Billa: On the new moon I often do what I call the Beetroot Reset as outlined in Book 8.1 of the RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA. 

When Vladimir is cleansed by his 5 year old son in the Taiga Forest of Siberia for a few days, using wild herbs etc,  Vladimir wonders what readers could do at home to cleanse with the food normally available.. So,  Anastasia says something like this in Book 8.1: 

Drink only spring water until lunch time and then juice a glass full of organic beetroot. (I peel mine and use a masticating juicer.. ) eat nothing else for the rest of the day (sipping water is OK) and stay at home in case of any adverse reactions.. could be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.... be prepared for the worst! but it may not be so bad! 
Some say to chase the beetroot juice with an organic apple to stop nausea and I recommend this if you think you might vomit, so you can actually keep the beetroot down so it can do its job...its quite a strong taste.  ... Although not everyone has a reaction like this.. some just get tired.. some feel nothing... but its good to be prepared for the worst and then anything else is a breeze.. obviously, do not do this if you are pregnant or breast feeding..  

What the beetroot does is it scans through your organs.. .. if the gall bladder is toxic you might get sick very quick and have a major bile dump. if you are tuned in to your body enough you can feel it moving through.. if you dont get sick in the first hour you probably wont.. Have a rest and concentrate on your dreams and your true essence as the beetroot is resetting your DNA to your own unique thoughts... think about your health, your vitality, your loved ones, your space of love.. all your bright thoughts...

You may find the beetroot lingers in your digestive system for some days... and this is normal as its taking its time to help where needed...

So you have made it through that part.. and now all you do is go to bed for a good nights sleep.

When you wake up and when first hunger signals, you need to have already prepared a selection of fresh, local , organic seasonal raw foods ( from your garden, local market or small produce store.. avoid supermarket produce alltogether.. ) 
Spread before you and let your newly reset body tell you what it wants to eat. eat one thing at a time and wait for your hunger to trigger again to select something else.. relish the flavours and only eat one thing at a time.. notice what you go for, it may not be what you expect..

Continue eating like this and only eat when you are hungry - notice if you are satisfied with much less than normal and that your taste buds are alive.. continue eating like this and you will be very well and full of energy very quickly.. this is the way to eat as you breathe.. dont stop to make meals, just taste and nibble on things as you feel to and even better - DO it straight out of the garden...!

Upon awakening the following morning and feeling hungry, he should be able to take any vegetable, herb or piece of fruit and put it on a small plate. After sitting down at the table, he should carefully observe what is lying on the plate, sniff it, lick it and then eat it with an unhurried chewing. It is best to be alone in the room during this time, isolated from the sounds of the artificial world.

The feeling of hunger may not disappear after eating a single piece of food, or it may reappear after a short period of time. In that case he should select a second piece and eat it in the same manner as the first.

Man should take all the produce he has obtained and sample them in any sequence at short intervals.

The time for sampling any particular food is determined by the sensation of hunger.

The taking of food should definitely begin in the morning.

By the end of this day a Man should have sampled all locally grown produce. If there is a large variety available and one day is insufficient, the sampling can extend to the following day.

This procedure is extremely important. It will give many people's bodies, perhaps for the first time in their lives, a chance to become acquainted with the taste qualities and properties of the local produce, and to determine how needful it is to Man at a given moment and in what quantity.

Once the body has become familiar with all the produce, one should cut each vegetable into small peices and lay them out on a large plate. Small clumps of greens and berries should also be put out, either alongside or on another plate. Any produce that will quickly spoil on the plate should be immersed in spring water.

Also on the table one should put honey, flower pollen, cedar oil and spring water. Man may go about his own daily affairs, but when he feels hungry he can go over to the table and pick up an item he likes (either with his hands or with a wooden spoon) and eat it.

It is possible some of the food may be eaten up completely, while the rest may be left untouched. This means that your personal wise physician and nutritionist - your body which was given to you by the Creator - selected for you what you needed at that moment, while what you did not need was left untouched.

The uneaten produce need not be put out again on the table the following day. But after three days a complete variety should be displayed. It is possible that one's body will need something different by then.

In time Man will be able to determine which items can be temporarily excluded from his diet, so as not to waste his efforts in obtaining them. But it is possible that after a period of time his body will indeed have need of them again, and so from time to time one should lay out on the table as wide a variety as possible.


This method of nutrition, Vladimir, is important to grasp one essential point: it is not only the animals that are able to determine which kinds of food will be most beneficial to their bodies at a given moment and in what quantity. This knowledge is present, too, within every single Man.

Do the beetroot reset again on each new moon and dont 'beet' yourself up if you fall into old habits, as there is always another new moon to start over... "Beetroot Magic: promotes, love, ambience, beauty"

Beets: (courtesy of Serena) 

~ #1 liver cleanser
~ Kidney cleanser
~ bile cleanser/producer
~ great for blood, etc etc because of zinc
~ rewrites genetic codes
~ removes bleached products from the brain
~ replenishes everything
~ forces circulation
~ erases cravings via dendrils in the brain
~ forces cell turnover
~ wont burn in sun (meaning the skin)
~ its a ''morality food''
~ ''wisdom food''
~ ''spiritual food''
~ removes spiritual evil

Hope you are left feeling alive and jumping for joy! 
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Hey Billa.... will you come hold my hand if I do it? Ha ha...

Was thinking of all the folks who live with a dog in an enclosed yard... might not want to eat that grass!
the dogs wouldn't eat that grass either... they're not silly!!
I totally want to do this. However, I do have gallbladder issues at this time. How long does this possible pain last & how intense can it be?
Hi Rachel, you could do a gall bladder cleanse first ! .. have you done one before? its very simple and effective but takes some courage - ... everyone needs to do a gallcleanse regularly but few people know how to do it and then end up getting stones or their whole gall bladder removed!! Totally uneccessary!!!...

I can post how to do a gallbladder cleanse later today.. I recommend everyone does it - once or twice per year.... you will be amazed when you see all the bright green gall stones that come out!!

re intensity of the beetroot reset: Most people have experienced being sick from drinking too much, or from eating the wrong thing at some point in their life.. no worse than that, maybe a few hours at the most, really depends on your body... its not for me to say..

You really need to be honest as to how clean your body is and how toxic you are... and the last three friends that did it had no pain at all just got a little tired and had a sleep.. I am one of those people that will go for a short intense experience for good results rather than a long drawn out time of feeling average...

most cultures in the world have a cleansing aspect to their diet except for the western diet which is the VERY WORST.. the gall bladder cleanse is normal amongst mediterranean people! the beetroot cleanse probably native to Russian's- they use beet alot and a staple drink is beet kvass...

more later.. the beetroot reset takes oneday out of your life - maybe for a few hours you will feel a bit nauseas, at worst you will throw up! be BRAVE everyone! love billa
No, I haven't done a gallbladder cleanse before. What does it encompass?
I've had gallstones for years now (and medicine for it). Usually I keep it under control with diet & water but every once in a, I'm ok with just sort of letting pain do it's thing sometimes...but that gets pretty intense. I'd LOVE to get rid of the gallstones. I'd never imagined they were a bright green. :D
The beetroot cleanse pain as you describe it doesn't sound too bad. How much on average, would you say, the juice would be in a measuring cup?
Thank you!! :)
Oh, and also, I'd say my body is pretty toxic compared to what it could be. I have times when I eat extremely healthily for weeks, and others when the opposite is true! I have issues with green vegetables. I always find bugs in my food, I suppose because I look for them(ever since this one time boiling broccoli & blue potatoes from the garden...nobody ever told me you must clean broccoli for green worms first!)!
a glass full of beetroot juice would be 250-300mls or 1/2 pint..

I'll post the gall bladder cleanse in a new discussion...

oh yes they are bright green - many are like split green peas and some can be quite huge and look like bright green hard ghee and they are oily and full of cholesterol too, and can be considered "nests" of bacteria that is constantly reinfecting your system.. gotta get em out.! and no you are not supposed to live with pain Rachel!! you know your doctor is not worthy of your time and money if you are living in pain! our beautiful bodies are meant to be living in bliss and vitality!

I will be very happy for you not to be in pain anymore... love billa!
Thank you, Billa. :-)
(Gallstones sound disgusting!)
Oh! also, my mother (whom I live with ATM) went out & bought a ginormous bag of beets at the farmer's market after I told her about the beetroot cleanse. :-)

So I have some experience with cleanses, the ayurvedic kind. It entails taking ghee, which oleates the system, loosening impurities, then eliminating them in the digestive tract. It may not be for raw foodists as ghee is cooked. IT works great though! Those vedic seers knew what they were speaking of.

Hi Tree.

I do it every new moon because it makes sense to me and my SUN and Moon is in Cancer which makes me very moony! sometimes LOONY! but, seriously it makes sense cause then you have the power of the moon, tides and planetary water cycles on your side, which affect all plants and all of our bodies too..

.. one way to go about it is reset on the dark moon, feed/nurture the body as the moon builds to full, feast on the full moon and then as the moon wanes wind down the food to cleaner and more raw and less quantities or even a juice fast or cleanse and reset again on the dark moon..

... the main thing with eating well is to listen to your body as it tries to realign with nature... and if you go way off track as happens sometimes for myriad reasons... then at least on the new moon you can give yourself the chance to reset and maybe do things a little different or better next month.. discernment and flexibility are always your friends...
Hi Billa! I am so happy to have found this by the new moon! What a great idea! And so good right now due to the intense planetary alignments that have cleansed us all so deeply these past 9 or so days. I also wanted to add that the new moon is best for bleeding; the dark of the moon matches our blood and cleansing time. My clock automatically sets itself this way, I'm lucky but I just wanted to give permission for other women to let their bodies decide not based on full moon thinking. Full moon is for desiring fully, longing for what we need to balance our lives and the new moon gives birth with our fullness of bleeding, our fullness of being all of ourselves. See how this feels if you haven't already heard or known of this before. And beet juice if so good during or right after our blood loss! Can't wait for the gall bladder cleanse! Ananda






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