Eco-Fabrics - resources for making your own clothes...



This is the start of a list of resources and  discussion about making our own clothes and blankets etc- please add links to information and resources too! 


The focus is on natural and recycled-natural materials.... handmade and beautiful...

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This is a great resource of something I'm always interested in! Yay! :)

I'd like to add a neat site for homemade shoes/moccasins: (Make use of the drop down menu for more pictures!)


Here's a picture of his basic shoe. Very simple, yet still quite functional and actually very fashionable!


He uses ground tire rubber and "Barge" cement for his soles. (See bottom picture.)


Now if only I could have a tanning success and get some functional leather! :-P

This site is from Sunny Savage, whom is a forager I've always admired. Anyways, this site is for selling natural clothes, although it is temporarily closed now; but what I love is that she posts pictures and explanations of the whole process that the tribe goes through to making nettle fibers for spinning.
This summer I grew flax and am in the process of now of trying to process it, but it is really difficult without the equipment. So I'm going to try growing nettles this time, because not only can you use their fibers, but also they have so many other uses like food, hair wash, medicine, etc.






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