Question for Billa and anyone who has experience with Divine Nutrition as Anastasia describes it

Blessings and gratitude to you Billa and anyone else who reads this or comments! Billa your physical health radiates, I really hope to hear your story- if you have written it out already please link to what you have already written ;) 


Well, the question is:


Is there anyone of us in this community who practices the beet root cleanse and eats divinely like Anastasia describes:


something along the lines of....


local fresh fruits, veggies, leaves, herbs, honey, bee pollen and living water

(probably dried local mushrooms and fruits, nuts and seeds included)

everything is chopped and spread on a large plate or table to be eaten

as one pleases throughout the day. 


...and as the seasons, weeks, days change,

so do the kinds of fruits, herbs, greens and veggies.


Do you eat non local plants or supplement?

Do you mix the foods?

Do you use salt?

Do you use oils?


I find that Divine Nutrition usually takes mental emotional preparation and will power - the best I have ever felt out of all my raw lifestyle experiences other than juice feasting/fasting and fruit fasting was trying Divine Nutrition.


I have been eating 75-100% raw for 8 years, going on and off all raw pretty consistently. More recently have been eating all raw again except for steaming nettles. But I am having some health challenges (which I think is more of a spiritual issue than physical) and am deeply called to Divine Nutrition - to cut out my oils, salts, and nuts and start juicing regularly and eating intuitively with the big plate of cut up fruits, herbs, greens and veggies - and some seaweeds, algaes, dried fruits and mushrooms, bee pollen, all of which I crave!





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I wondered a lot about this myself.  Here I am living in a sub-tropical climate with fresh food available year-round.  Recently, I read something about Anastasia somewhat hibernating in the winter....her body metabolism slowing waaaay down, sleeping a lot, eating some nuts, dried fruits, berries, mushrooms a little, I think?  It may have been someone commenting on this being in Book 10 (not really available yet in English.

This is exactly what I have been contemplating recently so interesting it came up here.  In Canada with cold winter..should the children and I be hibernating without much need of food? Yes, there are a few greens still left under the snow such as chickweed and garlic mustard, evergreens for making tea, etc.  I watch wild animals and what they do in the winter.  There are a lot of squirrels around that harvest the squirrel medicine up til fall.  That is walnuts and other nuts.  I was trying to set us up with being in harmony with getting up with sun and sleep when dark without using any lights at night.  It made the day so short and we would have had to sleep A LOT so that has not worked out right.


I would love to know more about Anastasia and whether she did indeed hibernate in winters, etc. 

Yesterday attempted putting foods out on the table.  Kids ate it all within an hour;)  Seems to have been more appealing lying out like a spread.  We usually have large bowls of fruit, nuts around and am not sure why it was so different being on a table.  I do so love the idea of it though.  

I noticed the same thing! the bowls I think are accustomed to as storage , always there so not noticed

where as food laid out on a table says "eat me, I m super dank"   a bit like ripe berries beckoning on the tree.  and your intention plays a huge role, kids pick up all the unsaid things.   xx

I think so.. it makes sense to go into that timelessness and wind down the metabolism.  

.... she mentioned something about it when she was having talking about the timing of having her baby but seemed to me like Vladimir left something out at that point.

sorry for the big breaks between discussion.  I find it really hard in the cold. thats why I came to Costa Rica. In the  cold if I am 100% raw I lose so much weight and then I get so cold and feel so hungry I end up eating so much to stay warm that my digestion gets slower and I feel not myself at all. 

its not that its not possible to be Raw Vegan in the cold, its a matter of aclimatisation . even though I was born in subtropical Australia, my mother wrapped my hands and feet and head up as a baby with wool and didn't allow me to generate my own inner ability to stay warm.  so I have always had cold hands and feet , even when its warm.. interesting huh!

so I noticed when I was living in the wilderness in Australia, the more often I Was naked and sleeping outside and swimming in the very cold river each day, the more my capacity to enjoy the cold increased - I made it to -5 degrees sleeping outside  -especially the vold water swimming , and thats what the Russians do too.    I needed to eat more olive oil in the cold times to keep some "insulation"   .. I think its a matter of really tuning in to your body and testing your edges  , and knowing that we each have different heredity and history to work with and really listening to your body. I decided I am just not cut out for the cold unless I can be naked and really with it. but being all clothed and staying indoors just doesnt suit my constitution ! 

Thanks for sharing how you tune in to your body in such useful detail.  I have done much of the same myself through the years and sometimes you have noticed little things (important!) that I may not have caught yet.

It seems we have similar genetic and often similar past experiences in many ways.  I can so resonate with so much of what you say.   Very inspiring.

The closest I got to this was last summer, instead of making Jam with our raspberries, for a few days <i just grazed...stuffed myself with fresh berries off the plants, also a little salad rocket, wild sorrell that took my was amazing, i was in a sort of altered space. We do buy food from the shops, not enough growing here yet! We use olive oil mainly and himalayan salt. We are not raw foodists..though I would love to be.  Off now to make a carrot, apple and beetroot juice. Thanks Roxy  Love and light






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