I have found myself this past week, not wanting to wear shoes!  I know that I've read somewhere before how this is a great way to connect with Mother Earth. 


I have never really been big on wearing shoes and always seem to kick them off whenever the opportunity calls for it, but this last week, I even find myself not wearing shoes whenever I go out, down to the shops etc.  It does help that I live beside the ocean and so one fits in quite well without shoes:) 


I don't know but I just find it so liberating and free-ing and a really great way to connect and I try to walk on the grass/dirt whenever possible.


I have also found a great spot at the beach, sitting under pine tree and looking out to sea, listening to the waves roll in.  This has become my own little 'treat' when the boys are with their Dad.  I just sit there for an hour or more.  One day I even closed my eyes to meditate and wasn't concerned about the passers by and what they would think of me.  Which would have really bothered me in the past.  That old FEAR of rejection thing;)

I also find that the boys and I love hanging out at the beach everyday in the mornings or late afternoon, or both, just playing, walking/running, swimming.  It's so very calming and recharges the spirit to be in nature!!  I finally 'get it' :) :) :)  It's funny (synchronistically) that my house has been driving me insane with the clutter, because it forced us to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and into Beautiful Nature!

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I share your feelings about no shoes, but living in central London makes it so much harder. This following story actually happened a couple of days ago. I wake up and have a great desire to walk on a grass barefoot. There is a park nearby my place so I go. I take my shoes off, walk to a tree and lean on it. It starts to rain, but I don't mind. I watch people go by and have my blissful moment. Suddenly I have two police people next to me, they want to take my details on basis of suspicious behavior. I'm laughing now, but trust me, it wasn't funny then. I explained I was just meditating and discharging the energy through my feet. They pulled their notepad out, but luckily ran out of sheets (...or changed their minds when they realized that I wasn't a threat to society!).  

A very discouraging incident..

Oh Hana, that is so very discouraging on so many levels!  I must admit though I did have a little chuckle :D

Yes, it is very sad isn't it that you cannot sit in a park under a tree, barefoot in the rain, without looking suspicious......I guess you only looked 'suspicious' because it was out of the norm!  Can't wait for the day when it's 'normal' for our parks to be filled with barefoot folk sitting under trees, meditating in the rain:) :) :) :)

I totally join you in these thoughts. The connectedness to the Earth you get when walking barefoot is GREAT. I can feel that I am receiving some divine energy from it, so I do it whenever I can!
:) :) :) :) :) :)
I was at Art in the Park here in Boise Id this summer. Probably 20,000 people there. I took off my shoes and was walking around looking at the Art . I did not see one other peson barefoot. Heard several comments about it and got some odd looks. haha. I have been doing this since I discovered Cody Lundin. He goes barefoot most everywhere. www.codylundin.com  Found him last year.

Art in the Park!  What a great day out and even better to enjoy it without shoes on....pity others didn't share your enthusiasm:)  Isn't is funny how 'not wearing shoes' creates such a strange response in others?  This Cody guy sounds interesting...I just had a quick look at his site.  Will have to explore some more.  Thanks for the link Tom:)  I recently heard about 'barefoot running' which explains that it is more beneficial to run barefoot rather than running in shoes, which upset our body's natural support system!

Wow...  interesting Nell  : )  re: running shoes cf. bare feet
Hello. just now saw your comment. have not been on lately. I am going to Vedrica in april to visit.
Wicked !!  Look at this...  No Shoes!!  So cool.  I never wear shoes at home Nell and my gardening shoes (if i'm doing a 'deep dig' with the spade)  are my son's old leather jandals that are 14 years old and still in great nick!  :D  I do all my other gardening in bare feet. It's lovely  :D   I've not yet had the courage to do as Tom (above) did.  In one of my 'healthy kick' information gathering moments, I learned that intestinal parasites from dogs and other animals can enter the body via the feet.  So the research recommended wearing shoes in public places, but at home go free.  If you've got family pets you're probably doing some kind of parasite control, so you know what's going on with them at least   : )
New here to the Eco-being Group! Had to take off my moccasins and socks reading the this thread about no shoes! I'm in complete agreement, and since I was a child, have loved being barefoot whenever possible. I live in a city, so I have to settle for barefoot at home, or only out at the beach, or in a safe spot in a park on a warm day. Something is better than nothing! But even at home right now, I'm loving the touch of the cool wood floor - it's welcoming to my feet. When I practice my hoop dancing at a dance space not far away from me, I work barefoot. The combo of circular movements, and being barefoot is wonderful, connecting one with something basic and primal.
Billas introduction to being barefoot, in the wild..


Starfire, how cool that you speak to the land around you.  This is also how I feel when I go onto the land of Conscious people.  I used to visit land on the East Coast of where i'm currently living...  rolling pasture, native forestland, a fresh-water 'stream'/ small river running through it...  One could not help but be in constant resonant communication with every living thing around.  It is so enlivening to feel and know this connection with land/life/manifestation of the One  : )  It is surely our natural state.






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