What would it take for ALL of us to join together in a year long upgrade on our lives?

What if there was a global community, who was all committed to systematically re-aligning to nature, rewilding ourselves, healing ourselves and reuniting with our true nature? In full support of each other for  a whole year, what kind of things would we, could we do and how keen are you to do it? 

We are at a time when everything we need to heal our Earth is within reach. Its a matter of activism on the evolutionary scale. Are you keen? 

What pieces do you have to offer? what could we collectively learn if we each became a hologram of each others gifts and wisdom? What if we each represented the collective wisdom of the whole and embodied it in our LIFE?   Does anyone out there want to take on this challenge? 

We could do this virtually. And in fact some of the most profound regenerative organisations on the planet are currently piloting models for virtual learning and interaction to achieve just this. 
This network of cocreators has a history of accelerating learning and wisdom sharing, whose up for the next level?  

The magic is in what we each bring, because we all carry ancient wisdom in our very bodies. Holding a sacred space for sharing, and committing to the ever increasing embodiement of that wisdom is the medicine path we can all take..  

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Yes, yes and yes again. I'm on board! There is a feeling of expectancy in the air, like the moment before birth, it is time.
I have been rewilding one thing at a time over the last two months. I only work during the tourist season so I have several months to myself each summer so I have the space to do as I like. So I started out with removing my shoes and spending most of my day out side getting at least half an hour of sun with no clothes in the middle of the day. Next I set up a rainwater shower and stopped using soap( did you know that if you use soap you wash of any vitamin D before it moves to your liver for storage) I do yoga or chi gung while I'm sunbathing ..I feel awesome! I am eating either a wild weed or at least something from the garden every day. I'm fairly limited with wild foods out here in outback Australia especially as we have not had rain for three or four years now, but I've got my eye on the locusts. They may be my next challenge.

You ARE AWESOME KAREN!!!!  love some photos of that epic outback and so happy to hear your story! 
One of our members Alissa made this website and maybe it will be even more inspiration!

Thanks for sharing! 

love Billa 

One of our members Alissa created a great web portal for rewilding - so happy to share with you all.

Its really great!!   http://wearewildness.com/






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