Remember the "great boycott" in the movie - The Green Beautiful???


Ecopsychologist Dr. Craig Chalquist has come up with a nifty and
empowering "to do" list for those of us who are feeling discouraged
about our individual and collective economic, political and
environmental situations. He calls his process "Unplugging from the
Empire: 30 Immediate-Impact Action Items."
Chalquist offers "suggestions for withdrawing your support from
destructive institutions busy warring, polluting, spying,
monopolizing, stealing wealth or ruining air, water, soil, and ocean"
and urges us to "make them change or die by depriving them of what
they need - and feel better about how you live."

So what's on his list? Here are a few ideas he encourages us to

Move your money from a big (bailed out) bank to a more deserving
local bank or credit union...
Wean yourself from the big chain stores...
Buy local food at farmers markets, coops and small local stores...
Don't buy anything you don't really need...
Buy glassware instead of plastic; don't use plastic bags or buy
bottled water...
Keep your savings out of the hands of unethical investment
speculators (try ethical investing)...
Pay down your credit cards...
Turn off cable TV...
Don't buy books from publishers that print works by the likes of Ann
Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh etc...
Use ethical phone carriers (e.g.
Use ecotherapy methods like spending time outside, gardening, being
around animals, etc. to stay healthy...
Learn the basics of first aid and medical care...
Don't support politicians funded by big petroleum or other
questionable industries or lobbyists
Learn about socially responsible investing...
Stay informed by using reputable and alternative news sources...
Reinhabit the place where you live by getting to know its ecology,
climate, cultures, prehistory, native flora and fauna and the unique
features that make up its spirit or soul...
For good food, networking and resource swapping, start or participate
in a community garden.
Just taking a few constructive steps towards sanity can go a long way
towards giving us the feeling that what we do really matters at every
level. At the very least, we feel better about ourselves (and save
money) if we start to live our values. And we also create the
possibility that if enough of us stop feeding the machine that is
destroying our lives and the planet, it may "change or die."


And here's another Chalquist website:

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Great list! I bet most of us are doing this already :)

It's a great film - this has reminded me again that we must watch it again.

We do live in this era of time that uses these things but we certainly don't over use them, no tv in this house!







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