I am currently transitioning to a raw foods diet. I used to be a raw foody several years ago. I left it when I conceived my son and could not even look at a vegetable for quite some time. Within the week I have really upped my raw foods and starting juicing greens.

This morning after I ate, I took a bath when I got out of the tub I glanced out at the mirror. Usually I see some fat, unhealthy person that looks glum staring me back in the face. Today -- I saw someone else. Who was that?? She looked, less tame, more happy, and a little healthier. When I changed to raw foods in the past, the first time, I had NO idea you would lose weight. Just never crossed my mind. (I know duh.) This time, I look forward to the weightloss and feeling incredible again!
Thank you for this board, or I would have never taken the steps.

Wonder how the breastmilk has changed since I have been changing?

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