Hey, I'm just at the beginning of going vegan, and then I'll go raw vegan, and then hopefully to just eating local individual items to help my body get to know what it really needs. Anyways, while in the process of gardening, I'm also trying to get to know what edible "weeds" and wild plants around here. So I've made it a goal to to eat at least one wild edible a day until I can build up to eating wild regularly. So far I've discovered violets growing in my front yard with yummy leaves, something in the dandelion family in my backyard which tastes like bitter lettuce, and prickly pears which are kind of tricky to harvest and wish Anastasia were here to show me an easy way to do it lol. It is crazy, but I actually had a dream of easily harvesting and eating them last night, but I can't remember details :(. But now I'm craving them, their like a mix between a pepper and a watermelon which is oddly good.

What adventures have you been having with "tasting the universe"?

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i live in missouri and have sassafras growing all around. the young tender spring leaves are absolutely divine! we also have a lot of persimmon trees in the area, and i am greatly anticipating an abundance of persimmons next month. we bought a wild edibles book (for missouri in our case) and have had tons of fun on our "wild edibles" hikes. some delicious, and some (like in the case of those dandelion greens)... not so much. you never know till you try! dandelion flowers on the other hand, i think are quite tasty. enjoy!






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