This is a great cleanse which you can do for up to 40 days or even more. Attached is the info with all the details. This is what we will be doing during our journey out to the Desert. I bought a 20 litre drum of organic maple syrup from our local organic store for about $20/litre and am now looking for a local farm with loads of lemons to spare.. There is heaps of info on the net about this cleanse also..

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i clear up every morning :-))
I love Cayenne! couldnt possibly take it in a capsule.. :)

Yes, great when its hot - its not HOT right now - I wish it were.. love Kali
Ooooh yes, the Master Cleanse!

It was a dream that I had (once again, yesssss, those dreams!) that started me cleansing in 2002. By the way there is a really GREAT dream interpreter (he's Irish - nice accent!) who interpreted my dream for me. I'd liked his website for a long time and saw that he offered inexpensive interpretations and I had a very significant one, which I thought I'd like professionally interpreted - so he intererpreted it here: - I would totally recommend him. You can see how he did with mine, at that url, if you want.

Anyway (sidetracked) - his interpretation got me cleansing for the first time in my life because, according to him, my spiritual gifts were wanting to come out - but I needed to cleanse first so that my energy could go to my gifts instead of to my digestion! Makes sense.

When my cousin, who can see energy, saw me after a couple of months of cleansing...I stood up from the table and walked across the room - she was like: What?? What have you been doing? Your second chakra is perfect!!

So, the dream led me to where I became a moderator for a couple of years - and I basically did a master cleanse for 10 days with bentonite and psyllium shakes that continued on for 50 odd days. It was life-changing, really! It was perfect timing. That's the thing with cleanses - it has to be perfect timing otherwise it's difficult. But, you know when you're ready. Then it's easy.

Wow, I remember feeling so many new things: 1. I had SO much energy coursing through me! Not energy to run a marathon or exert myself in a really physical way but I remember feeling like my synapses were snapping sooooooo much faster! Like CLEAR CONNECTIONS. Foot tapping. 2. Just the fact that you don't have to eat solid food for 10 days is kinda mind-blowing! Ya know? When you do that for the first time it's like: oooh yeah - I assume soooooo many things! Really, I THINK I have to eat solid food, but in actualy fact I don't! That really turns your world upside down in a good way. Something similar is the Seth sleeping thing that I did for quite a few weeks with my boyfriend - where you sleep for only 4 hours at night and then get up with the sun and then sleep for maybe 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon. Balancing your Conscious/Subconscious selves - more creative, more alive, more AWAKE. I LOVED it. Another thing that turns those assumptions on their ears. Oh and 3. I remember feeling that I could just drink this lemonade forever! hahaha! And, it was soooooo coming back to Earth when I started eating solid food again. I'll never forget that feeling. It was a little depressing. Instantly you feel heavier with less energy. But....we have to live on Earth right? Perhaps food is keeping us on the ground!

This is a Cleansing page that I put together with all the links that I thought were most important when you want to cleanse. There is also a story here of when my boyfriend at the time pooed out a 1974 penny that he'd swallowed when he was little (after he shined it up in vinegar!) - nuts eh? It came out after only a few days of him doing B&P's and eating normally - SO that shows you that the bentonite and psyllium DOES work! (contrary to what both his doctor friends told him - ugh)

Here ya go:
I use chlorophyll water at times..and potassium broth..celery stalks, parsley.
Hi Everyone,
Im really keen to do this cleanse but have never fasted or done a cleanse before - so feeling a bit nervous. Im just wondering if its important to do the salt water flush in the mornings? Or to take some laxative teas? Trying to organise my ingredients and would love some insight into what other's have used. Or whether it was enough to just drink the lemonade mixture?
Thanks for any info or experiences xo
Thanks Emily for the good advice and encouragement!  I have been totally distracted over the busy christmas time but i am now feeling inspired to really make my health a priority.  I think this cleanse sounds great so im going to go ahead and gather my ingredients!  Thanks again for your support :-)
Hi All,
I decided to ground the recent energy flows I have received by letting go of a lot of sh_t I've been holding on to, and all the parasites that go with it. SO, I decided I 'm going to do this lemon cleanse, then a gallbladder/liver cleanse, maybe a kidney cleanse, and the beet root reset; although some says the liver cleanse works on the kidneys, as well. After, I'm also going to eat more raw and juices! I want to be cleaned up and cleaned out for when I meet my Twin Flame.

Today is my first day, and I already put too much cayenne in by accident, so I am burning up right now.

One note: out here in Argentina, maple syrup is a luxury, if you can find it, and organic syrup unheard of- so I substituted with local honey. I'll let you know how it goes...

Billa, thanks for the info & encouragement!
You are welcome! This is my favourite cleanse!

As far as I know, not supposed to use honey Pedro.. but go with what you have and what you feel is ok.. maybe use less though..

I too have experienced the chilli -high from too much Cayenne. bit of a rush huh!
Anybody know what happens if you add aloe vera to this cleanse?
MEgan and I were talking about Aloe two days ago and how powerful it is.. maybe start with very small amounts and gradually increase it.. it would be extremely detoxifying and also renewing for your cells. but you are experimenting so be gentle and take things easy because you are breaking the rules and you could get sick.. bit concerned about you using honey.. I know what happens when you follow the master cleanse to the letter, but beyond that - you are your own experiment! journal your feelings and reactions or share them here and I will be able to help you along the way depending on what happens....
Ok, thank you for that.

Day 2- Not much food cravings so far. Although I think the cayenne really cuts my appetite. So much so I could not even finish the first days batch of juice. I could not pass up a juicy ripe mango that needed eating this morning, but I did not have much.

I want to add that I believed this juice was the only liquid one needed during the fast, and now I want to warn that additional amounts of pure water should also be taken to avoid kidney complications.


"Hi there. My name is Isabelle. I am a nutrition consultant in the Tampa Bay area and today we're going to learn about lemon cleansing diet recipe. It is very easy. First off, you need a lemon, of course. I cut this one here in half and what you want to do, you want to squeeze that lemon in about a cup of water, just about this size; and, I use this tool, personally, to squeeze my lemons. One lemon should be plenty for this size of water. So, we are going to squeeze the lemon in the water and this one is very juicy so actually we need only half. I'm going to use just half the lemon this time because it produces a lot of juice. Now, because lemon is bitter, I want to sweeten it a little bit and so, what I'm going to do for this is use one teaspoon of pure maple syrup which I'm going to mix right here with my water and my lemon. Lemon, although it tastes very bitter, it actually helps alkinalise your body, which is why it help cleanse the body. Maple syrup is a very powerful anti-oxidant and also antiseptic so it helps with that as well. And the last thing we're going to need for our recipe here is just a pinch of cayenne pepper. If you have any fungus in your digestive tract, cayenne pepper will kill it. They hate it. So, it's a nice concoction to have. It is a little strong but you want to drink it very slowly and you want to make several of these throughout the day. In one day, you may have five, six, seven, eight, depending on how thirsty you get. It is okay to drink water in between. In fact, ideally you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water so it is a good idea to drink ample water without anything in between. I would do one of these, then two glasses of water, one of these, two glasses of water, you know, throughout the day. And that's it. That's the recipe. Simple as that. I hope you learned something new today. I'm Isabelle and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care."






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