The simple things can be the most profound.

How may days go by without standing on the Earth in bare feet? have you noticed the stigma people have about wearing shoes - being well shod/ well healed etc, or that barefeet is a symbol of being POOR?? do we wear shoes when it is practical to do so or because its one of those "normal" things that we dont question but is actually cloaked in stigma.

Notice barefoot people when you see them - they have this sense of freedom around them... there is good reason... they are liberated!! and most likely much healthier!! Anastasia only puts her galoshes on to go into society!!

We need, and the EARTH needs us to stand bare on the ground. The environment most of us live in is extremely stimulating and creates a build up of energy charge in our bodies that needs to be released back in to the Earth - just the same as electrical charge. We receive energy through our crown and our senses and we need to release energy through our feet! we are super conductors and walking around constantly with INSULATION on our feet is simply not good for our health..

There is PP file attached for more info!! it has reference to some "EARTHING" products which can be used by people who dont have the "luxury" of going bare foot all day.. but essentially you can achieve the same if you TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF and GET OUTSIDE!!

Personally , the only time I wear shoes is if I am on man made floors or it is extremely COLD! for practical reasons only! I walked barefoot around Uluru so the land could feel me as much as I could feel it. I walked barefoot through the rainforest and scrub on K'gari (Fraser Island) for miles and miles and its extremely liberating to bring yourself back to nature this simple way..

IF you still have to wear shoes all day because you are still in the system in some way , then be sure to take them off when you get home and stand on the grass for at least 10 mins and consciously let all the energy of your day, drain out through your feet. and bless mother Earth as you do it! you can also do the feet washing with nettle at the end of the day as Anastasia describes...

In the morning, wake up and walk on the fresh dew first thing and let the essence of the Earth soak into your feet. Let her know who you are and that you have restored a conscious connection to Earth.. and the release of toxins from your feet during sleep will let your garden plants know what you need more or less of !! Then you are becoming part of the bio-cycle again or an ECO BEING!

Make a conscious decision for the next moon cycle to go barefoot everyday at least for a little while.. and let us know how you go! if you are already a barefooter let us know too!

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A little story.

I had a friend who was entrenched in society, keeping up with social mores.. appearances etc.. quite disconnected from nature. Exhausted from trying to be a good mum and keep up with it all..
She had lived in Australia for 10 years at the beach but had never swam in the ocean.. oh I dont swim she told me.. within weeks of hanging out with me I had her skinny dipping in the rock pools and climbing the cliffs. I watched my friend become filled with life again and be lighter in her BEING as her attention shifted away from keeping up with the Joneses as we say here in Australia, and move towards a connection with nature..

One night after a moon circle on the beach, we were leaving the beach after the sun had set and I had specifically requested no torches or shoes be used through the bush track on the way back from the beach.. My friend had had a big emotional release during our circle and when we had to climb over the pebbles to get off the beach with no light, no shoes and uneven ground - she freaked out and couldn't go on! She just couldn't move.. she was shaking and stuttering!

I grabbed her and held her in my arms tight and whispered in her ear "I've got you, FEEL YOUR FEET TOUCHING THE GROUND. FEEL THEM - they ARE YOUR FEET touching the EARTH - she did that and calmed down slowly ..

Then I said "now breath through your feet and feel the power of the mother who loves you most of all. Just Breath it up through your feet and know that you are connected and you are loved and you are safe.. " She did! and her whole state changed and she burst into tears!!! I said "WELCOME BACK TO MOTHER NATURE - you have been missed...." and in that moment I knew that that was the most important gift I could ever share with anyone on this planet...

And so on we went through the bush in pitch black holding hands while I reminded everyone that NATURE is the last thing we need to be afraid of..

of course!! - link people back to here! xxx
Wow...just WOW!! Powerful!!
Awesome. I love it!
of course! You are welcome to share anything on this site.. it all helps people on their journey back to nature... I hope to share more beautiful insights with you all very soon.... is another..a sheet to sleep with, connected to the earth through the ground in your home..healing.

;) lOve, Sally
Yes... barefoot is the go! I was so pleased when I moved to Australia and someone told me it was "The barefoot country"! And when I gave a little girl a ride to school one day.. she jumped in my truck with no shoes and I asked if she had any in her bag, she said, "What for? We don't have to wear shoes to school!" Yay!

I once was attracted to a man because he refused to wear shoes unless he wanted to go in a restaurant where he just had to... went on a snow skiing holiday with him and we got the strangest looks walking through town with no shoes in the middle of winter.... Snow and ice everywhere.... It was one of the BEST holidays ever...
Aloha I love this! I wrote a blog about being barefoot. May I post it?

Thank you guys for a very informative video, your message helped to push me over the edge into buying my first pair if Vibrams last night. I've recently taken up running again - I'm not a runner at all - but I feel there is one inside of me itching to get out, but I've always had knee and hip issues or shin splints being 5'9" and a little heavy. However, I believe that God designed our bodies to run so I just needed to work out what I was not doing correctly that contributed to my reluctance to run. Then in the process of looking for new running shoes I came across the Vibrams and the logicalness behind their design just makes sense. We are not born with shoes on our feet and how can a 'one size fits all' style of shoe aid us in doing something our bodies 'should' be able to do naturally. I'm looking forward to trying out the Vibrams and for them to help me make the transition to barefoot walking in a highly urbanised environment. Broken glass and soft feet just do not go together very well. I'd heard about Earthing a few months ago, it made total sense at the time but I didn't investigate it too much. Being a gardener and working in a nursery I'd switched to wearing work gloves over the last year or so to reduce all the dirt that I couldn't remove from under my nails. But I've had this nagging feeling that I'm missing out on connecting with the Earth and feeling the wonderful texture of soil between my fingers. There is strong belief in the nursery industry that you must wear gloves and, for some, even wear a face mask when working with a bag of potting mix because of the possible pathogens and other microbes people might inhale when handling potting mix. I do not know who would actively inhale dust particles that are stirred up when potting up plants, but some people may be super sensitive. I'd like to read the Earthing book as I believe so many of an urbanites ills could be alleviated if not cured by getting closer to the earth instead of creating more barriers between our physical bodies and the Earth that sustains us. Again, thanks for the nudge - Amelia

Transition to barefoot - five fingered shoes !  Which looks more natural????


I got some of these today, because its very very cold where I Am and I am just not comfortable walking in shoes ..

Saved by five fingers! What a relief.  I find shoes so cumbersome and heavy to wear and these just feel like a glove with grip..   so good!   great transition to barefoot or a little protection on your feet if you are somewhere you need it..  and you can run in these two!       Thanks Vibram!  Good job!


They look weird but they feel great!


These are my favorite shoes too! I just wish it was warm enough to wear them year round in Canada.

Shoes that are shaped like a foot - go figure?

why did that take hundreds of years to figure out?

people have made gloves for centuries ;-)






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