Not yet living in a SPACE OF LOVE? Start with your intimate space - your BODY! Be supported for the journey!

Everyone is at different places on their evolutionary  journey..   The body, the sacred and intimate "Temple of the Soul"  is the number one place to start taking responsibility for the imprint you make upon Creation by the life that you live. It's the one domain you have complete control of,  to slowly improve your capacity to live a more vital, radiant life and to change the outcomes of the lives of your future kin by what legacy you pass on in your cells and that of your babies..  

Anastasia has given us some insight into the ideal way to eat and  how much time we spend thinking about and preparing food, but then after all that effort do we eat according to our highest potential?  

Just as we leave an imprint on the Earth, we leave an imprint upon our bodies, just one part of the Greater Organism of Gaia that we have complete control over. Doesn't it make sense to take care of our bodies first and work out from our centre? In Permaculture we call this Zone 0. 

With Good health we have increased physical energy and well-being which gives us  the capacity to heal the earth and support others. So if you are yet to manifest your space of love, why not do all you can now, exactly where you are,  to improve your health and increase your energy and get connected to Nature through the life force in your own body.. ? 

IF you would like to join us on a guided journey toward increased well-being, starting from where ever you are, with as many bad or good habits as you have, with or without a garden, in the city, the suburbs or on a farm, we can support you to co-create a program to help you move toward your health and well-being goals to live more like Anastasia..   

Experience in this field shows that the greatest intentions to improve your health and re-connect with nature through natural eating  will be thwarted when the memories in our cells makes its way into the blood stream re-activating the cellular memories that are either painful emotionally or toxic physically and this is when you need support. You need to know how to deal with these things, as they happen and you need someone to hold your hand when its tough. We are successfully supporting people online through this process, drawing on our own and Anastasia's experience to empower you upon your own journey. We only seek to give you a leg up so you can ride your own horse all the way home to your super-natural self! 

Register your interest here in this discussion and  we can begin a journey toward eating as you breathe, as effortless and life sustaining as Creation intended.... 

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i am interested!!!
i offer my hand for any who would like to START, as Billa states here. i have been guiding DIVINE NUTRITION for years on Maui and would like to offer the wisdom of that experience to any who are interested here. i feel that i am living proof of this lifestyle as it is how i live.
it's no accident that the editor and publisher knocked on my door here, 5 years ago, as they came to self-publish in my lil town of Paia. i started reading the books and realized i was living and teaching a lot of it re: food, cleansing, having devised my own take on things from everything around me, finding i had created the 3 day cleanse in DIVINE NUTRITION chapter. One Self.
Call or email when you're ready - ready to feel better and thwart the seemingly closed doors as they start to open when we live a more purified life - to me, this seems the best bet for attracting the perfect soul mate in our world here and bringing your SOL to you without having to 'go out and search for it'. in the stillness that comes from peaceful unclogged systems of the body is where i have found my answers that bring me such JOY today. i have just found my SOL and attracted my SOUL MATE to me - guess WHO?
it's mySELF. i now live in the garden cottage in front of the food garden that i play and plant in each day. there are 14 people here, not yet living in 'community' but owner has built it so we can each have a unique, quiet space in a sanctuary environment in the jungle on a hill, looking to the ocean.
sending LOVE, laurel

i know this isn't exactly a "recent" thread, but its beginning for me right now. i've been eating 100% raw for 3 weeks. naturally, i've lost some weight, my skin is clearer, and i have more energy. my mind is much clearer (bye-bye brain fog). i feel as though i'm at the very beginning stages of a massive journey. i'm still struggling with cravings for cooked food, which my family eats all day long. but i'm not giving in! i know its all or nothing with me. either i'm committed or i eat junk non-stop!


well, i had my first cup of hot tea today, the first hot thing that has passed into my gut in over three weeks. i'm not sure how i feel about it, or even if it is a good idea. i know i must proceed slowly, in steps. but i want to move forward. i rely on my own intuition and trust in myself. but if you beautiful, experienced goddesses can shine a little light on the path ahead, i will listen with love and appreciation. blessings.

i definitely recommend a variation of the beetjuice cleanse: fresh beet juice mixed with other fresh fruit or vegetable or green juices at lunch time, up to 2 litres mid day for 3 days.  water or urine therapy at other times and maybe a bite of a fresh tomatoe or raspberry ( you get the idea). it will help to give you confidence in your raw eating :)
that sounds like a great idea. i absolutely love beets as a matter of fact! i haven't juiced anything in a long while. the thought of trying to clean it afterward is usually enough make me just eat. but its about time. which book does she mention beet juice in? a little refresher couldn't hurt. i need to get pumped up for all this!
book 8.1 in the chapter called "divine nutriiton" she mentions drinking water then red beet juice for lunch and water until the next day to cleanse, heal and prepare your body for divine nutrition.  :)
billa has suggested a colon cleanse, specifically a coffee enema. though the actual thought of it disturbs me, to be quite honest, i am going to look into it and "bravely go where few men have gone before!"

ha ha...  yes - takes a level of bravery to get in touch with the bottom end.    but in Eastern Medicine they place equal importance on what comes out as what goes in-  personal sustainability?!?!?   true permaculture starts right here..   Western Culture is one of the few food cultures on earth that doesn't have an in-built cleansing aspect ...  so most are in need of a long overdue service...  best to start from the bottom up !   like in a car - what would be the point of a sparky new fast engine if the exhaust was blocked!   


pssst - coffee enemas can very relaxing and even orgasmic..

relaxing...okay. but if this gets orgasmic, you're in big trouble! that might be a little more energy than i can handle during a first go with this!

ha ha.....  !    probably not the first time..   but you never know!     blessings to you, breathe deep and draw in your Mula Bandha.      good for you Serene..   xxxxx






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