remember back in the first book where anastasia gives an idea about how to put a filter on your car to help minimize the damage done whilst driving and to help clean up the air of harmful toxins mixed with dust?

has anybody acted on this idea? i think it is a great idea; i still drive a car and would love to put one on it.

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Yes - So true Rachel.. Truely can't be that difficult, even if a really simple version was created at first that could be elaborated on - OR - one that almost anyone could make - for their own use. Or - a kit!
a great idea and would not be difficult

Perhaps its as easy as having activated charcoal or some other filtering medium like sand collecting exhaust fumes and being placed on the front of the car. A great idea and ive been thinking about it when stuck in traffic and sucking down nasty fumes
maybe we should ask humans that repair cars to come up with something like that ... just an idea
I don't remember reading this but came across it mentioned on another Anastasia site. It reminded me that years ago I used to wonder why we never invented something that fit on the end of the exhaust pipe of our cars! This is nothing I ever sketched or thought a lot about, but whatever it is is about the size of a soda can and fits in, on or around the exhaust pipe. This is like, middle school thoughts so like 5-8 years ago (I'm 19 now).






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