In reading what Anastasia had to say about food and nutrition, I found myself wanting to eat healthier and even considered going vegetarian as I found her descriptions so compelling. But how could I do this - meat, afer all, is DELICIOUS! How could I survive without the thought of steak to sustain me through the long, wearying working days filled with shrivelling sandwiches? Was I to set aside sausages, push away pork? NO! Such a hideous situation could not be condoned!


My mum had also read the books - she was the person who introduced them to me - and also became interested in nutrition etc. Her usual response to a new interest is to research it thoroughly, and so she came across the concept of "raw food". Buying her usual plethora of books of books on the subject, she shoved them under my nose and tried to persuade me to read them.


I laughed in scorn. Raw food? It sounded ridiculous. Like vegetarianism gone mad(der).


Still, one day I was bored, and having nothing better to do, picked up one of the books and read... and I was hooked on the idea. (Interestingly, this has been the same response to my reading Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, the Ringing Cedars series... all books I now love, and all books my mum had to go through hell and and back to get me to read. One would have though I'd have learnt by now that MOTHER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.)


My mum and I planned with military precision how we were going to work our new "raw" diet. Rather, she planned, and I shrugged and agreed with whatever she suggested. Mother is always right, after all.


We bought a dehydrator and a new blender. We poured over raw recipies, choosing the ones we thought sounded best, and, at last, after many months... we decided we were ready!


But things did not go well.


Everything we made in our dehydrator was FOUL. We quickly got bored eating the same fruits and veges day in, day out. In short, we gave up.


This was almost a year ago. We're both still vegetarian, just not raw. (I am immensely proud of the fact that I am still vegetarian. It makes me shake my fist in the air and shout, "HA! Take that, former self!" in a way that makes dogs perk up their ears and leaves fall to the ground.) I occasionally go on raw-food rampages that last about the space of a week (if I'm lucky), and I love the feeling of being so full of energy and happiness it gives me. Seriously, I LOVE IT! I need less sleep, I'm more motivated to do things, I skip down the road smiling dementedly at trees and clouds...


My dilemma is, HOW DO I STICK TO IT PERMANENTLY??? Can anyone help me, please??? Any tips, any bright ideas?

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 I am trying to tackle this myself right now actually.  And I have ran in to the same pitfalls as you.  Perhaps it is just our conditioned minds creeping in to sway us from raw food...  I cannot imagine Anastasia's food is THAT diverse. Of course we do have the ability to diversify our food but it just seems like that might be missing the point as far as what is causing us to kick the raw food.  Our ego's are powerful creatures.  I believe the more we cultivate our sense of discernment and TRUST in our Authentic Self, the easier eating raw food will be... so perhaps in addition to diversifying our food we can tackle the process of being present to our ego's justifications, noticing just that-- that they are our ego's-- and send them love as we CHOOSE to listen to what our Heart's are calling us to nourish with... that is also a great distinction!  Are we nourishing or are we simply eating?  ;-)

Sadly,  I do not have any helpful advice in this moment as far as food diversity but I know that there are plenty of beautiful beings on here that will!  Also I wanted to say I love how you wrote your post- the humor and verbage were PRISTINE!

Love and Light,


i'm suggesting these ideas to myself as much as to anyone else, being that i have yet to get past 2 weeks raw. for variety--TRY NEW THINGS!  yes, easier said than done, but then again not. try a new recipe every week at least. put different stuff in your salads and smoothies. whatever you do, i get this feeling there's some kind of hump to get over in order to actually LIKE raw foods. especially, when frozen pizza is so easy! one other suggestion is EFT (emotional freedom technique). look it up, its super easy to do and can honestly help knock down any blocks you have erected. it might feel silly at first, but there is no denying that it works--on ANYTHING! good luck (to me too)!



by the way, eating different things all the time puts the body into a constant change of adjusting. eating cooked food is a heavier load on the digestion.. using your vital energy.. 


thats why we feel higher when we eat as we breathe, eating simple raw seasonal foods. 

I feel best when I eat pretty much the same thing every day.. fruit fruit fruit, green salad at lunch, as many fruit juices as I can make and snacking on bananas and coconut when I can. 
the body loves simplicity. its true.  living in a forest or a space of love, eating only what is growing seasonally and ripening in its perfect moment gives the body optimal simple high energy.. and it uses less energy dealing with food and so you gain energy for LIFe. in the meantime, look for the best of what is in season, it will be the most affordable and the most attractive,  a beetroot reset also helps immensely to reset the body and its urges etc.. we can do one this new moon if your keen... love B

well. dont be too hard on yourself, you have done very well to stay vegetarian ! it takes a while for the body to get accustomed to different sources of nutrients.. 

its all about raising your vibration.. that feeling you get when you are skipping and smiling is our natural state of being, thats an experience of a raised vibration.. but never feel bad that you dont stay up there all the time because the world is not of a high vibration at this time and it takes a lot of power (will and strength) to hold a high vibration in the midst of things that arent.. Energy exchange - more later...

so, first thing is to honour small wins. and eat as much raw as you can.

let nature do its thing with your body. in time it will want more and more of what is good for it until it cant stand the thought of low vibe dead foods anymore and you wont have to use your will (mind over matter) to overcome bodily urges.


in the meantime.. try to always have 80% raw on your plate.

three types of raw foods to eat each day to avoid cravings are : sweet juicy fruits - fatty fruits (avos, olives, coconuts) and fresh greens, if you eat them all your body is getting all of what it needs, if you dont you will crave sweet things or fatty things..


the other really important thing is to get your colon clean.. years of eating meat and cooked food will cause build up and the nutrients of the raw food you are eating wont neccessarily be getting through the toxic build up, leaving you hungry or with cravings..


detox from the bum up is best, working from the colon up to the liver and there is plenty on the net to help you out with getting started on this.. I'll post some more later..


Sue Ellen overcame a huge hurdle with cravings after getting some colon cleansing happening and there is no turning back for her now.. maybe ask her about her experience..  


enjoy the journey. set small goals and acknowledge the wins, and the days you feel great, keep witnessing and setting challenges for yourself, but basically once the body is very clean it wont want to pollute itself again so look into doing some raw food detoxing and I am always here to help if you need! 


lots of love


I absolutely love the way you wrote this post your enthusiasm is contageous & congratulations on your staying vegetarian, more power to you!

I personally think as with any change....... it just gets easier over time.

I remember many yrs ago when I began this journey myself just how absolutely fabulous I felt everyday & the lightness you speak of Billa, I actually had a sense of floating slightly above the surface of the earth when I walked, I truly felt as though my feet were barely touching the ground..... it was delightful. Not only that though everything genuinely seemed easier, intuition flowed freely & more often than not things just fell into place for me, I felt much more connected to the universal mind & very little stress.

I can honestly say through my own experience the benifits are immense!

Which is why I have every intention of turning my life around again now & get back on that path knowing that this time being much older & wiser I won't allow myself to be derailed by the infulences of others.



Oh hey Zara:) :) :)


Can't believe I've missed this little chat that's going on!!! 


Are you interested in us setting up a little discussion for us (and anyone else....Sarah? Serene?) to blog daily what we're eating and help one another out??


Billa is right when she says my colon cleanse helped with the cravings, although I find myself slipping a little recently (bit of emotional eating!!!) and want/need to get back on track!


Green Smoothies are one of my staple raw food is lots of fresh, juicy, delicious fruit!!!



Nell :)

Wowee! Lots of replies! It makes me feel special. :-)


All this advice is so good, I barely know where to start!


I do like the idea of having a blog. I like writing, and I'm pretty keen on blogs. How do we go about doing this?


Now is a good time for me to get back onto the raw food thing! I'm moving out of my mum's place in about a week, and as I am a rubbish cook I will have far more incentive to go raw food as it provides an alternative to cook-or-starve!


I would just like to say that I LOVE all the advice I've been given! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Though I may find eating fatty fruits like avocados and olives and coconuts a bit difficult, as I can't stand olives, avocados make me gag, and unfortunately you just can't get fresh coconuts where I am. Sigh. Ah well.


How does one go about doing a colon cleanse?

I used an enema bag to help cleanse my system. It helped A LOT. Not terribly expensive and you have it for a long time.


the Master Cleanser(lemonade diet) is a simple straight-forward way to de-tox. There is lots of on-line info, and MC has it's own website. When I was younger I didn't like avocados, but they have been my favorite foods for a long time now. They are a good source of protein for a vegan diet, and can be added to smoothies (you won't even notice them) If you have been on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) for a long time, take the transition slowly, and your "taste" for healthy foods will dramatically change. Have you tried wheatgrass?

Hi, Just seeing this discussion today, for the first time.  I just joined in the Beet Root Reset and then Raw/Vegan experience with others on this site this week.  We've been sharing how it's going and what we're doing.

A few days before we started I went to hear Charles Eisenstein and afterwards, bought one of his books:  The Yoga of Eating and here's a review from Amazon (one of many wonderful reviews):

This review is from: The Yoga of Eating: Transcending Diets and Dogma to Nourish the Natural Self (Paperback)

"This book is not about ayurveda or following any other diet program, and does not include recipes or identify what you should eat. The author offers suggestions about how to bring more awareness to your eating habits and life. His solution is to stop forcing your body to conform to the mind or the latest diet strategy. Instead, pay as much attention as possible to each aspect of eating, from "Am I hungry?" to savoring each bite to listening for when the body is satisfied. If the bite doesn't taste good, then the body doesn't need it or want it. He addresses and proposes ideas for cravings, including theories for psychological understanding.

For the more spiritually evolved, he confronts the idea that enlightened people eat vegan, or survive only on air, etc. Just because an enlightened person eats only vegetables doesn't mean that eating only vegetables makes you enlightened. The author suggests that that your body will tell you when you're vegetarian, not your mind. There's even a nice essay about eating meat versus eating vegan from a consciousness evolution and cultural impact perspective.

He offers a highly conscious perspective for those seeking to bring more awareness to their lives. If you're open to the idea of accessing your body's own intelligence or intuition and looking for perspectives to move you further along, then this book will be valuable. If you're looking to be told what to eat, look elsewhere."

I can tell you that this book could be the answer to what you're looking for.  It's only been a few days and my first experience without eating meat for more than one day in my life: 58 years.  And it's going very well for me in so many ways.  And not just no meat, but no grains, all raw and no animal products whatsoever.  This book came to me at a point that was beyond perfect!

Hope this helps any who read it!






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