Hi everyone :-)

I am loving and learning so much from reading this forum, and have so much gratitude and love to all. 

Previous to reading Anastasia (and I've only read book 1!!) I ate a lot of salads and fruit but also small amounts of meat and fish (some raw), daily sourdough bread and daily cultured raw dairy. 

On a spiritual level, I have been drawn to raw veganism and dabbled in it a bit, and always fell back into the meat and bread thing to fill me up as I always felt hungry.

So, a couple of weeks ago I started down this journey again, and once again have chosen to eat some form of cooked food so I don't pass out from hunger. No exaggeration there. 

This time though, I am really wanting it to work as I do believe it to be for my highest good.

I think, being a breastfeeding Mama of an 18 month old (whose primary food source is still booby!) that my incredible hunger comes firstly from my body adjusting, and not being used to getting energy from fruits and vegies alone, but also needing more protein.

I am looking at buying the sun warrior raw protein supplement in natural flavour to add to my salads, but I guess I'm also feeling like it would be wise to put my journey out here on thsi forum for the support and the wisdom that you guys may be able to offer.

Each day, I tend to eat fruit, salad, weeds, dulse, olive oil, coconut oil, homemade raw chocolate, miso, tamari, sprouts. Also a very small amount of nuts, but unless they are activated, my digestive system doesn't seem to like them and I don't get around to activating them much.......

Any other ideas of foods I could add? Or supplements as my body adjusts? I also have a bit of angular chelitis cracked corner of the mouth), which I have read is due to a B vitamin deficiency, although it has also been suggested this is a detox. Maybe a b vitamin supplement, as the b12 thing does play on my mind a bit, even though I've read that people on a fully raw plant based diets may not actually need much of this vitamin. Am curious other peoples thoughts into this. 

I look forward to just being able to eat as I breathe, I know this to be the way for me, something I have 'dreamed' of as a child, so I look forward to any ideas to help me body move towards this after being trained for so long to eat cooked food, wheat, meat and dairy.

Love Erica. x




I am so impressed by Erica's commitment here,  I am going to take her inspiring words and challenge everyone to a 7 day raw food Challenge - starting with a beetroot DNA reset on the new moon in January 2012.

let us know here on this blog if you are in!  and share your journey during the week..  all experiences help each other ...   and this will help Erica who initiated this conversation.. What  I love about our kinship is how active everyone is in putting things in to practice and also loving and sharing with each other on the journey = and that's why we are here! 


Remember there are two aspects to eating raw - one is a detox diet and the other is a maintenance diet..   and its basically determined by your weight. 

If you are overweight - eat more greens and sweet fruits with a small amount of fatty fruits - olives, avos, coconut, banana..


If you are underweight - lots of everything, and especially fatty fruits.. 


The beautiful thing about raw is you can never really eat too much and the more you eat them more nutrition you are loading into your body so it can heal itself of all ailments and distortions..


It can take quite a while to feel settled in yourself - body, mind and emotions  - to be able to eat as you breathe and it requires patience and deep compassion for your body and all it has endured.. go gently and enjoy the journey! 

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I'm working on going vegan too... so hard... but we can do it! It feels so much better and plus it's like giving a gift to our kids :). I can't imagine trying to do the transition while breastfeeding, hats off to you! Don't forget mushrooms! They will provide b vitamins... although a lot of them require cooking, I've read, but Anastasia eats them dried. Sorry I don't have much experience, still learning myself!
mmmmm i love dried mushrooms, someone else (offline) has also suggested this, so will get onto some of these at health store tomorrow and add to my salads. thanks for the tip, much appreciated, we're always learning huh. x
When I eat mushrooms, I just get the organic common varieties and let them dry out in a warm dry spot.. they become so sweet when you do this.. I understand why Anastasia prefers them this way !

ok, will do that tomorrow morning, will get fresh mushies, will require less $$$ too.......x

also, i am into sharing my journey over the next week. the only non raw vegan food i consumed today was a large piece of homemade lemon cake (healthy for lemon cake, lol!)  that i made with my kids and i was trying to feel full. interestingly, it didn't make a difference anyhow, so i ate half a jar of homemade saurkraut with cabbage, dulse, junpier berries, mustard seeds....... then felt great, and full. 

now my husband has bought me home chocolate, lol :-) i actually don't feel like it (and i know i have cacao butter and coconut oil and cacao and honey in cupboard to make my own).

oh and yes, at this stage, being fairly small and breastfeeding i definitely do not need to worry about overeating, i am more the forget to eat and then feel faint type. so this is great to help me slow down and listen to my body. x


Sounds great Erica ... have you ever tried oil pulling it is very good for cleansing the oral mucous and might help your crack ... I like eating sprouted nana bread with nut butters and raw honey ... I also like getting big mammoth dates and filling them with nut butters and a nut like almond ... sprinkle some raw cacao on top ... those foods are filling ... avocado with raw cacao aka chocolate pudding, in the blender is also very filling and great on a rainy day ... nut milks are good oh i got to get me a snack ... i am getting the munchies. Enjoy!



I have been a vegetarian for almost 3 years - prompted by reading the series of Ringing ceders books - which has been quite an easy transistion considering I grew up on a sheep farm where we ate meat at every meal of every day. I guess I was completely ready for it.

For just over 1 year I have now taken the bigger step into becomming a 100% raw vegan with my husband and my 2 children, though, they eat a high raw diet with the included cooked eggs and the occasional steamed vegetables and quinoa.

This has been a major life change for us all, but for the better. When I took on this family challenge at the begining of the year, I assumed I would be isolating myself further from my friends and small local community as this style of living is virtually unheard of and even if it was heard of, was passed of as impossible by everyone here.

Instead of this happening, when I started turning up at social gatherings with another one of my delicious raw cakes or dips, my freinds were amazed at their amazing taste...so with their encouragement, I conducted my first raw food workshop and had a great response with 10 people turning up! 

That was at the begining of the year. I have since continued the workshops performing 5 in total with an attendance of between 7 and 14 people each time!. I have also created a raw food blog with a lot of my daily recipes which has become popular with my friends and people I dont even know.

This lifestyle has not only given us more energy, a greater appreciation for food, a healthier body and mind, but also has opened up our worlds  to greater things and is slowly opening up the worlds of people around us.

here is my blog link if you would like some inspiration, simple recipe ideas and tips on getting started.



Enjoy and I wish you all the best in your journey.

A very powerful time is about to occur on the comming new moon as it is already a time of renewal, fresh starts and new beginings - as this will be the first new moon for spring which is also the season for renewal and new beginings...the power has twice the impact so new goals are more likely to succeed. Try to make small goals first like eating one meal a day raw - starting with breakfast...or maybe 1 day a week all raw, or if you are like me and like to go head first, take the 30 day challenge and choose to go all raw for for 1 month. Thats how I started, but never stopped.

ooops, just realised - I am in Australia and we are in spring..I think the season is opposite for most readers..anyway, the new moon is ALWAYS the perfect time to drop old habits and start new where ever you live so try a small goal on this day and build from there.



Oh and if you want to eat mushrooms, they are delicious marinated for an hour on the bench in a little oil and some nama shoyu (a raw fermented soy sauce) or just a dash of salt and oil - they soften and soak up the oil and you would swear they were cooked.


Its so often the case isnt it Peta!!   people are so grateful for the delight in their bodies when they taste yummy raw food dishes , especially children!  thanks for sharing your blog.. and thanks for the spring, new-moon reminder..   its also a great time for the northern hemisphere to do a raw challenge before it gets too cold... and when the moon is waning, its a good time to lighten up on the food to prepare your body for new intentions and a new moon cycle..  xxxx
cool thanks peta, i will enjoy checking out your blog. also loving the info on the new moon. and loving your raw vegan cooking class success, i love seeing and hearing about people following their passions. oh and just saw the comment below. will try those marinated mushies that you mentioned below. mmmmmmmm..... x
ok, i will google oil pulling. my crack is okay at the moment, but flares on and off (yesterday was beginning) and in the past has been my main reason for going back onto eating dairy and or meat, so am wanting some tools to help. yep, have been eating heaps of avocados too, well 3 a day, maybe that is not heaps..... i will get another tray of orgnaic avos from the wholesalers wednesday. need to start setting up our space of love, and plant lots of avo trees!!!!!! i think i will get some more nuts. i like your stuffed date idea too, thanks, will pick up some dates in the morning also. oh and some sprouted bread. x

Thanks so much for sharing your journey Erica..    Good on you! 

sounds like you are eating really well and balanced  in the three raw food groups...    of greens, sweet fruits and fatty fruits...    I would just make sure you eat huge amounts of greens and fatty fruits...  avocado, olives, olive oil and cocount while still feeding...  dill and fennel too..  

  listen to your body and the little messages it gives you - the great thing about eating raw your intuition becomes extremely heightened and your communication with your own body begins to come into full power.. it tells you everything you need to know..      it can take quite while for the body to get used to making its own protein and energy again from natural rae foods, rather than relying on meat and carbohydrates... so just be patient and honour your bodies hunger, taste and thirst...    I am the same with nuts, unless they are activated they are just too heavy..  although there is a little trick-  if you eat a little of them on an empty stomach with nothing either side,  like you would in the wild, it actually triggers and amazing pancreas reaction that cleanses your blood. and this seems to be the best way to eat nuts.. a little at a time on an empty stomach...

this is the kind of magic that starts to happen when we eat as we would foraging in the wild..   but during transition, your body is the best guide...  olive oil is a lifesaver and dont feel bad about eating sourdough  lashed in olive oil and organic cheese with some greensor sunflower sprouts  and apple during transition.. this is my favourite when I am underweight and would be perfect for you while you are breastfeeding. Try not to activate any kind of detox while you are cleansing by making sure you are eating enough, often and plenty fatty fruits..  


love to share more and look forward to hearing more! from you and everyone who is having a go!   the benefits are limitless and the journey never ends!  the body is your physician, guide and best friend!  love to all.



ok, will get some dill and fennel too for my salads tomorrow, is on the list! normally i don't shop with a list, but i think i need it until these extras are 'normal'. oh, so that is what is happening with my body. i can feel that. that my body relies on meat and carbs for energy. i will remember the nut tip too, they are on my list. yes, like in the wild, when you'd be walking and find some nuts, eat a few as you walk. i like that. i am grateful that i already am a simple eater. like snow peas for dinner is common at our place, lol. until i read anastasia i felt a bit 'guilty' about this, like i 'should' be a better mum and wife and feel inspired to make meals of cooked and mixed foods every night. now i am grateful, as the simplicity helps this transition feel fairly natural.

oh, and olive oil on sprouted essene bread with some sea salt. that would work really well when i am feeling so hungry. i started about five days ago, and the hunger does seem less. i feel so relieved to have some ideas for these hungry moments, just will be mindful to ensure these foods are available to me. 

and yes, i do not want to detox as i am breastfeeding so, once again, will be mindful to eat enough. 

thank - you. so much gratitude to everyone for all the tips and sharing. xx







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