THE PEOPLES GROCERY - OAKLAND - statement about the OCcupy movement

As a food, health, and wealth organization that supports food system reform, People’s Grocery is energized by Occupy Oakland’s efforts to move money back into the local economy. Through a food justice lens, this means supporting local farmers, local distributors, and access to fresh and healthy food for all.

To do this, we must also oppose any banks, agribusiness, and other corporations that suppress wages, support excessive subsidies for corn and soy, and put small farmers out of business. For those of us who keep our money in those types banks or shop at irresponsible grocery chains, not acting causes more harm. We ask every one of you to think about how you are complicit in supporting an unjust food system, and choose one action from the following list to support local economies and the food justice movement.

1.     Join a credit union. Joining a credit union, such as the People’s Federal Credit Union in West Oakland, keeps your money invested in the local economy and supports local business. Some larger banks engage in practices that take money out of local economies and do not invest back into the communities they profit from, so one way to vote with your dollar is to make the switch.

2.     Purchase a CSA or buy from Farmer’s Markets. Subscribing to a regular community supported agriculture (CSA) box is an easy and affordable way to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. Here are some suggestions of local CSA programs:

   ●      Peoples Grocery Grub Box

   ●      Dig Deep Farms

   ●      Phat Beets Beet Box

   ●      Richmond Farm 2 Table: 510-234-1200 x308

        You can also visit a farmer’s market and buy produce directly from the farms:

   ●      Phat Beets hosts farmer’s markets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays around  North Okalnd:

   ●      Jack London Square Farmer’s Market, Sundays 9am to 2pm

   ●      Old Oakland Farmer’s Market, 9th and Broadway, Fridays 8am to 2pm

3.     Grow your own Food. With a little space in your yard, you can grow your own vegetables and fruit to reduce your reliance on the corporate food system. Planting Justice and City Slicker Farms are two East Bay organizations that will transform your yard space into a productive garden. For resources to plant your own garden, visit Peoples GrocerysCalifornia Hotel Greenhouse or Spiral Gardens.

4.     Support Urban Agriculture Policies. The farm bill is currently up for revision, and we have a chance to affect the future of our agriculture system. Additionally, many cities, including Oakland, are revising their urban agriculture policies to allow more people to grow and raise their own food. To learn more and support these efforts, visit the websites of these organizations:

   a.      Bay Localize

   b.     Food First

   c.      Oakland Food Policy Council

5.     Educate yourself about the issues and what you can do within this movement. Check out our resources page, and the resources on the websites of all of the organizations mentioned in this letter, to learn more about the food justice movement and how you can help. We also encourage you to follow our links to learn about allies and how to be an ally to the food justice movement.

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