Question for Billa and anyone who has experience with Divine Nutrition as Anastasia describes it

Blessings and gratitude to you Billa and anyone else who reads this or comments! Billa your physical health radiates, I really hope to hear your story- if you have written it out already please link to what you have already written ;) 


Well, the question is:


Is there anyone of us in this community who practices the beet root cleanse and eats divinely like Anastasia describes:


something along the lines of....


local fresh fruits, veggies, leaves, herbs, honey, bee pollen and living water

(probably dried local mushrooms and fruits, nuts and seeds included)

everything is chopped and spread on a large plate or table to be eaten

as one pleases throughout the day. 


...and as the seasons, weeks, days change,

so do the kinds of fruits, herbs, greens and veggies.


Do you eat non local plants or supplement?

Do you mix the foods?

Do you use salt?

Do you use oils?


I find that Divine Nutrition usually takes mental emotional preparation and will power - the best I have ever felt out of all my raw lifestyle experiences other than juice feasting/fasting and fruit fasting was trying Divine Nutrition.


I have been eating 75-100% raw for 8 years, going on and off all raw pretty consistently. More recently have been eating all raw again except for steaming nettles. But I am having some health challenges (which I think is more of a spiritual issue than physical) and am deeply called to Divine Nutrition - to cut out my oils, salts, and nuts and start juicing regularly and eating intuitively with the big plate of cut up fruits, herbs, greens and veggies - and some seaweeds, algaes, dried fruits and mushrooms, bee pollen, all of which I crave!





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I grow as much as I can, (yes seed under the tongue) eat as locally as possible and have a high raw diet. But I have not yet organised myself to do the beetroot cleanse and have a plate of food that can be eaten throughout the day. But it is something that I aspire to do. I think this post has made me think about it more.


that is SO awesome Chris, I really admire this type of growing. I have done this on one garden but moved and now live on other people's farms. i am looking forward to being able to do this again! i find having a health PROBLEM makes doing the beet root juice day SO MUCH EASIER. and after a day of eating anything i want that's raw, i feel more like a large plate of chopped fruits and veggies/herbs/greens would be much better for my health and digestion. i LOVE the taste of raw gourmet (raw chocolate, sauces, crackers, pesto) -because i am "sick", i tried treating myself and indulging today in all the above that i made myself earlier this week. but, it felt like a waste of energy in the end and like the pure sliced up food would have not only felt better but even tasted better. this is why i am stoked to do the beet root juice day again on a non-work day. It cleaned up my taste buds and now i am only craving super high nutrient foods, water, sunshine and sleep.



I did the beet root juice day yesterday!

yes Billa was right,

1 cup of beet juice is beautifully intense -

the first half cup was pleasant.

on the 2nd half cup I definitely questioned my ability to swallow it and keep it down. I was nausious for maybe 15 minutes, then burped the rest of the day. I sipped water and ate chlorella tablets (CRAVING).

i have been having some health issues and was surprised that i was not any MORE exhausted than i usually am during the whole day. 

today i ate all raw but not the plate thing. I think i will do the plate of food tomorrow and saturday and i may do the beet root juice again this sunday but sleep all day this time!

Tonight I discovered how to eat nettles raw- I blended them in the food processor then added hot water to them in a bowl. It created a deeply flavoured and coloured tea/broth/soup that was super delicious and tasted somewhat like my chlorella tablets (salty and fishy? - high in super good nutrient).

All my super intense cravings are for deeply coloured high in nutrients foods :) and i will tend to crave them for a long time then seasonally eat them (ie. eat them everyday for 1-2 weeks - 1+ month). When I started eating nettles this spring i would wake up in the morning wanting them for breakfast! I was blanching them through boiling them, then eating them and drinking the water as a tea. but I prefer this new "raw" way.



Hi Roxy, 


Well done on your beetroot cleanse ! 


 I recently had a blood test for the first time in nearly 10 years and the doctor was over-the-moon with my results -  that is testament to eating pretty much 100% organic for 15 years and eating as I breathe for the last two years, honouring my body and listening to it intimately after doing about 10-12 beetroot resets to super fine-tune...  


I feel happiest, my body is happiest when I eat the same thing each day in general adjusting with the seasonal fruit and vegetables available.. I find my digestion, mood, well being and sooo many things much better when I eat generally the same thing with slight variations with the change in seasons.. If I feel I need a reset again, I will do a beetroot cleanse and let my body tell me what is new! 


When I first did the beetroot cleanse and reset my body wanted tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil and lemon juice, plus cayenne pepper.   I never would have guessed. I ate the same thing everyday for months until it changed..   it sped up my metabolism and balanced my body out and in many ways and gave me heaps of energy..


Then I go through periods of eating mainly fruit, lots of juices and very little vegetables.. but this is mainly in the summer and when its hot...  


now I eat each day - because its winter and I got a little under-weight recently from walking 12+ kilometers each day and my last beetroot reset bought me to these foods (its different for everyone)


 - a little porridge for breakfast - as recommended in the vedruss story by anastasia  to make one strong and beautiful...    I soak the oats the night before and add a little warm kefir to activate the pre-digestion of the oats. 

I add soaked dried berries and its juice- elder and hawthorn berry at the moment , kefir yoghurt, bee pollen and a little honey.. rice milk or warm water... 


I snack on brazil nuts, goji berries and cocao nibs... 


oranges and apples.. 


and when I am hungriest in the day I have on a plate:


sunflower sprouts, olive oil, apple, grapes, a little cheese and sourdough with quite a bit of olive oil all over it.. I dont like to eat with utensils anymore and just graze from the plate. 


I drink nettle tea and a full spectrum food supplement called Soul fire which I mix with Rice milk - if I have it at night I get too much energy and dont sleep! 


I also nibble on greens, cherry tomates and and fruit from the garden.. its amazing how satisfied one can be from grazing direct from the garden.. 


If I add sea salt to food, I find I retain some fluid around my hips, and as soon as I dont, the fluid goes away.. olive oil has been a god send in fortifying me against EMF's and general environmental and social sensitivity which occurs naturally when your being is very clean and light from eating raw foods.. also very good for the skin, I add flaxseed oil also to ensure omega intake is kept up.. 


I generally prefer to eat things whole by themselves, and  find my plate combo of the moment very nourishing and satisfying .. I find eating cooked food takes more energy than it gives, eating with utensils disconnecting, whilst eating with the fingers intensely connecting and satisfying.. I drink my nettle or herb tea from a south american mate gourd which I have had for nearly 14 years and that is a sacred ritual I have daily.. 


The next thing I would like to do is make nut milk by hand with bright thoughts and living water from our river... 


In general, I eat only whole foods exactly as nature provides and do any processing/preparation of them myself, blessing them with bright thoughts.. 


hope this helps in some way.. love to you! 




thank you so much mama, this is helpful - especially just the connection with you. thank you for sharing. i would LOVE to ask you about your moon cycle and how your eating in the last 15 years has effected your bleeding. Thank you!!!!!!! xox

hello precious.. 


Well starting off at 14 with extremely radical bleeding -  I bled for the whole summer when I was 14, stopped and then started again two weeks later... ( I realise now it was an almighty purge of modern day toxins from the previous 14 years and finally my body had another way to purge other than getting sick!)  


I spent years having completely irregular cycles and got used to bleeding maybe 2-3 times per year - but I was always fertile - four children later is testament to that! 


however I started to become aware that I Was very ok with not bleeding and that my body was still having a monthly cycle that I could feel even if I didnt "mensturate"..  because I always believe the body is right, I accepted it and just witnessed more deeply. 


After a while I came to question the whole bleeding concept and all the problems women have with PMT and menopause etc and thought " this cant be in the creators design, just like pain in child birth is a mis-take and a correction needs to be made in our thought regarding these things"   This insight  came to me when I hiked naked and silently for kilometres through the Australian bush with 15 other women to greet the rising moon in an isolated sand blow. 

I bled the whole time and  just stopped to bleed like you take a pee, I felt so tribal and earthed and connected to nature that everything about bleeding came into question..   


And so I believed my body to be right and healthy and noticed I only bled when I was stressed or feeling ill in some kind of way.. 


Noha also had knowledge about this and felt bleeding was pathological and I began to notice I would either not bleed when I feel really well , only bleed a tiny bit for a few hours or it was heavier if I was stressed during that cycle or ill in some way.. 

I did a beetroot reset every new moon for many months and aligned my bleeding time to the new moon with clear intention of aligning with nature and being rhythmical and regular.    it worked..   but then I went to the desert for 40 days and fasted, and changed to raw food after that  and now I have a definite "energy" cycle with the moon, and only bleed if within that moon cycle I have had a stress of toxin enter my body in some form. 


So with that awareness coming to me, information to confirm what I was witnessing showed up in many ways , one of them being an entire chapter devoted to the topic called the Biological Superiority of Woman in a book entitled  outlining that "it is considered "natural" to bleed, to have headaches, cramps and back pain: however these problems seem to only exist in sickly females and domesticated or civilized animals and are non-existent in healthy Indigenous women or wild animals." 




The first day I started Bikram Hot yoga - (which is intense) - it was full moon and I was dancing around and then suddenly without warning burst into a bleed time. I had been really stressed that previous moonth..     my body cleansed itself and I felt returned to normal.. that combined with the yoga and the bleeding a lot of stress had been released from my body ! I am so grateful to my beautiful body! the blessings of Raw Food, yoga, dance and nature's prana to bring things back into harmony... 


The full moon has just passed and on the full moon day and with the lunar eclipse I felt very ripe and a definite build up of ovulating energy and then had a tiny trace of discharge, not blood loss. This is more inline with Estus as opposed to menstruation...  in the book mentioned above Dr Rhodes, then Professor of Obstetrics at the University of London clearly outlines the difference between estrus and menstruation.. 


I notice if I am going to be having a bleed/detox I am very tired the day before like a detox reaction when you fast. 


So now, generally no bleeding! liberation!  I enjoy my natural rhythms! without side effects of pain and suffering.. the cycle is not about the physical for me, its about the energetic, spiritual and co-creative rhythms in harmony with nature.. 


I think menses is definately pathologocial and acutely related to all sorts of stress on the modern woman,  as well as meat eating and its residues - excess protein in the blood stream, there is documentation available about this. 


Anastasia says death is an illusion - a concept that has come to be accepted as normal.. We dont really die, we just change bodies periodically. I think menstruation is also a symptom of disharmony that has become accepted as normal in all its shades of grey.. 

We should be more looking to understanding Estrus and our connection to the waxing and waning moon , the plants, the water cycles of the planets and tuning into our still-wild animal friends to see what goes on for them.. 


Just like we accept that any interaction with nature, a bite from an insect is a blessing etc..   we can accept that what our bodies do for us are the kindest blessing for our highest good, as the temples of our souls and our direct link and feedback with creation.. (pain is a conversation with God, that we are not on the highest path)  


but then consciously work toward living in harmony with the divine plan for us and close to nature, eating and living in natural ways..  and find that in Truth,   there is no suffering intended for children of creation.. and the true path is without pain and suffering of any kind...   


isnt that wonderful.. ?


Eat as you breath! 

Raw Live Fresh Food bring us back into attunement with nature. 




living water.. 

Grow your garden with love and inspiration


ingredients for  a magical life..    



love Billa 





This is wonderful Billa! I hope you're thinking of writing a book of your experiences.

Thank you and blessings for sharing your experiences. It is so much more potent when someone has the experience themselves to speak of them. I agree with the menses not normal as painful and monthly. It is a sign of misalignment. You are a great example. Namaste.

Thank you for this, incarnate angel...just so beautiful, raw & honest! xxx

update on this topic:   I think its been about six months now since bleeding , I actually cant remember when the last time was and I think it might have been just after I wrote the post above when a stressful time happened again.  but since no stress, no bleeding. and it appears there is no physiological reason through diet for my body to bleed so its interesting to witness this journey.

I believe much life force is lost through menstruation -  just like ejaculation. and just like painful birth , its not of the divine plan but a genetic distortion of the natural design and cycle of our bodies.

Roxy shared this recently:

Celibacy and transformation:

A year of unbroken Brahmacharya ensures that purification starts at the physical and mental levels giving the person greater energy, indefatigableness, perennial freshness, a glowing face, excellent health, power and freedom from most chronic health problems at the physical level. At the mental level, one develops better memory, keen understanding, ability to grasp concepts quickly, a calmer and peaceful mental state and most importantly a general sense of happiness and savor at life. The aspirant becomes less prone to irritation, agitation and weakness due to the abundance of 'Prana' or vital energy within his system that is being conserved. This provides him with a foundation to excel in whatever form of activity he wishes to endeavor upon.

There is one very important thing that anyone who is interested in celibacy should know - Mere abstinence from sex/masturbation/contact with the opposite sex does not amount to Brahmacharya and will not give concrete results. What is more important is to channelize the conserved fluid into the brain and create 'Ojas'. This is possible through a life of pure thought, word and deed at the mental plane, regular physical exercise at the physical plane and constant God meditation at the causal plane. All these three are important. Lack of any one of the three makes the fluid flow out. Brahmacharya bears fruit only when carried out with entirety at the mental level. This mental Brahmacharya which means non-entertainment of any form of sexually related thoughts including anger, attachment, greed, arrogance and jealousy is the key for success. Due to constant indulgence in sexual thought/activity it becomes second nature for semen to flow downward. In reality the natural course of semen is to flow upward. This is how it functions in an Urdhvaretha yogi. He makes it flow downward and outward only when he wants offspring. All other times, by default, the fluid flows up to the body/brain and provides him with superb abilities in all domains. All of us can become Urdhvaretha Yogis. What is required is an iron will, determination and desire to conserve the most important part of ourselves. To retain, conserve, transmute and derive benefit from the nectar of nectars, the essences of essences - The vital fluid called semen.

'Praanayaama' or the control of 'Prana' through special breathing techniques is a very important tool in achieving unbroken Brahmacharya. This concept is well recognized even among the Japanese and the Chinese martial artists who indulge in special forms of breathing and meditation before a fight to clear the mind of undulations, focus energies for the fight and bring themselves into a calm and serene yet highly alert state of focus before the fight begins. Being a martial artist, you might well know that the logical, clever, calm, composed, confident and cool fighter wins the bout and not one who is angry, irritated, anxious and hasty. All the above mentioned qualities that make a winner can be accrued only from abundance of 'Prana' or 'Chi'- the vital power and this vital power stems from none other than the vital life giving seed present in semen. The true Brahmachari can thus excel in any form of activity further to efficient practice and can have an edge which the non-Brahmachari heavily lacks. From scriptural references and from the lives of people who have followed such unbroken Brahmacharya beyond 12 years, we get to see that they developed powers and abilities that would be classified 'superhuman' in the eyes of the common man.

At the personal level and to start with, you can carry out a simple experiment:- " Be celibate for a period of 15 days abhorring from all forms of sex/masturbation/sexual stimulation/arousal keeping the mind pure and relaxed, yet focussed on martial arts with a 15 minute prayer/meditation to God every day to help you achieve spectacular success". When you meditate, ensure that it is either very early in the morning or at 6.00 P.M in the evening in a dark or dimly lit room free from sounds, sights and distractions.

Thanks so much for reposting what Roxy sent before.  It was one of those things I couldn't read through right at the time, meant to get back to it and never did.  And it is very important for me to have read it which is why it came back to me again!   :-)  MUCHAS GRACIAS!

This is inspirational Billa. *smile* I will look more deeply into this myself. I wish I could do this all the time.

However, I'm just beginning and creating as I go along a rejuvenation program which involves eating many herbs, including infusions. In fact your plate of ''sunflower sprouts, olive oil, apples, grapes, cheese and sourdough'' sounds so good right now I'm going to go out and pick them up, set them up on a plate with a few straggling greens from my garden and graze on them while I'm in the kitchen taking some of my Muscadine grape harvest and using the seeds, skins, and pulp making them into extracts and juice, for medicine and longevity. I don't want these precious native medicinal grapes to be wasted at all.

I Luv Nature!




There seems to be a break in this discussion judging by the dates. 

Thank you billa for starting this topic and for your feelings and beliefs on living a truly natural and spiritually balanced life.

Eating as Anastasia recommends is described in summer...but must be harder in the winter - any ideas? It's ok here in the sub-tropics as there are lots of fresh things growing year round but how do you get on in the colder areas? Or in the hot-arid climates in summertime?








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