifestyle is the ideal but there are many levels in between to attain to. It starts with freeing your mind of slave mentality (which happens naturally when you read the RINGING CEDARS series) and then taking tangible action toward the daily things that nurture your freedom and liberation..

And so, the golden rule is - keep looking to nature for the answers.. Nature is the highest intelligence on the planet, nature is LIFE and continues to grow, expand and increase in intelligence by its very nature.... where as man made things destroy and deteriorate and need MAN to upkeep them - not how we are meant to be spending our precious lives...

At every turn ASK - how would Nature provide that thing that we use everyday? how would we think if we thought like Nature, not as we have been trained to think (or not think) .. biomimicry is a term coined for thinking like nature...

BUT this group is about tangible simple steps we can take each day to COME HOME TO NATURE and

The biggest and most important area of liberation is firstly around FOOD.

Eating RAW FOOD liberates you not only from sickness but from Addiction to Food and the regime of food that takes up much of our lives..


Your journey toward eating raw food as a way of life, is a journey out of your dependence on the system... .

Anastasia says "we should Eat like we breathe.. " means "without thinking about it... "
There is heaps of Raw Food Resources on the web.. and also the Raw food group here in our own site is a great forum:

It has take me twelve years to be really grounded in eating RAW and I am not entirely precious about it depending on where I Am and who I am with, but as a way of life, it is my way now and I know I could be anywhere and survive. And that is a truly liberating thing....

I also feel more amazing each day unless I eat something cooked and wow the come down is way far...

and so..

I dont expect everyone has twelve years to do this journey, and I know many of you are already well down the track of LIBERATION... but I am going to offer a fast track in the food area.
Each new moon I do what I call a beetroot juice RESET as described in book 8.1. I'll post exact instructions later in the raw food group...

BEETROOT RESETS YOUR DNA.. It is very powerful..

Join us this new moon in a beetroot reset (20th August) and set some goals for the coming month as to what small steps you can take toward EATING NATURALLY and decreasing your dependence on the system.. plan your ECO DAY, what you will do and how often you will do it during the month and post your intentions and goals here...if you like!!

The BEETROOT JUICE and the NEW MOON will support your intentions and help shift things at a cellular level within your body. When you do it, You are consciously bringing your body back into Co-creation (resetting your DNA with your own thoughts and dreams) and out of the system - making it YOUR ally in co-creation ( not the systems slave to addiction.. )

Things like sticking to intentions and cleansing will be much easier and you are less likely to have cravings or urges that are actually not what your body wants but are thought patterns of the system that wants to keep you addicted!

) Setting intentions within a the support of a collective and within a natural cycle like the Moon's, creates a matrix of co-creation that is stronger against the thoughts and images of the system than an individual's thoughts and intentions.. so Join in and use the power of kin in co-creation.. Anastasia gives much insight into the power of this throughout the series.. now its time for us to ACTION it..

Think about it deeply, and post your intentions here if you want to share and receive loving support from the Revolution Kin.. its kinda natural round here....






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